Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"God's Gonna Shoot You If I Won't"

"Staaaaaaaaaaap Itttttttttttttttt !" - Jane Whaley  (WW's new ringtone)

In light of several publicly released recordings of Jane Whaley screaming at a member over leaving, and to loudly interrupting another, I offer:

             Top 10 most Aggressive (and Violent) Christian Pastors and TV Preachers

It is entertaining, compelling and unsettling. It gives the viewer an idea of what kind of culture and environment these narcissistic, delusional and dangerous people, who are the voice, face and leaders of their respective congregations, might have in common with 'ol JW.

The title of this post comes in a quote from a worked up preacher well into the body of this compilation.

Aside from the Satanic label plastered on the face of the video, the viewer will no doubt appreciate the context of all who show their unique versions of passion and charisma, such as it is.

Along with you, I will be following the upcoming case/cases, drama and revelations and will comment accordingly.

Could the IRS be watching this case? The "church"? Jane? 

They certainly watched Benny Hinn.


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