Monday, July 18, 2011


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.- Margaret Mead

The WOFFWATCH blog is designed to generate discussion, provide encouragement and motivation for those leaving WOFF and general information about the Word of Faith Fellowship congregation in Spindale, North Carolina, USA. This long road to bring attention and awareness to this group has been a commitment starting in July 2011 .

Online information about WOFF was been sporadic and dated from over the years before the internet became a powerful avenue to fact check, as they have had a hand in controlling the content about them over some of this time. Now online discussion and awareness makes this a daunting task for anyone who seek to suppress the truth.

WOFFWATCHER'S goal, with your help, is through factual truth, is to challenge the legitimacy of WOFF as well as hold it accountable for it's actions that may range from the potential of violation of civil rights to criminal actions. WW will aim to identify those who make it's infrastructure possible. Up to now this has been the key to WOFF going unchallenged, much of it through the enabling of local government and law enforcement as well as legal help aligned with Jane and the church.

Now, fast forward to 2017!

Chipping away at the outside part of the infrastructure is only part of challenge. We also have to dig into the membership itself.  This has not set out to be website just another set of threads with horror stories, complaints, cooky agendas and arguments.

I encourage those to take action in the form of documenting everything, reporting to federal agencies any possible violation of civil rights or criminal activity, as well as supporting WOFF victims.
This is why there are links pages about everything WOFF as well as comments and guidance for the reader to learn as much as they can.

WW seeks facts, truth, news,and  activism. I encourage you to comment.

The message :ASK QUESTIONS, TELL A FRIEND, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, CHALLENGE, will come up in much of my commentary. They are effective actions in the fight for people we love and to hold those accountable for illegal, if not questionable practices at this "church".

I only endorse going about this in a peaceful, law abiding way.

WOFF membership/leadership read this blog . What they will/would dismiss as lies, have proved otherwise over time.

WOFFWATCHER's determination is committed to confronting WOFF leadership and exposing their actions to government authority as well as international scrutiny.

Readers may find my personal approach to be harsh. It's meant to be. The plain truth folks is, it is most people's nature to be nice and tip-toe through this. Mostly, people in the community are just indifferent, with a "Not my problem" and "Let somebody else worry about this".

This blog is only part of this effort, but indeed one of the faces of it.

Intelligence gathering is a major part of the WW effort as well. So, I blog with the facts I have and continue to get more for future essays.

I have a stake in this. I have family inside and want my them out of there. I encourage them to continue to worship God, just not like this, in this environment. But this isn't just about them. It's about you and YOUR family too.

I appeal to you to become proactive. Join the cause.


Start with: Letter to Jane



  1. I love your blog! Been up all night reading it. I am doing a book report on cults. I live in NC and figured I'd stay local, so I googled the WOFF. I know someone who use to be a member there. You offer so much info on here I don't know where to begin. I'll start with saying thank you and good luck with challenging the WOFF! Be careful too...they are very influential and demented. I plan to visit your site regularly. God Bless!

  2. I, too, was involved in churches of this nature years ago. The thing is, these groups think (or at least want you to believe) that they have the "new revelation."
    Thus, they prey on the emotions of truly well-meaning and innocent people. Among the "constants," with these groups is the emphasis on "magical thinking,"
    offered up as special revelations from God. If any of them had any education in the history of religion, they would know (as the scriptures teach) -"there is nothing new under the sun." In other words, all of these "new" revelations" have been repackaged (in some form or another) throughout history.
    In particular, although I do not know the Whaleys personally, I know their type well - and, in fact, DO know some of their other leaders. Having known (and watched them) for many years, they always think they have to be wherever the "latest & greatest glory cloud is." And, in many cases, these people would privately admit they have doubts, BUT, either fear rejection (abuse) by the leadership if they leave OR, simply have too much pride to admit they have been deceived. People like the Whaleys - like all such cultic type groups will do their best to keep you "drinking the KoolAid." You will also note that you will never see anyone in their leadership with any real, in depth knowledge of theology or the history of religion. The extent of their knowledge is what they term "revelation knowledge," with just enough scripture (poorly interpreted or applied) in order to appear "biblical." Most, have no more than a "certificate" (diploma) from some non-accredited Bible Institute, such as RHEMA. Now, that is not to say that many seminaries have not distorted the scriptures either. But, this essentially creates their claimed legitimacy ( the Word of Faith groups) - :ie WE have the greater "revelation."
    One more fact that I will share is this: if you were to check (or even be allowed access to their records) you would discover that a large (certainly not all) percentage of individuals who rushed to RHEMA - particularly in the 70's and 80's - were people of a certain personality type - that of highly motivated individuals
    who have or crave power or influence over a group of people. With the people comes their concept of success, which, ultimately means access to money. In many cases, you will discover that these individuals also have previously been involved in multi-level marketing, such as Amway.
    I could write much more but hope that these observations will serve to help or enlighten some who have been deceived and/or hurt by such groups. Wolves in sheeps clothing is the precise description. But, the single most frightening truth is - many of the people who are caught up in this movement TRULY meant well and had sincere intentions originally!

  3. Your blog is incredible. I'm not sure if you are aware of the latest info involving WOFF. WLOS channel 13 as well as The Daily Courier in Forest City have very good stories within the last 48 hours. The more people aware of this cult the better. I am a former member unashamed to say my name...Jerry Cooper.

  4. There are several families that are going through the same despair in Brazil. See the link below the address of the blog that discusses this in relation to the same church affiliated with WFF in Brazil called "Ministério Verbo Vivo" in Sao Joaquim de Bicas / MG. =>

  5. These people are fake! I mean who on earth would seprate family ? Who would outburst and say We don't support your lies to your own sister in front of everyone? I just don't get those people. Its sad!

  6. I am brazilian i left this similar church in Brazil, located in Franco da Rocha, city-county of São Paulo in 2009, but I mainten contac with the others formers members.
    For so many years brazilians visited and attended the "seminars" in WOFF-WORD OF FAITH FELLOWSHIP.

    Jane Whaley, Karel Reynolds and company thinks they are only "holy people" in the world, and the others churches "false religion".
    The great idea of Jane Whaley is to get marry young couples.

    The age is nineteen, twenty, one american and the other brazilian.

    Jane cover up the crimes, like for example, many brazilians are ilegal situation.
    For example in the case of the weddings between the brazilian and americans, Jane uses this to the brazilians get in future a AMERICAN .
    The police could investigate the situation of family call MALDONADO.
    tHEIR FAMILY names GOES ON: Hassen EDuardo Maldonado Tatar, Gabriela Maldonado, Gizele Maldonado, Taís Tatar and their daughters.
    In october it will have a wedding, a brazilian and american in the same situation.
    When the visas extinguished Jane and the group of WOFF cover up the brazilian people, only to stay at the church and houses, not to expose to police.
    Jane is worry about to obtain much members for her church, so she get marry young couples and brazilians.
    She thought about the WOFF'S future.
    Jane whaley and her band are criminals.
    Federals investigate this ilegal situation about the brazilians.

  7. I moved to NC a few years ago from CT. I have a friend who was a member of WOFF for several years. As I am originally from out of state, I had never heard of WOFF. All I know is that my friend's mental health was seriously compromised by his involvement with WOFF. In my estimation, he has experienced religious trauma disorder, dissociation, hallucinations, magical thinking, and sever stress/anxiety disorder... That all stem from his experiences with WOFF. This friend shared with me all the horror stories about abuse- both verbal, physical, sexual... That occurred at WOFF. At first I did not believe my friend. The stories just sounded too crazy. So I began to research the history of this odd group. I found several books, written by people who escaped this cult. I found the inside edition story. I found all sorts of information online. I am horrified. Jane Whaley is a criminal who should be IN PRISON!!!! Many of her associates are also criminals. I truly hope that this group gets LESS PUBLICITY and more prison time. This is a CULT. A horrific cult that has destroyed the lives of many innocent North Carolina citizens. Why have the police & Feds not intervened here? Are u waiting for Whaley to serve up the poison Kool-aid? Are you waiting for more law suits? If you really want to improve the great state of NC, put Jane Whaley & her band behind bars. How awful and embarrassing that a cult like this grew to such proportions... Practically right down the road from me in NC. Let's get real: WOFF Cult is certainly not helping to grow tourism industry in this area of NC. It's certainly not putting NC in the spotlight as a progressive or forward-thinking state. My heart goes out to all the innocent people whose mental health has been damaged by this insane cult mentality. The state ought to offer counseling. I'm grateful the news media had the balls to go in undercover and expose the realities before another Waco, TX happened right here in NC.

  8. There is a similar cult in Stanly County, the Straightway Baptist group. I've seen the negative effects it has on members, and how tightly their people are controlled. But even there I never heard of the physical abuse that I've read about the WOFF. May all people be freed from such bondage and suffering. It is time for humanity to move beyond such awful delusions.

  9. Sadly Law Enforcement and the Judges are obviously paid off to allow this to continue.