Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tell a Friend......Ask Questions...Must Read Links

Today's final post of 2011 will feature, in WW's view, the most important links regarding WOFF.

Continue after reading the links as WW implores readers to Tell a Friend - Ask Questions.......And, if you are new to this blog and it's the previous posts and then read this one.

Start with , the most insightful, comprehensive and compelling site around that specifically details the WOFF experience from a former member. Some stories are heartbreaking, some are devoted to analysis of mind control, and some are just down-right eye popping in their detail of the goings-on at WOFF. This beyond outstanding blog is a must-read.

Faith Freedom Fund. This link will confirm to the reader that there are serious people with good intentions toward helping those wanting to leave cult-based churches. These are good people who can and want to help. They have helped many people who have left WOFF. Bless these people!

The Trinity Foundation  is an investigative organization based in Dallas, TX, contains some dated, albeit interesting links about cults and has a history with WOFF in Spindale. They have a contact page and do answer the phone if you have questions or you have some useful info to share with them about WOFF. WW considers TF a kindred spirit.

Woffwatcher's links to Word of Faith Fellowship, Spindale, NC   This is the most visited post in the WW blog for 2011. All of the googling has been done for you! It's comprehensive, compelling  reading. Highlights include links to the "don't do" list, and "the waiver", with special thanks to

It might seem as WW is repeating this but.......

It has come to WW's attention that there are more than a few, if not a pretty significant number of people in the Rutherfordton area as well as families invested in WOFF, would like the local community to be pro-active and diligent in policing WOFF.

Although the sense of fear and indifference is still somewhat present, the mood appears to be changing.

Sensing this momentum shift, WOFFWATCHER urges you, the reader to TELL A FRIEND.

TELL A FRIEND about this blog and the three other important links addressing the WOFF.

TELL A FRIEND what you know (is true, not what you think is true) about WOFF.


Ask current WOFF members, Ask ex-woff members, read these blogs, ask your local minister, priest or rabbi about WOFF, ask people you work with about WOFF.

Questions will help you some answers, though the most telling answers will be how those you ask behave toward you after you ask. Both Tell a Friend and Ask Questions will bring awareness to WOFF and will place more scrutiny on this organization.

The conclusion is yours. Be honest with yourself about facts and rumors.

Persistence, responsibility, diligence, will lead to results.

Once again: Clear minds, full hearts, can't lose.


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