Saturday, June 16, 2012

Let's Report To Leadership What We Heard.....Updated March 14, 2015

WW is quite aware that Devoted to Jane Woffers  (DTJWs), along with members of their crack "security detail,
report back to leadership, any and every piece of information that is said or written about WOFF or Jane or it's members or it's practices.

WOFF members tattling on one another, even lying about another to get them in trouble, is widely encouraged as an effective way to keep everyone in check, and in constant fear.

What the ( verb, adverb, adjective, command, interjection, noun) kind of religion does this?

Not a religion. It's someone's version of a religion. It's a religion where one person has convinced herself and apparently everybody that will listen, that WOFFers are the only ones going to heaven.

Give us all a very large break!

In the WOFF world their truths win. That's a tiny constituency and irrelevant to THE WORLD at large. But WOFF's actions are far from irrelevant to THE WORLD.

In THE WORLD outside the "church" the facts win. The law favors the truth. The law has been known to fix matters involving non truths.

Lies are what keep this "church" going. Lies are what are keeping families apart. Lies have produced what other hardships for some, as in two or three jobs, some not resulting in payment, and advantage and riches for others, such as swimming pools, furs, jewelry, art, 40+ acres, and a mansion.

Lies like: "If you leave, you will get cancer and die, or become a drug addict, or be sued for slander (if what you are accusing them of is true, then it isn't slander), or your family will disown you (NO, those characters want you to believe that because they are ORDERING your family to disown you, it's not of their own free will), or no one will ever love you again (oh please!), or, (my favorite) God will send you to hell. Oh please!

Jane has no way of knowing your future. You could be in hell now, and I must say with very nicely mowed lawns....and plenty of parking.

She doesn't know any of these things to be true, and she can't prove them. Not even the cancer deaths. God schedules those.

"Lies" are the stock answer given by WOFF'ers when asked about stories ex WOFF'ers tell regarding their experiences at WOFF. They are all "Lies". As if everything about WOFF were wonderful and perfect...

A cadre of lawyers, financial backers, affluent church members and cooperative politicians make the WOFF world possible. This is common knowledge around the Rutherfordton county region. Add a dose of fear, dismissal of the truth, testimonials from current members and leadership, illusion, delusion and deception, and you have WOFF version of credibility.

Although not common knowledge, but the enablers have been identified, and their individual futures and freedoms could be in question, if past, present and future investigations produce details resulting in indictment and conviction. Leadership and Jane's complacency along with complicated legal protection, will only give this mess more ammo for the feds and other agencies to examine.

This is why you must ASK QUESTIONS. Why you must DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. This why you must listen to everything said, but especially LISTEN TO WHAT IS NOT SAID.

WOFF leadership particularly, parses their words, that is, carefully edit, craft what is said, in the form of a statement.

While some corporate entities, even some religions organizations, use public relations to spin the truth, WOFF has it's lawyers, as well as their own measured language to parse and spin as well as refuse to respond, or answer with silence, as some lawyers like to say.

How is that right? A religion where people supposedly worship GOD, but they have lawyers who control the facts and operate in secret and money going in every direction?  This is a very Catholic model if there ever was one.

Here's how the outside sees WOFF:

    • Secret Operation
    • Controlled environment
    • Carefully crafted culture
    • Unequally distributed wealth

    Regarding WOFF or WOFF-member incidents with law enforcement, government agencies and courts that in the last 15-20 years, WW has noticed that some or all of the testimony from victims or witnesses have been challenged by opposing counsel and resulted in an advantage for WOFF.

    The reason for this is that the complainants don't have any idea how to help their counsel build a case. This isn't their fault. They aren't in the business of going to court and fighting a case. WOFF IS. They are old pros at it.

    Since the WW blog has been online, an impressive amount of incidents involving WOFF and WOFF members has warranted the attention of local law enforcement. Check the links part of this blog for documented accounts.

    If you think you have been a victim of a crime, that is, if YOU believe a crime was committed against you,  then you should stand for your rights. You can't, shouldn't, allow yourself or to continue to be a victim.  No, the process should be to promote yourself from victim to who you were before, just a whole lot stronger. Promote yourself from victim to plaintiff.

    Civil rights violations are against the law. Such violations include keeping you against your will when you attempt to leave the church, as well as the subsequent "treatment "you get from the "leadership".

    You can grow as a person if you take yourself out of follower and victim mode. Don't let someone else decide your life for you. They can never truly know what is inside you. They can tell you what you're thinking but they can't KNOW what you're thinking.

    What you do with your life is between YOU and GOD, the way it was always intended to be. Take out the middle man. Or Women (plural) or Man Haters, after all, this is WOFF we're talking about.

    Freedom of speech baby! Responsibly assembled facts stacked against your perceived juggernaut of defense, will always take you down.


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    1. Jehovah's Witness church is *apocalyptic* meaning they believe Armageddon ( the end of the world) is coming any moment to *fix* their internal crimes.

      So they play down scandals like child abuse.
      Involving serious issues of a moral or even criminal nature (as well as everyday matters like back-stabbing by fellow JWs) I would be told,"Danny just wait on Jehovah,any day we are going to be in the new system".
      So,they let problems fester without dealing with them,this is what makes JW crimes unique to other groups.
      Danny Haszard *tell the truth don't be afraid*