Sunday, May 6, 2018


"We are secluding ourselves in ideological ghettos. We have our own news sources. We exchange ideas mostly or exclusively with people who agree with us, and troll those who don't. Increasingly, we have our own facts to reinforce our convictions and any empirical evidence that disputes them is branded as 'fake.” - Senator John McCain

Having listened to the WOFF Response radio program members demonizing the world they are counting on to believe them, it is easy to conclude WOFF's core belief: “we respond on our own terms and use every legal way to defend, evade, spin and escape” the seemingly perpetual and numerous accusations brought against them.

There is never ANY mention of specific incidents to which they respond. The words: “lies, attackers, and conspiracy” populate their airtime blather, countered with the “'this is such a wonderful place', 'how can people attack us like this?' 'None of this goes on here', 'They've changed my world' and my favorite 'We don't want to be a friend of the world'”, tribal talking points.

Their stream of consciousness rants boldly contains blaming others for the very things they are doing.

This opportunity to properly address the community bleeds of hubris instead of humility that is heavily salted with poor or challenged communication skills by members with no order, depth, or direction in their monologues.

A coherent narrative this does not make. But an unhinged stream of feigned persecution, denial and palpable panic underscore a dangerous level of madness that is consensus within this “church”.


I have compiled this list. Let's compare notes.

  1. WOFF – They are their own WORST enemy. Listen to the radio show, read the WFF webpage, talk to current members. The sheer volume of actions past and present within the “church” that have led to accusations, investigations and court sessions as well as controversy, ridicule, and pain. This is a community increasingly unmoored in common sense.

  2. The Truth – No matter what the verdict, they will claim victory or persecution. The facts don't matter. Anything that doesn't go their way isn't the TRUTH. Is it the TRUTH you hate, or just the math?
  1. Justice/The Feds – They see this as unfair. How can “JUSTICE” know the way of God? It's a sure fire way, in their minds that even if they prevail, the whole ordeal was just unfair. I'm sure investigations and warrants and searches are a bitch. Just wait until they find those rare Dead Sea Scroll Steak Knives! Jane, it's the cost of doing business, honey.
  1. Accountability -They see accountability as persecution. They do not believe they need to be held accountable. That's for “the world”, not them. After all, everything is great at the WOFFLEHOUSE.
  1. Victims - What about the victims? You've heard about about feces, how one million flies can't be wrong. Same with the scores of victims you have piled up. Not all of them could be lying. Again with the math.
  1. Whistleblowers – I cannot believe you don't know how many whistleblowers you still have in this “church”. Not everybody is following the format. Even if WOFF had a cleanse, you STILL wouldn't get to all of them. You have them and that will NEVER change.
  1. Delusion – Nobody's perfect Jane, even though you have proclaimed it. Your followers will take your cue. Delusion is dangerous in this setting. This is how you justify egregious acts and lands you in hot water. 

  1. The Media – We never get to hear your side, WOFF. Not in a true back and forth. How about a live interview, on the radio, with ME? Remember checks and balances? That's what journalism does. It holds those accountable by reporting truth. This includes yard sales.
    By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. - Oscar Wilde
  1. Opinions – The community you live in has enabled you. Some with their back scratching and others with their silence. The one's not in the former group are the ones who make the most noise about you. They have to live among you and put up with your nonsense. Don't expect to keep pulling the shit you do and get a pass on public opinion.
  1. Bloggers and Activists– We are the least of your problems, or so you have convinced yourself. Yet, you keep sending your minions to monitor and document public gatherings, read our blogs and have followers report back to you. To you we are attackers,'ve called us everything but a white man. We are the conscience that doesn't exist within the walls where its followers are smothered and covered. We give hope, we are on a mission to speak to the truth, to point the way where alternative forms of worship and living exist and hold you accountable. Your system has holes that expose your vulnerability such as with the IRS, HOMELAND SECURITY, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES, THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, FCC, SBI, STATE BOARD OF REALTORS, and THE BAR ASSOCIATION.
I invite readers to search through my previous blogs as well as the links within these WW pages. The very things that are coming to light, I have forecasted in those blogs........years ago!

Suffice it to say, I and others who are openly vocal against WOFF are the bane of their existence. As long as they hold my family within their ranks, as well as treat others like crap because they don't fit in, I will be there holding them accountable.


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