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WOFF in Review

Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to Anon

Recent incidents, including arrests involving WOFF members, have put the "'church" back in the mainstream news.

For a recap, here's a few links that will get you up to speed:





and the WW links blog to more links:  http://woffwatch.blogspot.com/2011/10/links-to-word-of-faith-fellowship.html


Grand Jury seating was interrupted today (12/10/12) by the discovery of a WOFF member possibly having been among those hearing the complaint by Michael Lowry for an incident reported by him in 2011 on WOFF property. It's not known at this time whether the District Attorney will seek a change of venue or other legal or law enforcement intervention.

If this a is a maneuver by WOFF's legal team to buy time and cost Mr. Lowry time and money, it could be to their client's (WOFF) peril as a change in venue would not give them home field advantage. One would think that people outside the WOFF community's reach might be able to look at things more clearly. Perhaps a community not under the influence of WOFF might not tolerate such nonsense as well as consider their track record.  Let's see how this works. My considered opinion is that this will come back to bite them.  One step forwards, two steps back.

Otherwise, sometime in January 2013 four WOFF security team members will appear in court to address charges of misdemeanor stalking and false imprisonment, a separate incident featured in a story reported by WLOS TV..

In the 18 or so months that WoffWatcher has joined the cause to challenge WOFF, visitors to this site have viewed WOFF related links as well as lessons, a letter to Jane, suggestions on how to leave WOFF, inspirational messages and overall "in your face""tough love".

If you've just navigated your way here via search engines or the very well written newspaper story about WOFF, and just now have realized they have opponents in the form of critics and blogs, read on. You'll find the WW body of work.  This newspaper piece has been picked up by national and international media and continues to draw strong interest, if the boost in traffic to this blog is any indication.

Over time, it might be easy for the message to get muddled, particularly if you haven't followed WW or WOFF from day one, so it would be a good idea to review the WW position. Let's sort out what's clear and what's wrong.

It should be noted here that WW has no issue with a person worshiping God. WW does have a problem with someone appointing themselves as a direct line to GOD and then skewing the rules.

Now then, WW seeks to bring awareness about the WOFF (Protestant and Non-Denominational) culture and practices. This congregation has a history of documented controversy, as well as a tumultuous relationship with some residents in it's community, with family members of WOFF members who are not members themselves, as well as a cozy and sometimes secret relationship with business and political enablers who seek mutual gain, as with family members of WOFF members who are not members themselves.

So, in order to create context here are a few highlights:

Among WOFF's core belief is that everyone has devils and thus needs deliverance. Sam and Jane Whaley believe that deliverance is essential.

Prospective members must sign a release before they can join WOFF  (courtesy religiouscultsinfo.com)
They are heavy on information control
They have a published Don't Do list (courtesy religiouscultsinfo.com)
They are bothered by blue jeans
They do not celebrate holidays and birthdays
Many WOFF members have a desirable comfort zone in their mind and heart to rationalize whhy they stay at WOFF.
Cremation is thought to be the curse of the wicked
There is dependency on Jane's approval on many decisions including courting, marriage and having sex but also where to live, where to work, how to dress.
Jane Whaley believes she is "perfect"
Some members are screamed at or "blasted" to get devils out of them
Some members have reported that they were confined in what is called "the Fourth Building"
Some members claim, per police incident reports, that they were beaten and or followed around the community or stalked.
Their dependency on secrecy
The "church" encourages or recommend their members cut ties with their non member families, resulting in Broken Families
"Church" members must work at "approved" or "designated" (by WOFF) businesses.
A Formidable(?) legal defense
A Security(?) Team
Reports of members having host families go through their mail
Reports of host families listening in on phone conversations
Chaperoning of members when going outside the church or for visits out of town
Chaperoning of patients visiting their Doctor
It reportedly takes $20,000 a week to run the organization (what's 20k times 52 weeks?)

So, one could surmise that this group is a cult? Indeed, it shows many cult characteristics.

However, no one sets out to join a cult.

Similarities among cult leaders include sharing early experiences of neglect, many resulting in narcissistic tendencies.

Could Jane's early experience growing up with TWO fathers have contributed to this mix?

The underlying concern here is that once cornered, cult leaders have been prone toward the destruction of the cult.

Hence the WW message.

WW challenges WOFF practices and doctrine of a fear based message. This is not a rational dialogue on theology. They don't wish to see themselves in the broader society.

WW challenges the control that the "church" imposes on it's members.

WW challenges the concept, much less the actual practice of having prospective WOFF members to sign a release before they can become members.

WW challenges the "church" and it's leadership on transparency, both financial and organizational.

WW challenges non member business ties with "enablers" who financially or otherwise favor WOFF resulting in financial gain or power.

WW challenges Jane Whaley to account for her personal finances and accommodations as a result of being the head of WOFF. Do you need 65 acres? 

WW challenges WOFF leadership and other WOFF members who aspire to take control of the "church" at some point in the near future, to admit that they have other ideas about how the church should run.

WW challenges Jane Whaley's capability of making a transition from the status quo to a more mainstream congregation with transparency.

Jane is consistently ignoring good advice beginning with facing her and the "church's" weaknesses. Jane relies too much on her version of faith.

WW challenges WOFF to stop using foreign exchange "students" to perform work for them without pay.

WW challenges WOFF to admit their members own a stockpile of surveillance equipment.

WW challenges WOFF  to stop chaperoning WOFF members as patients at Doctors and Hospital visits as it could violate HIPAA

WW challenges WOFF to produce flight plans for out of town trips on private jets.

WOFF members and leadership have responded to blogs and critical opinion as "attacks" thereby labeling it "persecution" .

That response doesn't work. The challenges are numerous. But they are challenges. They are not attacks.

If they have nothing to hide, well, then let's see it. 

As a result, WOFF prefers to play the victim instead of meeting the challenges.

My experience has taught me that anyone that responds to challenge using a tactic instead of meeting the challenge, is prone to be a professional manipulator. How interesting that they chose this response instead of with welcome transparency.

Misinformation and self unawareness brought down the Republican party's bid for a presidency. They had no clue they would lose because they kept telling themselves they would win despite not having any clear math to back up their zeal.

Misinformation is pervasive in our society and so WOFF hides behind the POSSIBILITY that blogs and critics are feeding the same misinformation.

The math they like is the math that fit's their version of reality.

WOFF's only response to WW and other critics/blogs are that we are lying.

They can't back up those accusations.

WE can back up ours.

WOFF: How is the humiliation you suffer in public or from critics/blogs any different from the humiliation you place on your members inside the walls? Is it OK if YOU do it to yourselves?

The issues that WW brings here are of lack of freedom, lack of transparency,  carelessness,  manipulation, and  self unawareness. These issues, more than any one person or organization or government agency, are likely to bring down an organization such as this alone, even before  intervention.

WW compels it's readers to ask questions. So here's a starter kit:

Does your church follows or monitors it's members?

Does your church boast about spending millions defending itself?

Does your church allegedly allow violence against those it perceives as different from them and posts signs about how it welcomes all kinds of people, after the fact?

Does your church attract controversy?

WW has identified most of the players in this situation, however, there are two more worth noting.

WW must also chide the community and local media for not taking a pro active position in this matter, or in this case opposition. People in the area certainly do have an opinion and or experience to share. But ask them to take a stand....well, no.

Folks, this is unacceptable. This means you can live with this in your own community. How sad, but more to the point, cowardly.

Same goes for you Forest City newspaper. Your connections to WOFF or concern for the bottom line poses a dilemma. Are you a business masquerading as journalists or are some or one of you on the WOFF payroll? WW gets more news from WOFF chatter than you dole out in your newspaper. Your coverage of this organization is embarrassingly weak.

Together, weak media coverage and community indifference have fed the growth of what we know now to be WOFF.

Both of you should be ashamed of helping groom this mess.

Thank goodness for the area's Faith Freedom Fund. This is a coalition of churches in the area that HAVE pooled their resources to help those leaving or affected by the WOFF organization.

805 Oakland Road
Spindale, NC 28160

WW does not fool itself into believing that the upcoming court proceedings will explore all discussed here. It expects for the courts to consider the specific charges and accusations and deal with it accordingly. However, the attention won't go away once the dust has settled. Too much new interest may have attracted the right number of those who would seek to investigate further. And, we urge you to.

Facts and time and pro activity and courage and common sense will ultimately prevail. We will find the truth through these ingredients, unless WOFF tries to suppress it or respond that the truth are lies. The holes in their system prevent them from going forward,  and will ultimately stop them.

There is still time to get this straight.

We should avoid any further tragedy, WOFF, you need to stop. And now. You can't buy credibility. But you need to get it and fast. You can break those barriers and still live without persecution. The only power you have is to change the direction of your congregation before someone in your congregation, the government, or I, make it so.

As always, Real faith is always willing to be challenged.

Document Everything


Monday, October 22, 2012

A Heightened Sense of Urgency

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

You must do the things which you think you cannot do.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

According to a recent story published on WLOS TV in Asheville, NC,  and several newspapers across the United States, local law enforcement served warrants for the arrest of four people, reportedly WOFF members, for allegedly stalking and imprisonment against Michael Lowry, a former WOFF member.

This story also makes reference to an incident that allegedly occurred on August 1, 2011, in which former Mr. Lowry says he was beaten.

There is no doubt that WOFF will vigorously defend these charges within the court system.

But now, there are TWO incidents in which they will have to answer.

If anything, this most recent incident might just give the previous one credibility, if the facts are correct.

I must emphasize that there must be enough facts for a grand jury to pursue the matter further. Any inconsistency or lack of proof will hinder this investigation from going further.

This is why WW has said in previous blogs: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Witnesses are most important as well.

It is now as timely as ever for someone else to come forward if they feel they have been a victim of a crime, civil rights violation or something they believe was performed upon them unjustly.

If you believe a crime or violation of civil rights was committed against you? If so, report it to authorities.

If you feel your mail has been read without your knowing or consent, contact the Postal Authorities. If you feel your internet or phone is being monitored or jammed, contact the FCC. If you feel you are being followed or stalked, call the Police. If you feel you have been held against your will, contact the authorities, WOFF can't hold you forever.

Researching WOFF? Here are some links.

Otherwise readers, pay attention to names and faces of people involved in the investigation and defending of these incidents. Depending on the outcome, some key WOFF members or enablers will help identify themselves through their participation in these matters.

This is what I have ALSO said in previous blogs. It might just take one incident for a series of investigations on matters similar and matters related, to commence. This is why I have said that WOFF cannot afford multiple or even just one legal fight that will spark international attention on this congregation. Enough investigations and attention will ultimately bring an end to the WOFF you know now.

WOFF'ers have boasted they win every court battle. No you haven't. You won the one's you won and the others involved a settlement, which isn't winning. And you've lost some.

And, if not. Don't forget to read the DETERMINATION blog here on WW.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, political affiliation, skin color, way to worship, etc, I think we can agree that ALL people need to be treated with respect and dignity.

Worship on,  Woffer's. WW does not hate nor deny you to worship God, it's just not done the way it has. If authorities have to be called to your campus ever time someone feels they have been victimized, then you're going to be called on it every time. And WW will be here to yell at you.

And those of you who are just waiting for the moment to escape WOFF,  and I know for a fact there are, there is a heightened sense of tension going on in your community,
you may have to make that call on your own, given the latest current events. They may be extra cautious, or NOT.  Don't forget the FAITH FREEDOM FUND can help you.

805 Oakland Road
Spindale, NC 28160

And if you can't inventory your belongings and leave them behind, give all of them names as in your friends, or pets or things you know from the past that only you know. This will help you DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. i.e. computer-"Becky", phone is: MATT...Write it down as soon as you are out and file a Police report.

Finally, I have pondered an oportune time to blog about WOFF's phony involvement and association with Holocaust victims and survivors. So, here it is. These people have unknowingly been victimized by WOFF's association with them all the while likening themselves to some of the persecution the Jewish people faced during WW II.

It is most interesting to see that while WOFF'ers believe THEY are victims of persecution, WOFF'ers are also guilty of persecuting people whose sexual preference they find, different, or disturbing, or disagree. The NAZI'S practiced this.  So, you guys cherry pick your church practice?

Families and people, stay cool. These are tumultuous times. We must stay calm and resonable and let the law handle each incident with it's due course. If not, we still have time. They will make more mistakes. I say MORE because the ones from the past they cannot undo, and will be subject to investigation. Otherwise, don't make this worse than it is. Let's hope, watch, pray, help if we can, and pray some more.  WW does not tolerate or endorse violence as a means to and end.

Finally, Jane, you still owe us an apology.



glad to see your comments, anonymous or otherwise..

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stand Up For Yourself

"The only reason for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"  -Edmund Burke

During the past month, I have watched and listened carefully at all things WOFF.

I wondered if my absence  providing current blogs since mid August would be conspicuous.

It was.

In previous blogs I have mentioned that I monitor all traffic, the visible and the intentionally invisible, to see who is accessing this blog. My regulars were just that, visiting the site regularly to glean from the invaluable links that I have gathered over time and, presumably, visits to other less visited blogs written here since July '11. During that time, I found people from many interesting places have come here: England, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Africa, Name any Scandinavian country, Japan, France, Southeast Asia, Australia and almost EVERY state in the U.S.

The Brazil and Scandinavian countries are noteworthy because WOFF ministries have extended their reach to these places for some time now. But the regularity of visits here are telling, because they too, have questions, or doubts, or seek information, just like folks here in the U.S.

Many of you have been looking for newer, fresher blogs. Thank you for continuing to visit this site.

I CAN tell you that the "Letter to Jane" was a major hit. It is up there with the blogs"Document Everything" , "Never Underestimate the Power..."and "Let's tell Leadership..." with the highest hits and traffic.

So, I am still here. I don't plan on going anywhere.

I have surmised that the two blogs connecting WOFF people, that is, families of members, and members themselves, and those contemplating joining WOFF, come here, and to religiouscultsinfo.com for ANY information, analysis, rants, comparisons, etc.

Let me say that the "rants" almost ALWAYS originate here, as I have said before that my aim is to get in WOFF's face and call them out.

While leadership at WOFF publicly, or even among themselves, wish to think that WOFFWATCHER is just a rant blog packed with lies, I know from chatter that they are unsettled by my calling them out, but more so the concern is that there is other work involved in bringing WOFF down.

John Huddle's religiouscultsinfo inside view to the world of WOFF and culture is heartbreaking and jaw dropping. His personal accounts are compelling. His analysis and comparisons are top notch. I learn something every time I read John's blog. His blog is must read for everyone with WOFF concerns.

WOFFWATCHER, on the other hand, is like the kid in school who just won't put up with bullies, questions the system, and creates awareness when the air is foul.

Just so you know, I WAS that kid in school. When I reached 6th grade, my father was horrified to learn how I handled bullies without ever having to confront them again, through High School. 

The WOFFWATCHER blog has made conclusions and comparisons viewed by some people as "reaching" or "out in left field", and that perspective is respected however I have to consider most of those views come from those not familiar with the culture or government or social perspective in which I am well versed. And I am glad it is LEFT field!

My lessons, comparisons and such, are perhaps asking the reader to be proactive.

This is why I believe that lessons aren't enough. They make my point, they may inspire, but the person needs out, the family needing answers, the interested person researching WOFF...is just reading.

My blogs are calls to action. They are intended as intellectual ammunition against those who would scoff at the very idea you might be questioning them.

"Just Say No" also works here WOFF members, when they tell you to do something that you question.

The thing I don't understand is when WOFF leadership tells you to go stand in the corner, go to the fourth building, give up your phone and so on...is that you meekly just agree to their punishment or treatment of you.

HAVE SOME GUTS PEOPLE!  Stand up to these lying, pretentious, charlatans and take charge of your own life.






I have said time and time again, that people approach opposition, particularly in the case of confronting WOFF leadership, are too nice about it, thinking that it would be civilized to do so. However, WOFF leadership is anything but civil when confronted with the truth, or questions, or just saying no.

You can't fight this way. You can't solve the problem this way. They sure won't.

And, if you are among those that believe that "going down to their level" is beneath you, or not in your format, you need to rethink that. Everyone that is "high minded" like this, loses. I know from experience.You must fight every battle at the level it comes for the opposition knows the message loud and clear. They have to know that you understand their position, make them understand YOURS , in their language.

So, Let me start....

Woffwatcher says:

They are lying to you.
I am here to help you, not to lie to you, and certainly not to hurt you or your family. They see me as someone trying to destroy them. They have already done that job much better than I ever could. I don't kike how they treat people. I don't like how they keep secrets. I don't like how they collect and spend your money.  They are wrong. Jane is not Perfect.

If you think that this loud, thorn in their side is just a rant blog, think again.

Yes, I am giving you ideas and perspective. Yes, I am inspiring you to stand up for yourself. Yes, I have a vested interest because I have family there.

I believe I have lesson-ed you and myself to exhaustion. So, future blogs will contain more calls to action,  more like: "in your face". Hopefully more useful ways of confronting them and ideas on who to contact when they step out of line.

WOFF has a long trail of mistakes ready made for someone to blow the whistle. The sad part, WOFF doesn't think they've done anything wrong.   

And I am not pinning my hopes on this blog ranting, or just providing links, or hoping YOU will take it upon yourself to turn them in to a government agency,etc.,WOFFWATCHER continues to be proactive until this mess is done.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Politics and Religion and Media

There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil - Remain detached from the great.  -  Walter Lippmann

Who you vote for for President is your own business but also a personal responsibility.
But WHY you vote for a particular candidate is key. And HOW you come to that conclusion.

Reasons like: "I just like the man", "He seems to be doing a good job" are as common as they are telling because they clearly show there that the individual was not really vetted by their constituent.

EMOTION is the element used in this kind of decision.

Emotion, to some people, trumps reasoning simply because they say so (see my earlier blog on why people think the way they do). It is because they have spent enough time rationalizing and therefore THIS IS THE ANSWER, THIS IS MY CONCLUSION. It is right because I HAVE THE FREEDOM TO MAKE UP MY MIND.

When questioned about their decision, they likely get defensive. In MY experience, every single person could not ever give me a policy stance on a particular candidate, state or local.They just liked the guy, or gave me deer in the headlights looks.

While every candidate routinely goes through their party's or campaign vetting process, some vetting is not as comprehensive. Take for instance the vetting of Sarah Palin for Vice President. Believe what you will, a look back now shows she was not prepared for this kind of office given the multiple gaffes and opportunities she missed to add value to her being the VP choice. Instead, she chose to dismiss the media. Followers quickly sided with her.

But they don't know WHY? They just made an emotional decision.

How about the tax situation with Mitt Romney? While running for governor 10 years ago, it was discovered that he did not reside in Massachusetts as he had claimed, but that he lived in Utah and later admitted as much. This came up during a vetting process and enhanced with further scrutiny by a persistent press.

Ultimately, the vetting process established that Mr. Romney indeed did not live in Massachusetts long enough to qualify to run for governor. But somehow he won the election.

The common response: "Well, that's because the media is biased".

No, it isn't. A person who decides on who to vote for in this fashion isn't qualified to say this. They have not done their homework on the subject. There is no substance, just emotion. They are just saying what everyone else is saying because everyone is saying it. Why? Well, they don't know...

If a person had substance and proof that the media (and we are talking about thousands of people here) was biased, then it could be argued.

However, I am here to tell you. some media outlets clearly show their colors. But it's not the common characterization that Fox News is to Republicans as MSNBC is to Democrats. Generally, the facts are clear on one network. The other misleads, mis-reports, makes up stories. What is astounding to me and many people is that their followers believe every single word. And we know better simply because the facts are loud and clear.  Disagree all you want.

This sounds familiar. It happens with religion too.

TV news and talk radio is not the only place where people are misled and simply lied to by bombastic figures.

So, "I just like the Man (or Woman)" doesn't cut it folks. Then we wonder why we have so much trouble with our elected officials, particularly in Washington.

We need to learn how to vet this very important department of our lives just as we would if we were vetting a babysitter, or a neighborhood, school, church, people, when moving in to a new house.

People will say to me that they don't know enough about politics to join in a discussion or to know enough about the candidates.


It's GOVERNMENT. This is where you start. Politics comes later. First you learn the game, THEN you learn about the teams, then you learn about how THEY play the game.

Learn/know what the office the candidate seeks, does.

 Learn/know that candidate's background.

Learn/know that candidate's position on policy.

Understand the policy or the issues.

Too hard?

Then, you have failed. And by failing this very important thing we do along with our other important things, this one is just guesswork at best, emotion for others or just blind faith as a politician once said.

Winston Churchill once said: The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Funny and true.

You mustn't fail at this. You don't need to know enough to spar with another at dinner or at a gathering. Too many times people don't discuss religion and politics is REALLY because someone doesn't want to lose an argument. Just learn as much as you can. This is too important a decision for you to make just based on emotion.

If you have the facts, then you never lose. The person on the other side of you may disagree, but they don't have the facts. They are talking themselves and those around them that THEY are right and YOU are WRONG.

Without facts, you can't convince anyone but yourself and ultitely you wind up hurting yourself. When done in numbers, this can have life changing consequences.

Car salesmen know this is one of many of your disadvantages going into a deal. They know what you don't know.

Many times you will do your car or house or big ticket item research based ON WHAT THEY'RE TELLING YOU. You aren't asking about things not covered. Sales people count on that.

ALWAYS listen to everything a person says, especially WHAT'S NOT BEING SAID.

This is why you should ASK QUESTIONS...about everything. Let people know you don't tolerate being kept in the dark.

Just about every one of WOFF's members  vetted the "church" or Jane with emotion, blindly going through without enough to know what it entails.

Many at WOFF have doubts. And the numbers of doubters are increasing. I can tell by the number of hits I get on this blog as well as the staggering growth in readership in just one year.

Many people are quietly vetting from afar (South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Norway, South Korea, Brazil), finding the facts and deciding on their own. Others come here to see facts for themselves, member and non member and family members and government, etc.

Many come here for the "in your face" message I share with you, my many friends.

Good for all of you.

So folks, don't just"like the guy (or gal)", know what you're getting into.

A little logic, a little faith (in yourself, hey God is on YOUR side), and a whole lot of love, will set you free.


WOFF is a culture where asking questions and or doubting may land you in the "Fourth Building".  (and if you wind up there, simply refuse. If they take your phone away, call the police and file a report. If they keep you against your will, CALL THE POLICE....and finally, if you made the decision to leave and they somehow find a way to get you back, leave again..and this time don't let them find you) Faith Freedom Fund 828-286-2361.

There is no justification for punishing you if you have made up your mind to leave WOFF. Freedom to think and or change your mind is still sacred in this country, AND IS PROTECTED. If you are in the process of leaving, you have made up your mind and they have made up their mind to be angry at you and treat you accordingly. Lines have been drawn and there's no going back for either of you. Once done is done.

The WOFF culture is not set up to have it's members freely interact with the community or member's relatives.

It's all about control. Just listen to WHAT'S NOT BEING SAID. Jane controls the message.

WOFF cannot defend their practice if this free type of interaction with the outside was allowed into their environment (as it is in other churches and religions).

So, WOFF leadership tells it's membership WE (meaning WW, and I just howl every time this leaks out)  and the MEDIA and THEIR FAMILIES are TELLING LIES AND TWISTING THE TRUTH, so we cannot trust them. Just like the network and pundits who lie to their viewers/listeners.

Yeah, it's brainwashing alright. How do I back that up?  Look at the WOFF Waiver and look at the "while mind control may be used..."part of the waiver. That's brainwashing.

WOFF handlers control all media about Jane and media.

Does this mean WOFF is laying low? Yes. Well, sort of. This blog has changed that.

WW has learned that some of the local media is clearly indifferent and dismissive of WOFF when coverage has been discussed. News Directors and Assignment Desk people only want something to scream at them before it get's noticed. Some of them are lazy and set in their ways (you know who you are) and want the most obvious and shocking and compelling and ...you get the idea, stuff that's easy to pick.

Some of the kids on local Television, (they're just babies) don't know enough about the world despite having gone to college, to cover a story with any depth other than to gather as many facts as possible and then assemble them into a one minute, thirty second package without knowing to ask what wasn't covered in a person's statement, release or pool coverage. In other words, they didn't listen to what wasn't said.

Some will. They're the ones who yell the questions after the main news conference, as depicted in many movies. And those few greatly skilled journalists in the area, are the exception. You know who you are!

The truth will come out sooner or later. Some of us already know it.


Monday, July 16, 2012

A Letter to Families Of WOFF members and WOFFers with families outside

There is a sacredness in tears...
They are not the mark of weakness...
But of Power.

They are messengers of overwhelming grief..
And Unspeakable Love.

Washington Irving
My Dear Friends:
I cannot begin to understand the anguish  this "church" has caused you. I can only say that I share in that anguish as well.

We must be strong. We must have faith. We must do everything we can to get our loved ones out of there. We must never stop trying.

If our family members have forsaken us, we must forgive them, for it is the influence of fear and control of their environment that dictates their feelings for us.

Despite their words and actions, they need our help. Once out, they will still need our help.

I can only ask and beg to each of you to pray or get counseled or whatever it takes to prevent our collective grief and to some, justifiable anger, from escalating to dangerous acts and levels. It is the elephant in the room no one has talked about, yet.

I feel I must address this.

While Jim Jones, David Koresh, and other cults demise has been self inflicted, no one from outside these groups has taken upon themselves to commit a crime in the name of good of others. So, we will not be the first. We cannot condone violence. We cannot tolerate violence. We cannot consider violence. We cannot commit violence. We will not commit violence.

We must stay strong. We must remain vigilant. We must be pro active. We must pray. We must never give up hope.

It is my considered opinion that time spent in organizing groups or a group would be better spent in researching, making calls, praying, seeking help and thus make more of a difference than having meetings and assigning tasks. I believe we are better motivated when totally focused with one task. We can gather and rejoice later, either here or up there.

WW has pointed out areas where WOFF member and non WOFF member alike, within this series of blogs, where you can turn to for help. Look for links and contacts, feel free to comment or email WW. All correspondences will be confidential, unless you wish your comment be shared.

WW believes that WOFF is short in compliance in areas previously covered and all it would take is one report, one complaint, one phone call, one letter.....ONE BLOG....to bring WOFF to accountability.

Truth is our weapon. It is clean. It is Right. It is the only thing we need besides prayer and hope.

The solution is out there. Hopefully, you can use your talent and skills this way to constructively, lawfully, apply accordingly.

Our loved ones are more than worth it.

And if you fear they may never speak to you again, it would have been worth it to try. For it would be best to try and lose them than not do anything and certainly lose them.

Fear is not an option. We cannot put fear in the way of reuniting with our loved ones. That is simply not a luxury we can afford.

WW is determined. Are you?  WW appeals to you to get moving.

WOFF is foolish to think that those of us in the outside will fail at forcing their accountability.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Letter To Jane Whaley

"...perhaps we have not seen the peak of your delusion; that we can not possibly forecast what horrors come next..." -WOFFWATCHER

Jane Whaley, you owe your followers, their families and your community, an apology.
It is most likely that you do not realize its necessity.

It is most likely that there are none around who would tell you or could. It seems, Jane, your feckless "leadership" sees to it daily that you hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see.

Jane, you have failed to realize that you have manipulated power in your favor to the detriment of the people and community in which you reside. For your deeds standing up to the little man while wielding your apparent power has proven to have been brazen and unacceptable.

An apology is your only hope of regaining the slightest measure of remorse, of what has been, for nearly three decades, disenfranchising countless of followers and forever damaging an entire generation of people who have given you their trust.

You, ma'am have imposed subjugation and call it religious freedom.

With increasing rage, you and your "leadership" have told us time and time again, that we are not permitted to disagree with you, that we cannot be right. That all of your actions come directly from GOD despite logic and sensibility and compassion and have resulted in heartbreak and hardship, without challenge.

It is indeed a frightening, and a dangerous, delusion, Jane.

Between your version of confidence in your infallibility, ma'am, as well as your demonizing of dissent, you have left a chilling suspicion that perhaps we have not seen the peak of your delusion; that we can not possibly forecast what horrors come next, what will be said to, or about, anyone who disagrees with you.

From documented accounts from former members as well as accounts from current members and those who allege you have kept them against their will, it is clear that the ferocity of your wrath against those who disagree with you in your very own "church"  exceeds the ferocity of your wrath against those outside the "church". And the cruel consequences of alleged infractions against your followers that have been documented, as they further allege, to go beyond the bounds of civil law, will ultimately lead to your own undoing.

For there needs to be some other explanation, Jane, than that WHY you truly believe we should tolerate your nonsense.

Let's agree to assemble a delegation of responsible leaders -- Christian or Muslim or Mormon or Jewish  or Catholic or otherwise, -- who can sit you down and explain the reality of the situation you have created.

Should this "church" leader— unbowed, undeterred and unconnected to reality —  continue her reckless ministry?

Should this "church leader" continue to masquerade and fraternize as an associate of the Holocaust and it's victims only to convince WOFF membership of similarities of persecution? Are you are using those atrocities as models for punishment toward those who do not walk with GOD?

Jane, given the results that are obvious to everyone, why does it seem you have dishonored  everyone around you? Why you have dishonored your supporters? Why you have dishonored yourself?

Why does it seem you have chosen to keep secrets, control the lives of your followers and to insulate yourself from accountability?

If this is not simply the most shameless example of religious zealotry, if not opportunism at the expense helpless souls, then it would have served as example to be the cry of a leader crumbling under the weight of your own alleged lies, if not for more telling daily selfish and narcissistic characteristic examples.

Over recent generations, many of us have witnessed other live, recorded, and otherwise documented examples of religious zeal, much of it with sad and terrifying and deadly results, from other delusional and selfish and narcissistic "leaders".

Short of the extreme acts perpetrated by these zealots, the considered premise of a "church leader" who is perceived as an alleged compulsive liar is nothing less than terrifying and certainly no less dangerous.

So, did you lie to gain power?

Did you lie to keep it?

Is there any reason to even hope that you have not lied about how you intend to use it nor who you intend to use it against?

Do you not believe your words are lies, Ma'am?

Because lies, by anyone, about anything, imperil us all.

Your only option is to close your "church", apologize, and leave.

Jane, NOW. We demand it.

Other than you showing true remorse and walking away, Jane, would be truly unacceptable.

Otherwise, every effort will force those in the world you allegedly despise and lie about, will prevail in exposing you and your "church" and putting an end to this victim factory you have created.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Let's Report To Leadership What We Heard.....Updated March 14, 2015

WW is quite aware that Devoted to Jane Woffers  (DTJWs), along with members of their crack "security detail,
report back to leadership, any and every piece of information that is said or written about WOFF or Jane or it's members or it's practices.

WOFF members tattling on one another, even lying about another to get them in trouble, is widely encouraged as an effective way to keep everyone in check, and in constant fear.

What the ( verb, adverb, adjective, command, interjection, noun) kind of religion does this?

Not a religion. It's someone's version of a religion. It's a religion where one person has convinced herself and apparently everybody that will listen, that WOFFers are the only ones going to heaven.

Give us all a very large break!

In the WOFF world their truths win. That's a tiny constituency and irrelevant to THE WORLD at large. But WOFF's actions are far from irrelevant to THE WORLD.

In THE WORLD outside the "church" the facts win. The law favors the truth. The law has been known to fix matters involving non truths.

Lies are what keep this "church" going. Lies are what are keeping families apart. Lies have produced what other hardships for some, as in two or three jobs, some not resulting in payment, and advantage and riches for others, such as swimming pools, furs, jewelry, art, 40+ acres, and a mansion.

Lies like: "If you leave, you will get cancer and die, or become a drug addict, or be sued for slander (if what you are accusing them of is true, then it isn't slander), or your family will disown you (NO, those characters want you to believe that because they are ORDERING your family to disown you, it's not of their own free will), or no one will ever love you again (oh please!), or, (my favorite) God will send you to hell. Oh please!

Jane has no way of knowing your future. You could be in hell now, and I must say with very nicely mowed lawns....and plenty of parking.

She doesn't know any of these things to be true, and she can't prove them. Not even the cancer deaths. God schedules those.

"Lies" are the stock answer given by WOFF'ers when asked about stories ex WOFF'ers tell regarding their experiences at WOFF. They are all "Lies". As if everything about WOFF were wonderful and perfect...

A cadre of lawyers, financial backers, affluent church members and cooperative politicians make the WOFF world possible. This is common knowledge around the Rutherfordton county region. Add a dose of fear, dismissal of the truth, testimonials from current members and leadership, illusion, delusion and deception, and you have WOFF version of credibility.

Although not common knowledge, but the enablers have been identified, and their individual futures and freedoms could be in question, if past, present and future investigations produce details resulting in indictment and conviction. Leadership and Jane's complacency along with complicated legal protection, will only give this mess more ammo for the feds and other agencies to examine.

This is why you must ASK QUESTIONS. Why you must DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. This why you must listen to everything said, but especially LISTEN TO WHAT IS NOT SAID.

WOFF leadership particularly, parses their words, that is, carefully edit, craft what is said, in the form of a statement.

While some corporate entities, even some religions organizations, use public relations to spin the truth, WOFF has it's lawyers, as well as their own measured language to parse and spin as well as refuse to respond, or answer with silence, as some lawyers like to say.

How is that right? A religion where people supposedly worship GOD, but they have lawyers who control the facts and operate in secret and money going in every direction?  This is a very Catholic model if there ever was one.

Here's how the outside sees WOFF:

    • Secret Operation
    • Controlled environment
    • Carefully crafted culture
    • Unequally distributed wealth

    Regarding WOFF or WOFF-member incidents with law enforcement, government agencies and courts that in the last 15-20 years, WW has noticed that some or all of the testimony from victims or witnesses have been challenged by opposing counsel and resulted in an advantage for WOFF.

    The reason for this is that the complainants don't have any idea how to help their counsel build a case. This isn't their fault. They aren't in the business of going to court and fighting a case. WOFF IS. They are old pros at it.

    Since the WW blog has been online, an impressive amount of incidents involving WOFF and WOFF members has warranted the attention of local law enforcement. Check the links part of this blog for documented accounts.

    If you think you have been a victim of a crime, that is, if YOU believe a crime was committed against you,  then you should stand for your rights. You can't, shouldn't, allow yourself or to continue to be a victim.  No, the process should be to promote yourself from victim to who you were before, just a whole lot stronger. Promote yourself from victim to plaintiff.

    Civil rights violations are against the law. Such violations include keeping you against your will when you attempt to leave the church, as well as the subsequent "treatment "you get from the "leadership".

    You can grow as a person if you take yourself out of follower and victim mode. Don't let someone else decide your life for you. They can never truly know what is inside you. They can tell you what you're thinking but they can't KNOW what you're thinking.

    What you do with your life is between YOU and GOD, the way it was always intended to be. Take out the middle man. Or Women (plural) or Man Haters, after all, this is WOFF we're talking about.

    Freedom of speech baby! Responsibly assembled facts stacked against your perceived juggernaut of defense, will always take you down.


    Saturday, May 26, 2012

    Who's Lying? The war of propaganda

    So, you hear different things from different people about things important to you. WHO do you believe? WHAT do you believe? How do you process what you're told?

    Those in WOFF will tell you one thing, others will tell you otherwise, and so on. It has to be tough to make sense of it all and to carry on your daily life.

    If you're on the inside and questioning things, are you wrong to question them? Are you wrong to consider opposing views?

    Walter Lippmann (American Journalist, 1889-1974) said: “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much

    When political candidates, statesmen and leaders prepare for conferences with a competitor, a potential enemy, someone they seek in which to do business, an opposing candidate, simply doing a transaction with another party, they prepare their own opposition research. The smartest and most logical minds are put in place to learn and document everything they know about the other party, how they think, their history, how they would argue the other side. This kind of preparation is critical in knowing what to expect. Then that information is left to those who would represent industry or country or opposing side, that are experienced in dealing at this level.

    Many of us do opposition research without even realizing it.

    Say you're buying a home and you want to know everything there is to know about that home. How are you going to find out you're getting a good deal? Are you just taking the Realtor's word for it? The Realtor is serving themselves, maybe the seller but not necessarily in that order. You are just a by product of the process. So, now you have the internet, tax records, the word of neighbors, perhaps even your own experience available. If you have gone outside the comfort of the word of your Realtor, then you have conducted opposition research.

    If you haven't. Then, stop that practice. Learn everything you can, and not from only one source. This is a fundamental of good journalism. Everything investigated has to have more than one source to be credible. Try this and see how it works for you. Answers have to meet the facts.

    This is part of common sense, which, unfortunately, is not common.

    But despite this preparation, many who arm themselves with facts don't have the skill to counter their opposition on equal ground. And this is where people get in trouble. I have seen many a prepared person get taken under by a skilled car salesman, Realtor or attorney because they are not familiar nor comfortable with sparring with the opposition. All of their hard work in gathering information is useless because the opposition took things to the next level.

    But, don't kick yourself for this! We are all human. Some of us don't have it in their DNA to spar or negotiate with others.

    And this is where dealing with WOFF leadership comes in. They know all the things to say. They have a protocol for every situation, despite how well armed you may be with questions, facts, and such..You are treated first with love ( a manipulation ) and then counseled (second stage of a manipulation, usually involving some type of punishment {wait this is the reason you got out in the first place}) and finally talked in to believing you were the one that was wrong ( third stage{wait, now it's my fault?}). Is love the reason? Or control?

    And then, you're back in. Just where you started. How did they do it? How did they convince me? Was I really wrong? Are they wrong? What do they have to gain? How do I know if they are lying?

    Simple. You give them power by giving it up to them. The only reason things happen to you is because you allow it to happen. You enable them by not standing your ground and agreeing to the first or next response they have. Make them back up their answers. "Jane said.." or "God said.." just isn't going to cut it.

    The same way you give your Realtor power over you by their controlling the information you have on the home you are buying. The same as the attorney or salesman who answers your questions but doesn't offer any facts outside of the questions you didn't ask.  Ronald Reagan said: " Trust, but verify". It works here too.

    Consider the facts. Rationalize logic, set aside emotion. What is practical? What is important? What have you gained? How do you see yourself in one year, five years, ten years?Are they answering your questions, or are they diverting your question or answering it with answers. As I have said before: true faith is always willing to be challenged.

    Remember, there are a lot more people out there that love you than inside WOFF. This is an indisputable hard fact.It's in the numbers, but most importantly who, like your family and your friends. The Faith Freedom Fund is there if you have no resources. The religiouscultsinfo.com 828- 289 -7923 Hotline is available. And WOFFWATCHER's links and words can hopefully help you see things clearer.

    Know Freedom (to worship god as you wish) = No WOFF = No Jane (nobody's perfect).

    Fighting for you, Always with tough-love


    Friday, May 4, 2012

    DOCUMENT EVERYTHING... more links & some homework for you

    WW continues to explore the areas where WOFF members, and those contemplating leaving, or who are struggling with certain issues, as well as families on the outside, can help themselves as well as others in your situation. Previous blogs have other links as well, and you're invited to scroll back and review those.

    So, here begins another list of places, ideas, agencies that may apply to your specific situation, as well as some tips on documenting your experience.

    Given that a number of properties in the area may have WOFF ties, a call or letter to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission  would be in order to implement a watchful eye on your local realtors, to determine if previous complaints have been filed, or to share an experience you believe was worth a closer look. A complaint or two is one thing, but a series of letters or calls to their office will get their attention and possibly lead to an investigation.

    Do WOFF members go through your mail at "home" or even your PO Box? The USPS has a formidable law enforcement branch within it's organization, and takes any matter of alleged mail tampering, very seriously, if you believe this has happened.  https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/

    WOFF has an interesting, if yet telling number of firms with which they do business. Have an experience to share? The bar association might be interested in the goings on of some of it's members associated with WOFF. The links page alone will steer you to firms in cases where they were defended. Why such a defense system? Shouldn't these firms also be under scrutiny?   http://www.ncbar.org/

    Has your doctor or medical facility done something out of the ordinary and you think it's WOFF related, then contact: http://www.ncmedboard.org/

    The FCC might be the go-to agency if you feel your isp is being monitored by any internet companies which may be associated with WOFF. Do you think your phone calls are being recorded? They will want to know this. http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

    Have you experienced local or regional law enforcement unwilling to intervene in certain WOFF matters? Do you believe that your civil rights have been violated? The US Justice Department might be interested if your complaint has specific details: http://www.justice.gov/crt/.  LGBT persons who believe their civil rights have been violated should contact: Equality North Carolina    

    Who carries a concealed weapon in your congregation or area? You might try: :http://sunshinereview.org/index.php/Public_access_to_concealed_carry_lists , and your local sheriff's department;  http://www.rutherfordcountync.gov/dept/sheriffs/Main.php  or State Bureau of Investigations  http://www.ncdoj.gov/SBI.aspx  as permit holders names and other information is a matter of public record. It's a good idea to know who's carrying:  http://www.docstoc.com/docs/21975592/North-Carolina-Concealed-Handgun-Permit-Statistics-by-County .As of 2009 , Rutherford County reported 2,765 regular applications for a gun permit, 1,206 Valid Permits, 35 regular permit applications denied and 3 regular permit applications revoked. Also of note, see the link: Half Of North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit Holders With Felony Convictions Keep Their Permit  Gun laws: http://www.ncdoj.com/getdoc/32344299-a2a7-4ae5-99fd-9018262f64ac/2007-NC-Firearms-gun-Laws.aspx  and finally:

    Is an individual making it difficult for you to get information at a local venue? Find out what the chain of command is there and see if the top person is WOFF associated. If not, go to that person and tell them what you are trying to accomplish and let them know that there is someone who is making it difficult for you to find out.WW highly recommends the book: Pulling Your Own Strings. It has made a life changing difference in one person I know and can help you with dealing with those who would want to control you. Everything in this book is common sense that we simply don't apply to everyday life and situations. (by the way, common sense isn't common). WW considers the results of your lessons in this book to be a Dragon Killer to those who would try to control you. Most importantly, It puts you in charge to make your own decisions.  Just so you know, WW has no stake on the sale of this book. Besides, a used copy runs for one cent and you pay for just the shipping. Get it. WW will review this and a couple of other books in future blogs.

    When writing, calling or asking in person Always be professional, to the point, courteous, and non confrontational. This is the only way civil people make progress.

    DOCUMENTING EVERYTHING is very important, even what you believe to be a minor detail, it might be important to an investigation.

    In reading recent incident reports as filed by ex WOFF'ers, I noticed that there were certain lack of details, thus making an investigation or for to be charges filed, difficult or impossible. WW understands that it may be hard to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING just after it happened because of the heightened sense of fear, adrenaline, or emotions. This is where witnesses are key. An observer not directly involved can give a more detailed account of the incident.

    It may be hard to find a witness if things are being done behind closed doors or if a potential witness is in fear of reprisal. This is why you must train yourself to be able to give as much detail to your account as possible. This includes names, dates, times, what they were wearing, how they carried out an act against you, with what, and when and how many and what they said, where. File a complaint immediately, as soon as it happened.

    WW has also discovered that perhaps some (not all) local law enforcement officers may not be comprehensively trained in dealing with potential victims of cult like organizations. This may hinder any possible investigation in handling a potential victim. This is a specialized and necessary type of training and WW encourages local law enforcement to take the initiative to see that it's officers are trained in this area. Like it or not officers, there is a cult in your own back yard and it's members need help. I would also encourage any organizations, profit or otherwise, to bring a treatment facility to the region that treats cult victims. Such a move would bring attention and ultimate credibility to this serious and ongoing tragedy in the community.

    WW has concluded from research and observation, that not all members of occupations and industries mentioned in today's blog, are WOFF associated. You might find that hard to conclude this if you are a WOFF'er/ Ex-WOFF'er/Family Member. It's understandable. There is no list of WOFF associated and not associated. You may also have to watch out for people who play both sides.

    In your gathering information, or filing a complaint, you may find that dealing with WOFF'ers and WOFF associated people may be defensive. Some may answer a question with a question. Body language and tone are also dead giveaways. WW has experienced this first hand with some members being quite confrontational. Don't fear them as they fear you. You have the power. Truth is power. But also be wary of people you feel you can trust. Only give information relevant to your situation. Never just spill out everything and tell them you're relieved you finally found someone trusting, because not all is as it seems  If it's law enforcement and you are a victim, subject or suspect, then you tell them everything, as you should. Same goes for being a witness in court .

    HOW you go about reporting or filing a complaint about something you believe was done wrong to you, and listening to how the other party responds is key. Most importantly, be absolutely sure, truthful  and careful about your details.

    Remember, when filing a complaint, ask yourself if it is reasonable and responsible? Does it have details and facts. Don't leave opinions and hearsay. Leave out commentary and presumption. Ask yourself If you were the one conducting the investigation or interview, would you find holes in the account, an axe to grind, or is it frivolous?

    The agencies featured here can and will investigate complaints and will determine if infractions, or crimes, have been committed, and proceed accordingly. Your responsibility is to be truthful, stay alert, and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, for details and specifics matter. If you are in a situation where you believe what you write down and store isn't safe, it is important to remember: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW.  If you remember just these words, then you can sort them out in your head or on paper later. Only details will matter in your report. Get the names of every one you talk to when filing your report or complaint you file. Leave out the "set up" that most people don't realize they are including in telling a story.

    This "church" and it's leadership and membership is responsible for the well being of our loved ones here on this earth. We hold WOFF accountable through our responsible and lawful vigilance.

    If WOFF feels they don't answer to anyone, I disagree, with credibility.
    Stay tuned.



    Sunday, April 22, 2012


    Sunday, April 1, 2012

    Fish Or Cut Bait...A Special Comment

    First, A Story...

    A dog lies lazily on his side on a front porch on a hot summer day. Every now and then the dog howls in pain, contemplating getting up, but doesn't. This practice goes on and on and on for hours. A neighbor stops by the house to visit with the dog's owner to talk about some neighborhood gossip when the dog howls again. The neighbor asks "why is the dog howling? . The owner says "the dog is lying on a nail". The neighbor asks "why doesn't he get off the nail?"The owner says: "because it doesn't hurt enough yet".
    And, so we have the WOFFer who wants to leave, is thinking about leaving, only the nail causing him/her pain, doesn't hurt enough..... yet.

    Since July of last year, I have made my position known on the illegitimacy of WOFF. I have posted words of encouragement, ideas to pursue, challenged WOFF leadership and ideology, provided links to WOFF and related subjects, provided counter ideas to their twisted logic, pleaded with you to leave this tragedy waiting to happen, and even given you scenarios that will most likely occur as time goes on.

    And you have read (thank you), and you have looked at the links. Some of you have even posted comments.

    And, some of you who read this blog, play for the other team. WW knows that, and much more.

    But I digress.

    I know, for some people leaving WOFF can be daunting. It might also be complicated because it might not just be you. Your spouse and family might not be on the same page. I know, that's a dilemma. Taking such a big step requires courage and a plan. Yes, it does. Yeah, they might have you locked in pretty good, or at least have you thinking that way.

    But all your whimpering, complaining, crying, whining, dreaming, fantasizing.....won't get the job done unless you, like the dog on the porch, Get Off your Lazy, Timid, Behinds and Get Moving.

    The place you go to "church" is bad for you. It is bad for your health. It is bad for the people outside it that love you. It is bad for your friends INSIDE the "church". It is bad for the community.

    It is bad.

    These people are lying to you.

    These people are doing insane things in the name of God.

    These people have made you their slaves.

    What they are doing to you is at the very least, evil, possibly criminal and certainly beyond reprehensible.

    This is a place where secrecy, paranoia, constant and ever present monitoring, screaming out demons, abuse, and controversy, lives in your daily life, and can't be good for anyone.

    These people above you in leadership will ultimately be investigated and charged if they are responsible for criminal acts and sued for civil ones.

    By the way, that "waiver" you signed, will be thrown out in court, and isn't worth the piece of paper on which it is written because it's not enforceable. Their lawyers will tell you otherwise, but they're not YOUR lawyers, don't believe them!

    Opponents to this blog would dismiss this as anything but vitriol and bluster.

    You are wrong, cult - breath!

    The WOFF leadership, such as it is, view the outside world with contempt, paranoia and disdain. They will tell you that I am lying and that terrible things will happen to you if you leave. Again, they are lying to you as they have no proof of this.


    Those who would challenge WOFF would only waste their time, as WOFF will hold strong, in their twisted view.

    Of course this is going to be their stance. They know they have you under their thumb and any "outsider" isn't going to sway them, you or anybody in WOFF. They have you scared and believing them. To your families and those outside your "church" ,YOU HAVE BECOME SMILING ZOMBIES OF BLISS.


    Real faith can be explored by you outside of this place. Real faith and love await you to explore and worship as you want outside of this place.

    These people, Jane Whaley particularly, have gotten rich from YOUR hard work and money. She will get richer and thus, more powerful around those she controls with YOUR money, until she and WOFF is exposed for the fraud that is clearly going on.

    Time and time again I have said that this will all end and it will end badly. It will end because people will tell their story to the authorities, the authorities will investigate, and the authorities will not come up empty handed. There will be so much to investigate here that the feds will have their hands full. They will investigate the alleged abuses, both physically and emotionally, to people in their "church" now, and those who have left and continue to come forward. They will investigate the trail of money that comes from YOU, that comes from "secret" contributors (not secret to me, I KNOW who they are) and where the money goes, how it is spent, what for, as well as WHO is paid to keep this organization powerful and moving forward. They will investigate the already documented accounts of people who were electronically monitored. Foreign governments along with our State Department will investigate the legitimacy of foreign students working conditions and treatment,as well as the fund raising in foreign countries.There will be investigations into the chaperoning of WOFF members to Doctor's and clinic visits, which is potentially a violation of the HIPPAA act..

    And, it's all because WOFF feels because it is above accountability. How arrogant is that?

    WOFF: the bottom line here is that your organization will be dismantled.

    Between your current(soon to be ex) followers, ex members, interested community members, Federal Agencies, Me, and more, will see to that.

    Laugh and scoff all you want.

    However, never underestimate the power of determination. History has shown that determination has brought down governments, civilizations, corruption and evil.

    So what makes WOFF so different? Nothing. WOFF leadership is delusional.

    God on your side? Not the same as everyone Else's.

    Money on their side? That's just WOFF, and there are more of US than you and your money.

    The next fight WOFF picks will be their last, as all eyes interested in this place will swarm in with suits and briefcases and badges and lots and lots of paper. Hope the hotels in Rutherford County will be prepared.

    So, Fish or cut bait? Read everything I have posted to remind you, to give you ideas, to give you logic to challenge them. And if something happened to you, write everything down in detail, because the cops will want to know. And don't be afraid of them being in cahoots with Jane. Those cops will be found out if they are. The Justice Department will want to know this.

    If you plan on getting out, get moving..... Just get out.There is no "nice" way of dealing with these people. Get in their face and tell them to leave you alone. They don't play by the rules, so you don't have to either. But don't do anything stupid or illegal.

    By the way: How's that nail feeling about now?

    Ask Questions

    Sunday, March 11, 2012


    No one ever sets out to join a cult.

    But you did.
    WOFFWATCHER knows, from the inside, the group is inspirational, loving and caring.
    • But then, a line is crossed. 
    • You have now joined a congregation that is:
    • Dependent on secrecy... i.e. lifestyle, infrastrucure
    • Results in Broken Families
    • Has a formidable legal defense...but they don't argue on facts, rather manipulate the law to their own advantage.
    • Claim that their theology is the only path that leads to heaven.
     Now, you have the true definition of a cult. A theater masquerading as a "church".

    Most of us who think responsibly, know that structure in our lives is critical to our survival. It is a reason many seek this from their place of worship.

    Our small infrastructure begins with:
    • Our family.
    • Our community
    • Our work, and...
    • Our God
    Our common component to making decisions is based on trust.

    We use trust as our rationale to help decide.

    We trust sales people.

    We trust real estate agents.

    We trust banks.

    We trust lawyers.

    We trust doctors.

    We trust journalists.

    We trust our religious leaders.

    We trust those politicians and parties we support.

    We trust our spouse.

    Most of these examples all have some suspicion, negativity, or reputation that we place on them.

    Who benefits more from our trust? It, they, them or us?

    Are they keeping information from us that would impact our decision?

    Do we have the instinct, experience or information to ask more questions? Do you have the instinct to hear what's not been said?

    Are our decisions sometimes clouded by a word, a phrase, an ideology, emotion, need, a personality, an atmosphere?

    People sometimes fall in love blindly with other people, things, or beliefs. We go ahead without even considering the investment, discretion, benefits, or potential negative impacts.

    People sometimes buy something they don't really need because they just like the salesman.What do they know about that salesman? Why might he be the BEST salesman? Sales? Satisfied customers?

    Real estate agents may have an agenda on where to place you, how much money to get from you, despite your wishes. Why is there a long list of realty associations, federal and state agencies watching them? Why are there so many real estate companies and agents? Which are the good ones?

    Are banks charging you hidden fees or more interest than they should? Did they foreclose on people dishonestly? Then why did the government establish a The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Why did banks and financial companies lobby so hard to keep the government from establishing this agency?

    Doctors and Lawyers speak their own language. Do we even know what to ask them? Can we really believe them? How well are they protected if things go wrong? How well are WE protected if things go wrong? Again, what AREN'T they saying?

    Do journalists tell the whole story? Do they have an agenda? How would you know true journalism?  Ultimately, it takes education, life experience, cultural experience, social tolerance, a little math and a little science to really know the difference between real journalism and the other stuff.

    Everyone agrees that political leaders and parties are the most challenged group in this category. Some politicians can't get out of their own way. Others with good intentions fall prey to the temptations of holding such an important office. This subject evokes cynicism, mistrust, emotion and skepticism than most of the above. It has the same dynamics with the journalists comparison as well as the salesman, banks, doctors and lawyers and even real estate.

    Your spouse is the person who knows you best. Trust is critical. Many spouses are questioning their other spouses about being in WOFF. Listen to your spouse if he/she has doubts or fear. LISTEN. PROTECT.

    Religious leaders will sometimes downplay or dismiss challenge to their theology.
    To whom do they answer? (earthly, that is) Financially? Responsibility? (see the Catholic Church) Morally?

    Real faith is ALWAYS willing to be challenged. Don't accept: "we don't answer to anyone".

    Jim Jones, David Koresh, Warren Jeffs, didn't, and moved their congregations to isolated areas, where they could be self sufficient, exploit the laws of smaller, less developed governments. Your "church" has defied that model and boldly has used money to gain power and protection within a system potentially already corrupted.

    Those cult leaders, were fed by Power, Paranoia and Greed. Once cornered, they were prone to the destruction of their cult. All with some form of violence and or tragedy as the end result.

    How will this play out?

    So then......

    We can all agree that checks and balances are necessary in all of these categories. Some were established to minimize fraud, and to promote their industry or belief.

    We all look back on our decisions and either time or results will prove us right or wrong. Sometimes we don't know if we made the right decision, right away.

    Decisions  -  Time   -   Results

    We'll look back and find that we were either lazy, complacent, feel others values are the same as ours, and or fair minded, and then forget about it and go about our day. People with an agenda see that in you and can take advantage of that.

    And, then you realize it has happened here, to you.

    This is where we WAKE UP and see for our very eyes what has happened.

    But there were always signs these examples would prove otherwise, and we miss those regularly. While we can't get them all, we could minimize mistakes by moving slower, more deliberate in our decision making.

    We WANT to trust. Most importantly, We WANT, NEED..... to ALWAYS BE VIGILANT, especially with our own lives and those who for whom we care.

    We MUST take responsibility for our choices and then modify those choice to bring us back to center.

    This blog is about common sense and love, not lies.It's about your personal freedom.
    This isn't taking you away from God. God will be there when you leave. God will be there when you find another church.

    It's helping you see the lies being told to you about what happens to you when you leave this "church".It's helping you keep from being afraid about your every move. It's helping you understand and realize that someone watching your every move is not the love of God.

    Your "church", enforced by it's leaders, enabled by their network on the outside to make all of this possible, is also enabled by you, because of your trust.

    It might be a tough decision to make, very tough, for some people. The healing doesn't come until you confront the pain....and you should get help to get through this. For some people it's just like trying to come off of medication. It could be that critical.

    You can right the choice you made. Ultimately, you have the freedom and the power to worship God in YOUR own way.

    You can take control instead of others controlling you. Just start with NO.

    The intentions here are not to confuse you.

    They are intended to make you THINK.
    THINK outside of your present "comfort" zone.
    THINK for your life and for your family.
    THINK because it is the right thing to do.
    THINK if others controlling you is in your best interest.
    THINK because you may be enabling something that may be ultimately bad for you.

    If the feeling is that WOFF has outside obstacles, consider these facts:
    • Numbers of people will affect change there by leaving the "church" and will impact potential membership.
    • Atrocious, certainly laughable alleged attempts at surveillance. It is effective only for those who adhere to this kind of system. And dangerous.
    • Journalism will bring global attention to this congregation's practices. Facts are stubborn things.
    • How long will it take until the government opens an investigation?
      • How long do you think people on the outside that work for businesses and organizations supporting WOFF will stay quiet?

        But, Love will prevail. 

          ASK QUESTIONS!

          Wednesday, February 29, 2012

          Your Privacy: Are You Being Watched?

          WW recently discovered a court case in California involving the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the alleged use of stalking and wire fraud over it's members.

          From the ( 4Jehovah.org ) website:

          From: Case Number 3:10-CV-03907-MEJ Document 50 filed in The United States District Court For The Northern District of California on May 23, 2011 and from the link:  http://4jehovah.org/images/stories/downloads/jehovahs_witness/spying/case-doc50-pp32-33.pdf 

          In this case, the Plaintiffs Jonathan D Cobb, Sr and Walter Arlene St. Clair provide evidence of wire fraud on pages 32-33, where they state:

          “The Defendants have utilized people with specific skills such as Mr. Bruce Radetich, who is an ex-police officer and now a security specialist who, it is believed has been employed in an effort to use illegal means to surreptitiously monitor phone calls in hopes of gaining information as to the possible direction the Plaintiff’s are heading with regard to legal matters. Certain personal cell phones of the Plaintiff’s as well as other parties closely associated with the Plaintiff’s appear as if they have been monitored by parties outside. One particular cell phone used by Jason Cobb was inspected by a cell phone specialist… where it was determined that the phone in question had been set up to allow a remote party to be able to intercept calls and monitor them. Milano the cell phone technician who worked on the cell phone in question has had nearly ten years of experience with various makes and models of phones and this party has agreed to testify about the state of the phone and the potential ramifications of what he discovered while working on Jason Cobb’s cell phone. The technician’s expert testimony can easily show intent and how far the Defendants, acting in consort with various confederates, are willing to go in an effort to try to conceal the true nature of this situation, not to mention clearly defining Wire Fraud issues.”  (end of website reference)

          In reading many of these types of accounts online, isn't it reasonable to conclude that these practices are not proprietary?

          Although the logic of: "If this has happened there, it MUST be happening here" would arguably become the primary thought, specifics and evidence, at the very least, would be needed to confirm this.

          However, given documented accounts from former members over the years referencing behavior from WOFF, as it pertains to today's subject, give the casual observer reasonable grounds to conclude that SOME kind of alleged monitoring might also be practiced? If these appear similar, then isn't it interesting given that WOFF is said to have it's own "Security Specialist"?

          WW asks questions: Do you have internet and or cable service? Is your internet company associated (that is, does it have members who are in WOFF?).

          But then, what else? Who else has access (that you know about) to your: Cell Phone (there's an app for monitoring those monitoring you), computer log files kept by your isp, computer history, registry, (learn how your computer works and keep things private), mail (do you have a PO box? If you do and are asked about it in WOFF, ISN'T THAT EVIDENCE?)

          Ask yourself.

          Since July 2011, WW has pleaded with residents of Rutherfordton County, former members, current members contemplating leaving WOFF, people at banks, government and law enforcement who are NOT members, to TELL SOMEONE, if they have seen or have evidence (documentation) of anything that could or would get the attention of FEDERAL law enforcement and or GOVERNMENT agencies.

          Now, that said, WW has reason to believe that some people in this area are afraid that SOME local authorities might be colluding with WOFF, thus taking a chance by going to someone for help when it might backfire. This is understandable. The local authorities in California weren't associated with the Jehovah's Witnesses and justice took it's course. The infrastructure here seemingly makes this task more difficult. But only SEEMINGLY.

          However, area attorneys NOT associated with WOFF, particularly those who have defended others AGAINST WOFF, are most likely to know the players, and they could be a source of information that might prove useful. WW would start with them. They ALSO might know someone higher up who might be able to help.

          WW also knows that people have contacted Washington agencies only to get thrown back to NC or regional offices that MIGHT be associated with WOFF. This can be frustrating unless you decide that there is no end to this, and you must see it through.

          Specifics, names, truth, evidence, documentation, dates, times, quotes, actions, are among the most important elements in making your case and presenting it.

          In calling an agency or calling on an agency in person you can encounter obstacles from the very beginning This can be enough to make anyone want to quit.

          But don't. Here's how you get around it.

          WW's rule of customer service: If you get someone that can't help you, it's because they: don't care, just killing time for a paycheck, barely got by the training and most likely needs additional training, and (this is true) don't like you (they might be having a bad day).

          So, call that place again (or if in person, ask for someone else or go another time). WW GUARANTEES that if you do this, you will get a different answer, and probably one that will be helpful. This works every time, particularly with government employees who are now overworked due to budget and staff cuts, while some have an entitlement complex (again true).

          Get AROUND conventional ways of dealing with people for this purpose. This is an unconventional situation, so you should approach it unconventionally. Read WW's earlier blog on Guerrilla tactics and how to deal with people.

          People with evidence: You are out there.
          Present Your Evidence to Authorities
          Many people are affected by what is going on now.