Sunday, December 8, 2013

You Want Controversy? Gender Bias?

Though much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. 
-Alfred Lord Tennyson

One can't help but notice how much the women of WOFF, be they in leadership or in the family of WOFFers, maintain rule.

I know this because I(WW), have personally witnessed where the woman is clearly in charge and the husband is clearly submissive in WOFF culture. Specifically, they seem to have a much more cutting, if not vicious way of control in their charge which more often than not, extends itself to family members outside of the cult.

It is indeed a key, notable, if not, stark, dynamic that keeps this dangerous cult, thriving. WW believes this is one of the secrets behind their success, such as it is.

Despite whatever WOFF dynamics may prevail, my/your tenacity, persistence and vigilance will ultimately decide WORD OF FAITH FELLOWSHIP's (Spindale, NC) change in direction, much less, termination as a force. (stop  here and read the bold statement)

Let's go over this again, because many of you forget, get confused, etc.....

WW hasn't any problem with worshiping GOD. WW compels you to challenge WOFF's way of controlling people, amassing such a large financial war chest, making people work for the "church" all the time without pay, monitoring it's members when they go out of town with chaperones or reporting to membership/leadership by phone, assigning a member to go with another member's Doctor's appointments, punishing and lying to members who want to leave (still don't know of any ex-woff members having drug overdoses and turning to prostitution....), arranging marriages, approving when married members have sex ( is that redundant?) and encouraging estrangement from family members NOT in WOFF.

 Again, this must end. 


Since many agree that this is a more effective way to keep continuity, at least where control is concerned, it has one weakness that can't be avoided.

I say this because it takes one to know one. (Here's where WW's gender comes into question)

Simply, if the women of WOFF are not taken seriously, or if someone is dismissive about their authority, this takes them over the edge much more so than a guy who doesn't get his way.

Would it surprise you to learn that WOFF membership men outnumber women WOFFWATCH readers 10-1?

If WOFF guys, many, if not most, are terribly unhappy with their situation, but not saying anything about it to keep every one together or until one gets the nerve, would collectively just say no and take the reins, this would certainly be a good start to bringing this evil empire down.

Every man has experienced dealing with a manipulative or assertive woman. WW has witnessed though, when dismissed, the woman goes nuts. It doesn't take very much. And there goes the control out the window.

This may put the man on the potential “battered husband” category. But many in WOFF membership may already be there. If you are, report it to the police. Be responsible.

Mutiny? Of course! But, it's only a start.

Hence planning!

Many come to this blog out of curiosity only to spend about 30 minutes to an hour going over the links pages (most read blog withing WW) and letter to Jane (number 2 most read) and steps to take in reporting potential crimes or violations.

Reading and thinking about it is one thing. Acting on it with a report or phone call to one of the agencies listed, is another.

All this while staying safe, being lawful and responsible, is a tough balance.

I can tell you that the WOFF women membership reading this (the ones that report everything back, and by the way, thanks for making “lets report to leadership what we heard...” one of the top five read blogs since WW's inaugural tome) will really make some noise about today's blog. This will be your proof that dismissive, works!

Now, if one or two of you can just make it to the interview with Justice or Homeland Security or IRS...AND NOT CHICKEN OUT!



Friday, November 22, 2013

Attack? Victims? A Product of Manipulation, Get off your A.......

I do respect people's faith, but I don't respect their manipulation of that faith in order to create fear and control.  -  Javier Bardem

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.  -  Philip K. Dick

The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own. - Frank Zappa

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse  - Edmund Burke

Usually, one quote will do as a precursor to each discussion. This one however, compels WW to pile on with several potent quotes.

Many of you know someone, a mother, mother in law, father, father in law, boss, brother, sister, and ex wife, an ex husband, daughter, son, friend, acquaintance, and yes, pastor....who gets their way, has a way with words, possibly some charisma, and perhaps has developed a reputation, for being persuasive.

These people might not always see themselves as manipulative, but keen observers always do. I have known many people who pride themselves over having so much influence over people.

And then there are some who are so delusional, they don't believe they are doing harm with their words or influence.

Their arsenal is stacked with tactics, such as playing the victim, as detailed in this very good web page .

It is this gift, skill, talent or power, with variations and nuances incorporated into a system that Jane Whaley controls over her followers and church.

WOFF sees itself as being persecuted for their beliefs. So, Jane has developed a system to counter “persecution” by likening themselves to the Jewish people who suffered at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis.

However, I don't know of any WOFF members who are or have been in concentration camps, put to death, tattooed for identification, experimented upon, made to work as slaves, etc. at the hands of others.

Do you?

So, Jane, WOFF MEMBERS ARE NOT LIKE THE JEWISH PEOPLE. You have nothing in common with them. To put yourselves among them, under the guise of honoring their plight with exhibits, education and conferences, is pure theater, more importantly an insult to the Jewish People.

You are not fooling anyone except the members who live by your every word.

As with being a victim, is as one who has class. One who possesses it should never proclaim it. Rather, let the observers make that call. This distances you, certainly distinguishes you from those, who claim to be victims/have class.

Attacks, as used by WOFF members to describe people's opinions or feelings toward them are the preferred spin, viewpoint from what it actually is: CHALLENGE.

Challenging is not attack.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire was an attack because it employed the use of weapons, hence, an attack.

Disagreement over a topic with the use of facts to support it, is a challenge.

The issue here has always been about control is so important to Jane, which must stop, and will stop.

The issue has always been about the types of punishment and lies Jane doles out to people, which is unnecessary and may result in law enforcement intervention.

The issue here has always been about why a "church" refuses to be transparent in it's financial matters.

The issue here has always been about the "church" and it's "legal team" firewall and gaming the system to it's advantage.

The issue here is why a church that professes love for all and feels persecuted, always winds up making headlines for: being accused of assault, being accused of hate crimes, being accused of stealing people's children, being accused of having "church members" stalk other members or former members or other people, among other accusations.

Sign Posted in front of WOFF during the Lowry Case. It was taken down shortly after the trial was dropped. How convenient!
Federal and local Investigation is necessary to prove to the world what I already know about Jane, WOFF and it's "legal team".

WOFF, you aren't fooling anyone out here. And from the chatter I am hearing, some of your members question your credibility.

The true victims here are those who have chosen to BELIEVE Jane Whaley's words and live by them.

The true victims here are those families who have been estranged/cut off from family members inside WOFF.

The true victims here are those in Brazil, Norway and other countries who are recruited to join the “church” and ultimately separated from family members and their homes to be with the congregation in North Carolina.

The true victims are people inside the church and made to work for the church (free labor), who are required to give money to the church beyond their means, who are punished needlessly at the whim of Jane's wrath.

Those who read this blog and just sit and sigh and do nothing are NOT VICTIMS.

I have stated time and time again and plainly: GET UP OFF YOUR A?!$ AND DO SOMETHING.

Have I not painstakingly assembled an outline of ideas with links to agencies for reporting possible violations of civil rights, hate crimes, hipaa acts, assaults, etc? See the links in previous blogs.

I have my own list of work to accomplish toward seeing to it that WOFF and Jane are held accountable to the law with regard to finances, civil rights, hipaa, and possible crimes.  I have made significant progress toward that end.

There is nothing NICE about this kind of fight with WOFF.

WOFF has a financial war chest and legal team. Both will be challenged beyond their limits very soon.

There is no polite way of getting you motivated. I do not care if you do not care about how I go about this. Either you are in, or you are not. I have no tolerance for spectators. We need responsible individuals who will go by the legal system to affect this issue.

Every bit of evidence helps. Yours might be the one that blows this thing wide open. So, it can't all be from my efforts, you have to contribute.

This means, for some people, individuals with the B@!!$ to take their individual matters to authorities and not giving up at the first opportunity, and IN A LAWFUL AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER.

And, if you are trying to avoid drama, or don't want any drama, don't even get in the fight. You don't belong in any army.

WOFF members may view this as an expression of frustration WW blog readers. No, just some of you. But the work continues.

Further, some in WOFF, especially Jane, view WW as just a blogger.

You both are very wrong.

Who stands with me to make a difference?


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grace Is Looking For You

If there was ever an example that extinguishes Jane Whaley and WOFF's doctrine, it's this most recent heartfelt lesson from Pastor Joel Osteen.

Not only will this message inspire you, and for some, it will reinforce their faith in God, it will  finally provide the air tight argument you need against the WOFF doctrine that has turned both member and ex members, and some families, into victims.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Research, Intelligence, What's next?

"...And God so loved the World....."
-The Bible

After recently observing the WW site internally, WW has seen that regular readers come to this site daily for the latest rant, lesson, news, etc. No updates have been posted since April 23rd, but some of you have explored earlier posts, in addition to the highly viewed links and Letter to Jane. Good for you. I had hoped these and other posts would get the attention they deserve as many who have followed this blog only have gone to the Links and Letter and skipped the other good ones.

WW felt that although posts hit the nail on the hammer each time, many of you don't quite have the motivation to: leave WOFF, blow the whistle on enablers, and certainly comment or even email me about anything WOFF.

I understand your frustration. I understand your fear.

There is no need to fear. If you want to email in confidence, I guarantee your anonymity.

I can say I know this now because I have been in your neighborhood.

And while I have silently gleaned the intel, most of it is really confirming WOFF chatter I have intercepted before, only a couple of things stood out. But they are big.

I love grits, by the way. Everything fried? Bring it on! Incredible food and super nice people, mostly in Ca'aline-ah. And what is the deal with all the rain? And what is the deal with NC SC drivers?

Oh, now everybody with a surveillance camera is stumbling over the tapes to check for any “stranger”!   Go ahead, I dare anybody to identify me.

One more thing: Was that God bringing those storms and continuous rain or was it God not happy with the middleman/woman, again?

Michael Lowry is out, physically, from WOFF.
Ok, so what about the charges against WOFF?? I know your plate is full right now, guy. Work on getting back on your feet. We're rooting for you!

John Huddle's blog reported that some students at a local college were having a time with WOFFers.

A custody battle is up front again.  (Thank You John Huddle!)

WOFF weddings are so numerous now, the Moonies are taking notice.
There has always been WOFF interest in foreigners and going to foreign countries, but lately it's wholesale Brazil, and Northern Europe from where the big draws are emanating.

I'm pretty sure most everyone who follows WW or Religious Cults info knows all of this.

What WW found wasn't so much news, it was confirmation.

Confirmation that people are really divided in the region. I say region because the WOFF controversy extends beyond Rutherford County. This really was an eye opener. I can safely say that WOFF is a household name at least in a 150 mile radius of Rutherford County, easy.

Cities like Atlanta, Tulsa, suburban Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Greenville SC, Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville, Name a city in Virginia, have WOFF ties, enablers, family members, members, or just people that have an opinion of it.

What's impressive here is that people have an opinion, not just know, about WOFF.

Most people who have an opinion have heard of Jane, think WOFF is a cult, know someone who knows someone that was/is in it, think there's more to it than just a religion..


And so it is for just about every person asked in Rutherford and surrounding counties. Only one difference in the immediate area, though. They are angry about WOFF's presence as well as Jane and some of their members. Many did not know that everyday business people and movers and shakers are responsible for helping it be what it is today. The one's that do, are afraid to speak.

Local government has some good people in it, others.....? You've been made. I know who you are and I have seen your faces and where you live and how you live. I am talking about the WOFF enablers. Some of them live in other parts of the USA and some in-state.

Some of the agencies WW has asked you to contact through the many previous links provided, if you have information, or believe a crime was committed,  that might lead to an investigation, already have WOFF under it's microscope.

Most telling is thenumber of scrutinous eyes on the legal teams involved with the higher than average number of bankruptcies of WOFF members.

WOFF legal teams know they and WOFF are being watched, but don't know the entire list.

Some WOFF enablers know they are being watched.

As for the WOFF members?

I found many of them to be absolutely lovely people. It's quite apparent that they have made a choice for themselves and this church suits them fine, warts and all.

I am dismayed however at the treatment of some of the WOFF members by outside people, who, as it seems to me or any broad minded person, are seemingly pleasant and sincere, but take a figurative beating by people who hate WOFF or don't understand or don't want to understand.

Their confusion or ignorance about WOFF is understandable.

WOFF members not in leadership have made a choice. Like some people make a choice to smoke, to live any way they like to. And, so because they worship God diferently justifies outsider's actions against regular WOFF members, how?????

Grant it, some of the regular WOFFers I have observed may be involved in the practices to which we object, and we can never know the full scope, but leadership is mostly, if not, entirely responsible for controversial actions. No one can excuse that Jane Whaley is the one that says she is the ONLY ONE who talks to God. That any other way of worshiping God is not good enough to reach heaven.

Ma'am, I talk to God too. WW readers have talked to God. We have ALL talked to God.

And he talks to US too.

God's grace brings you to God, but many times the middleman/woman is the wrench in the works.And that's where people get confused, hurt, taken advantage of, lied to, punished for no reason other than to defy HER.

Adults, children, human beings don't deserve this kind of treatment - all in the name of God. Not by this woman, not by this church, not by it's leadership, not by anyone.

There are WOFF members are not comfortable with their existence in this organization. They are the ones who deserve our attention and compassion. It is THEY who feel trapped and report punishment  (i.e. the fourth building) or the threat of humiliation or that they will be hooked on drugs or that they'll die of cancer or that no one will ever talk to them again or they will be cut off from the family they leave behind.

Remember, NO is the most powerful weapon you have against treatment you feel is getting out of hand.

NO stops everything.

NO gets results.

NO gets you out of there.

There are the outside family members who have been estranged by Jane's edict, who deserve our attention and compassion.

These two groups are reason enough for this blog. But so have some of WOFF's practices.

WW has made peace with the fact that people make choices every day. Some who made a choice to join WOFF and are clearly happy, to their own satisfaction. You've got to give them that.

God bless them.

I am sure if they had a different leader or doctrine, they would be just as happy, but wouldn't have to account for their every action to the church or leader.

We must continue to think clearly and responsibly and act accordingly to help those seeking to leave WOFF and to comfort families inside and out torn by WOFF.

We can't, you can't, do anything harmful. Leave your emotions in check. It's hard, but YOU CAN do it.

If you meet another WOFFer who isn't in leadership, leave them alone. Your fight is to HELP those seeking refuge and your fight is to help those families. Those people love GOD. It may be different from how you do, so respect that.

This mission continues. It has however, gone to another level now.

Here's what WW knows:

Mistakes will cost WOFF. This will be their undoing. Government agencies already looking will pounce at the first solid opportunity.

WOFF leadership and it's attorney's are wary of confrontation and the unknown.The legal teams, such as they are, are overconfident and blinded by their zeal. They have been helped along by individuals within the local justice system. And they too, have been made.

A great example of this is the mug shot pictures of the WOFF security team, upon arrest, for complaint of stalking Michael Lowry and Jerry Cooper, the individuals were smiling. Local mug shots for anyone else in this process won't allow for SMILING.

WOFF is more unprepared than they are prepared for the next or big legal fight.

They have enemies in local government that haven't quite all made themselves known.

Their fight with the state Department of Social Services may seem dormant, and for the most part, it seems. However, WOFF stands to lose ground with them in the future.

WOFF enablers will continue their relationship because most seem to feel insulated from any connection or relationship. The key word here is seem. That's all I can say right now.

I ask that followers of this blog think sensibly and not fall prey to the drama created by past examples of drama that have sunk past cases with Police and the Courts.

Think of consequences. Let WOFF make mistakes in front of you while you are video taping any encounter. Look at You Tube videos of people in situations. Cameras don't lie. There is a You Tube video in WOFF's future. Most importantly, don't give in to emotions. Plan ahead. Remember details, names of witnesses, times, locations. Look at a Police incident report and see what details they will need when you DO file a report. Ask God to help you keep your senses when the going get's tough.

Finally, to make my point, Jane and WOFF are down on “the world”. It's in God's own Bible that "he loved the world”.

Worshiping God is not an exclusive club. It is between you and he. It doesn't have to be someone's church or statue or person saying they are speaking on behalf of God. Can't you talk to God? You can. He listens. He answers prayers. He sometimes doesn't answer prayers. He has a plan for you. Listen to GOD, not his self appointed representative.

So, here's WW problem with WOFF:

WOFF's treatment of people who just don't want to be there by punishing them and humiliating them and even lying to them ("If you leave, you'll get hooked on drugs"), is reprehensible. 

WOFF's system of living with families to keep "walking with God" but more to listen in on phone calls, go through mail, computers, contact with outside family members, is reprehensible.

Further, opening recruitment campaign  to countries with open tolerance (sometimes viewed as less sophisticated or jaded) to marry WOFF members, is reprehensible.

Jane Whaley's personal involvement in directing couples to join, court, have sex, have children, is reprehensible.

Also, Jane's assertion that THEY/WOFFers, are the only way to heaven, is reprehensible.

WOFF's war chest, that is, bank accounts and considerable assets with sometimes vague ties to the church and or Jane, which defy accountability, are reprehensible.

Jane's edict to cut off ties with family members outside their church, is reprehensible. This affects many people and generations to come.

Jane's manipulation of some people, including doleing out punishment, humiliation, or even telling people "they are like my own family", is reprehensible.

WOFF's cozying up to Holocaust Victims to reinforce their own credibility as being victims themselves, is reprehensible.

RELIGIONS, instead of YOUR own connection with God, have succeeded in creating victims.

The Catholic Church has it's tragedy involving young boys and priests.

FLDS and it's practices of  arrangement of illegal marriages between his adult male followers and underage girls.

Anders Behring Breivik  hurt 151 people and killed 77. Hours prior to the events, Breivik released a 1,500 page manifesto detailing that immigrants were undermining Norway's traditional Christian values, and identifying himself as a "Christian crusader". Analyses of his motivations have noted that he did not only display Christian terrorist inclinations, but also had non-religious, right-wing beliefs.

Muslims being confused for extremist muslims.

Klan members justify their actions based on Christian beliefs.

The mass suicide of The People's Temple in 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana.

Televangelists who live in luxury at the expense of their followers.

And many American Christians believe they are victims because they are connected with being conservative. Now that's custom victimization at it's most blatent example.

The common thread: VICTIMS.

How is WOFF different from these? 

How far do you want to carry this, people?

Read the bible. Help someone that needs help. Feed and or clothe someone hungry. Join a group that helps people. Give. Pray. Visit a nursing home or a hospital. Good is good. Stay focused. Visit not one church, but many others. WW has been to many. It's real interesting how people worship. The more culture you expose yourself to, the less you will be apt to judge others, but more importantly, you will learn. You may even learn to embrace new thinking or people or theology. Avoid churches that are just social opportunities.

This should be a connection with YOU and GOD. Everything else doesn't really matter.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's That Time Of Year Again - Opportunity

"Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge” -Scott Adams

It's that time of year again!

WOFF graduation and wedding ceremonies are queuing up and that means loads of visitors are due to arrive and attend.

Regular readers to this blog may be among those planning on getting a look-see for themselves about the much discussed, certainly controversial group, known as WOFF.

You will find smiling, happy, nice, going out of their way to please you members, (aka smiling zombies of bliss) catering to your visit as if in a first class hotel.

You should make sure you pack jeans and shorts and tank tops to wear outside of going to church with them. They really get pissed when you dress like this.

Try to find restaurants to go that serve alcohol and invite everybody. See what they tell you.

If you have tattoos, make sure they are visible.

Ladies, anything low cut and short will really get them to take you aside for a talking to.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Legal stuff, that is.

Any Goth persons visiting? Sweet! Welcome to the Dark Arts.

If WOFF has a gift shop, ask if they have Dead Sea Scroll Steak Knives.

These are examples of every day life with which they will find themselves quite uncomfortable if you oblige today's blog, or one of your own requests, and will no doubt result in someone taking you aside and asking you to modify your behavior, language, dress, questions...........


Staying in a hotel THEY picked? Look around, ask why. 

Are WOFF members ALWAYS present when you are with a family member? Ask WHY? Ask them to leave, see what they say.

On the way to their church for the ceremonies, take note of the protesters near their compound. Take pictures, talk to them and get a good idea of what being on the “outside” of WOFF is like. This is, of course unless someone from WOFF is driving you to the ceremony.

As you're in the car, ask what radio station they like or what their favorite song on the radio is?

When you get to the compound, look around for guys in suits “guarding” the area.

When you set foot on the compound, take as many pictures as you can of the place.

Same goes for indoors.

Ask how long the service will last (3 hours)?

Notice everyone's behavior. This is not a regular church service where there might be blasting demons (presumably to the tune:( Bang Your Head by Quiet Riot), asking for tithes, punishing people for thinking of the color pink. You know, a regular Sunday.

At the reception, take every opportunity to ask Jane questions including: I'd like to know why you encourage estrangement from family members, how is that productive? How is that God's way?

Also, is it YOU that determines who marries who? (she'll say God) Are you trying to marry off as many foreign members to US members to keep the membership going? Also: Why is it that you have so many more NON members (who are quite vocal) than members ? Also: Does it bother you that you have so many enemies? (she'll mention God here) Or, ask her about her dad Bill Brock, or her biological dad John Henry Bumgarner. Or, you said in a newspaper interview that people who oppose your church "get cancer". How so?

Or, if you have been reading this and or John's blog, you might glean a few choice, certainly uncomfortable questions for Jane.

And by all means, don't let Jane have all the fun. Try probing Brooke Covington or
nudge Jane Caulder or Holly Morris. Maybe quiz Ray Farmer about surveillance equipment.

Ask Wayne Hall about his Private Eye biz or any bouts with (the group) Anonymous.... yet. Ask if he's packing heat.

Break out in a song from a Broadway play and yell:" I'm coming out, I'm Gay", and see what happens. 

Or, better yet, bring someone that is Gay and make a big deal out of it.

Even if you DONT do any of the suggested contents in today's blog, you will be watched and perhaps not know it. There will be so many eyes on you, it's quite scary.

Don't forget: Take as many pictures of people and indoors as you can. This may help in future investigations.

Ask to go to the fourth building. This is where they separate those whom WOFF has punished. Ask for any fourth building alumni.

Your visit to WOFF land or Jane-Dale should be eye opening. Instead of visiting, count on getting some work in by doing some of the aforementioned.

No doubt you will encounter resistance. No doubt they will try to change the subject. No doubt they will blame one of the bloggers for inciting this upon them.

The point of all this is......

THIS blogger is trying to get you to see this is a dangerous cult. You need to steer clear of them. WW encourages you to continue to seek and serve God, not these people. Certainly not THAT woman.

Look around, pay attention, ask questions.

This is one of the rare times (?) that outsiders get to come in and look around. Use your opportunity.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Cost of Doing Business

"The key to preventing tragedy is the individual confronting and defying the power of the cult" - Woffwatcher

Perhaps one can begin to TRY to understand being at the center of attention which involves lawyers, and police and court and church and family and onlookers and critics and GOD.

The Michael Lowry case is an example of a young man who felt he was wronged, took action, then changed his mind or was persuaded to change his mind when things got to a certain point.

Michael came close to reaching the level where WOFF may have had to answer for his charges, but ultimately did not. For now.

Others who were "outed" by WOFF may also have some accounts to share, perhaps involving law enforcement and lawyers and the court system. Or not.

This is why documenting everything is so important. Keeping an incident that is worthy of law enforcement or government agency attention fresh in your mind is the best way to protect yourself. Writing it down is important too, but WW is the great anticipator, and you should anticipate that those documents may be intercepted by your handlers, leadership, etc.and this is why you need that extra layer of precaution.
Anticipate everything!

Courage plays a very important part in this process. Credit is given where Michael and others have reported a possible crime and then come to the level where it may become too much for the person to handle after hearing from all sides on how a bad idea this may be. It's only a bad idea if what your have to charge as victim, that the crime never happened, or that the details of the crime are sketchy, or that the pressure is simply too much.

And this IS a  big deal. Some are experiencing this ordeal as young and inexperienced in life, whereas others can sink their own ship along the way, as in the case where Jerry videotaped his marching up and down Old Flynn Road, surrounded by WOFF members, which ultimately offset his charge against WOFF.

I am not against you, brothers, I am WITH you.GOD Bless you for trying. There is no doubt you have had your share of criticism along the way, and you would have gotten this bit of caution and other guidance from me had I been able to contact you prior to this mess. I would have advised you to leave out the drama and be quiet and let things happen because those WOFFers just can't help themselves.

OK, we learned something. Document everything, DOES work, only this time in WOFF's favor, in the case where Jerry's videotaping of WOFFers surrounding him was used against him.But, it DOES work.

In the course of this struggle with WOFF, Attempts to fight will be continue, and some will fail,  Hence, the cost of doing business.

We now know that we have to be careful and focused and maintain our courage throughout the ordeal. This is why leaving out the drama is important And by this I mean, YOU leave out the drama. The drama will always come to you if YOU leave out the drama while it is being documented. I know that this is asking quite a bit to those who don't fight on a daily basis.

From reading my blogs, you know by now that WW LIVES for the fight. Saying no to people who would take advantage of you, comes naturally, because I do it with teeth. This isn't for everyone. For some, you are born with it, for others it may take years, and for others it may be a one time thing.

I consider this a skill.

I don't expect everyone to have this personal feature. I DO expect for people to step up when they have capital that could change the game for all of us entwined in this WOFF mess.

Through time, observed chatter and my sense of deduction, I have concluded that there are a select number of people both inside and outside WOFF that have the power to bring WOFF to justice right now and are doing nothing about it.

Those people aren't stepping up. I take issue with you as much as I do with residents of your community who just sit on their ass and do nothing about this cult you allow to exist.

This is unacceptable.

You folks need to go to the Justice Department, Family Services, HIPAA, FCC, IRS, Immigration. These are the areas where WOFF is so exposed to investigation, it isn't even funny. There are others; DSS, Board of Realtors, State Bar.

I have a problem with cowards. They are more dangerous than people with a weapon. This is because even THEY don't know what they'll do next.

I have called you out.  I know who you are. You need to change this status.

Personally, I can't believe you are afraid of the smiling zombies of bliss that is WOFF. Trust me, they are more afraid of people spilling the truth about them than they care to admit.  Believe me, I know. These are the same people who dismiss me as "some blogger" . Yeah guys, "some blogger" who also has skills to organize and bring forth a movement against you, WOFF & Jane. I sure come up in conversation a lot for just "some blogger".

Remember, Fear is not tolerated here.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Document Everything......WORKS!

"If it's a miracle, any sort of evidence will answer. But, if it's a fact, proof is necessary" - MARK TWAIN
If I'm the FBI guy observing on behalf of the Justice Department Friday at the Michael Lowry hearing, there to determine if this case, and the one involving the Grand Jury on the original Michael Lowry complaint warrants an escalation to Federal territory, I can't help but notice the fur clad women present in the courthouse, presumably interested WOFF members, wives or observers, flaunting their comfort and arrogance to the world.

If for just that, they are guilty of posturing, but more-so contradicting the tenets of their faith, at least in in it's most fundamental sense. Nonetheless, thumbing your nose at the world doesn't help your cause, especially when those who would be responsible for bring down your world are present for your day in court. It also screams that leadership is dangerous more so for their cluelessness as well as their inability to avoid the temptation of acting like the sinner in a given situation, like this.

Most defense attorneys will tell their clients to dress as professional or as unassuming as possible to help along their perception. In many cases, the wives and families of the defendants present, also get this type of coaching. But, it's like the smart girl everybody likes (this used to happen to me) who goes and defends her fellow girls actions, and all the while sticks out her tongue at you while the teachers and students celebrate her heroism against you, even though you are really the good one in this action.

No sir, if I'm the FBI guy, I'm taking it all in. Evidence, certainly, need to have evidence. Pattern, absolutely! Handling by local law enforcement, well, that should be interesting.  Behavior of defendants, attorneys, court observers with an obvious side in the matter. The court, that's an interesting one. What about the local government. Hmmm, I'd want to look into all of that. What about the southern poverty law center? What does the Trinity Foundation have? How about IRS records?

My personal favorite, who are their friend$?

There is certainly something here that would promote a ticket back to the bureau to look into all of these.

Ex WOFF'ers, current WOFF'ers and others with information, this would be your time to bring your story forth.

The outcome at Friday's hearing was the least of it as attorneys for the defense sloppily, awkwardly, presented their case, as well as motioned to dismiss the charges, including stalking and false imprisonment, to which the judge agreed.

Surprised or entertained?

The more interesting element is what is to come, the FBI agent, further evidence against WOFF for the original Michael Lowry  case, and everything else under consideration by the eye.

And, of course, let me remind you, some of you are sitting on some gold right now. It's time.

Despite the victory for WOFF, if WW wants attorneys to lose a case for me, the WOFF guys are the one's I'd call. And would do so with a straight face.

The Judge however, took issue with the way the plaintiffs were surrounded or detained during their encounter with the WOFF members charged, and he DID consider those charges with more scrutiny. The Judge also denied the access of cameras, or in this case, a TV camera into the room to document the proceeding. It would have to be done the old fashioned way. With pen and paper and EARS.

What's this? The Forest City Daily Courier was present to record, albeit also the old fashioned way, the details about the encounter between Jerry Cooper, Michael Lowry and the four WOFF members?  How long WAS your nap guys?

Even if this most visible example of how WOFF's days in peace are numbered, there remains the members waiting to expose them in similar ways to Mr. Lowry's case. There are still HIPAA, IRS, FCC, DOJ, State Family Services, Department of Education, Immigration and Homeland Security areas to explore. I say this because if WOFF doesn't, hasn't realized it, they, over time,  have been heavily monitored and documented, hence the WATCHER part of this blog's name.

Information, independent of anything I could ever even dream of, is available, and some has already made it's way to interested parties, and a boatload (and I usually use the politically incorrect version of boatload) of information, is just sitting there waiting to be examined and evaluated and acted on. In the time I have been watching WOFF and even before when I was a family member watching as many of you reading this, I have learned quite a bit about this cult. The common denominator here is that WOFF'ers don't try hard enough, don't WANT to try, or don't know HOW to try to fend us of effectively. They are taunting us outside the "church" as sloppy as it gets. They are in over their heads and they don't realize it. And, now that they have a street-fighter in their face, well...........

So, here is what I've learned so far:

They can't keep their mouths shut. 

They brag and boast about everything. Man alive, you'd think this was a sports bar and their team just sacked the quarterback.  No secret is safe in this place. It's just not the furs, check out the hair, the clothes, the cars, the houses....

They are self unaware.

You know those people who talk real loud on their cell phones and are told by others shut up, and then the loud talkers get mad? Those people. Or, how about the people who let their kids run all over the place and tell the parents to get their kids in control and the parents get mad? Those people. As far as WOFF'ers are concerned, they can do no wrong. Who? Us? What? Really!

They are terrible at lying. 

Although family members have told me as well as other members to their family members, that the events raising controversy at WOFF are all lies. This is despite documented proof, police reports, bruises, missing property, and just plain fear from former members. People watching people they are supposed to watch and then report on, are being watched themselves and they don't even know it. How's THAT for self unaware? 

They want to pick a verbal battle with you.

Even if you walk on eggs having a conversation with a family member, that is, not bringing anything up that you think might upset them like a birthday, a holiday, how they worship, even if you leave all of that out of your conversation and are just making small talk, they will try to pick something, anything, to which engage you in attacking them. Do you engage them? Well, if you do, they now feel THEY'RE in control of the narrative. They have you playing defense. Even if you verbally beat them to a pulp, as WW has done so many times, they will come away with having felt as they have defended mother Jane and the rest of the zombies of bliss. Don't worry, it's an order put on the membership to go on the attack themselves. In their minds, they are the warriors fighting for the cause. In reality, they are just blowing smoke thinking it's a fire when it's really just....smoke. These people have no skill at arguing a point, talking points and all. Absolutely none. Let 'em think they won. Hey, it's WOFF after all.

The infighting in this organization is staggering.

Does Jane have an exit plan? It seems that those who drool at the potential of being the next Jane seem to have the scenario already made. It just has to be carefully introduced. The power brokers(meow), such as they are, are incredibly underestimating the consequences of their intended actions, much less are qualified to take on this or any kind of position.. Even Jane isn't qualified to handle Jane's world. I've seen some of the stunts she's pulled that you haven't. And, they are doozies.

   Security? What Security?

When the very people you charge with protecting you wind up getting arrested, how secure are you?  Guys: you don't even know when PI's are watching you? Seriously? Wait until the FCC gets wind of  their crack security teams' surveillance stash. Gangsta' thugs won't even get this kind of attention.

 Financial troubles. 

This one I will save for later. I know enough here that will determine how they move forward. I WILL say their self-unawareness would dispute this and it would be expected.

 So, is the end near?

Not quite, the end is just beginning. It will be slow, it will come in increments. This will take quite a bit of time. Like an onion, this has many layers (and it is a big honking onion). Stay tuned and....

DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! (resist the drama, make the drama all come from them and record it)
Because we now know it works!