Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Cost of Doing Business

"The key to preventing tragedy is the individual confronting and defying the power of the cult" - Woffwatcher

Perhaps one can begin to TRY to understand being at the center of attention which involves lawyers, and police and court and church and family and onlookers and critics and GOD.

The Michael Lowry case is an example of a young man who felt he was wronged, took action, then changed his mind or was persuaded to change his mind when things got to a certain point.

Michael came close to reaching the level where WOFF may have had to answer for his charges, but ultimately did not. For now.

Others who were "outed" by WOFF may also have some accounts to share, perhaps involving law enforcement and lawyers and the court system. Or not.

This is why documenting everything is so important. Keeping an incident that is worthy of law enforcement or government agency attention fresh in your mind is the best way to protect yourself. Writing it down is important too, but WW is the great anticipator, and you should anticipate that those documents may be intercepted by your handlers, leadership, etc.and this is why you need that extra layer of precaution.
Anticipate everything!

Courage plays a very important part in this process. Credit is given where Michael and others have reported a possible crime and then come to the level where it may become too much for the person to handle after hearing from all sides on how a bad idea this may be. It's only a bad idea if what your have to charge as victim, that the crime never happened, or that the details of the crime are sketchy, or that the pressure is simply too much.

And this IS a  big deal. Some are experiencing this ordeal as young and inexperienced in life, whereas others can sink their own ship along the way, as in the case where Jerry videotaped his marching up and down Old Flynn Road, surrounded by WOFF members, which ultimately offset his charge against WOFF.

I am not against you, brothers, I am WITH you.GOD Bless you for trying. There is no doubt you have had your share of criticism along the way, and you would have gotten this bit of caution and other guidance from me had I been able to contact you prior to this mess. I would have advised you to leave out the drama and be quiet and let things happen because those WOFFers just can't help themselves.

OK, we learned something. Document everything, DOES work, only this time in WOFF's favor, in the case where Jerry's videotaping of WOFFers surrounding him was used against him.But, it DOES work.

In the course of this struggle with WOFF, Attempts to fight will be continue, and some will fail,  Hence, the cost of doing business.

We now know that we have to be careful and focused and maintain our courage throughout the ordeal. This is why leaving out the drama is important And by this I mean, YOU leave out the drama. The drama will always come to you if YOU leave out the drama while it is being documented. I know that this is asking quite a bit to those who don't fight on a daily basis.

From reading my blogs, you know by now that WW LIVES for the fight. Saying no to people who would take advantage of you, comes naturally, because I do it with teeth. This isn't for everyone. For some, you are born with it, for others it may take years, and for others it may be a one time thing.

I consider this a skill.

I don't expect everyone to have this personal feature. I DO expect for people to step up when they have capital that could change the game for all of us entwined in this WOFF mess.

Through time, observed chatter and my sense of deduction, I have concluded that there are a select number of people both inside and outside WOFF that have the power to bring WOFF to justice right now and are doing nothing about it.

Those people aren't stepping up. I take issue with you as much as I do with residents of your community who just sit on their ass and do nothing about this cult you allow to exist.

This is unacceptable.

You folks need to go to the Justice Department, Family Services, HIPAA, FCC, IRS, Immigration. These are the areas where WOFF is so exposed to investigation, it isn't even funny. There are others; DSS, Board of Realtors, State Bar.

I have a problem with cowards. They are more dangerous than people with a weapon. This is because even THEY don't know what they'll do next.

I have called you out.  I know who you are. You need to change this status.

Personally, I can't believe you are afraid of the smiling zombies of bliss that is WOFF. Trust me, they are more afraid of people spilling the truth about them than they care to admit.  Believe me, I know. These are the same people who dismiss me as "some blogger" . Yeah guys, "some blogger" who also has skills to organize and bring forth a movement against you, WOFF & Jane. I sure come up in conversation a lot for just "some blogger".

Remember, Fear is not tolerated here.


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