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Links to Word of Faith Fellowship Spindale, NC - A Comprehensive List

UPDATED September 25, 2018   

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.- Margaret Mead                     

Woffwatcher has compiled a comprehensive list of links that might help anyone with interest in the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF as in OFF, not WOOF), Spindale, NC, learn more about what has been said, published, happened and documented.

Some links may apply to readers who believe their rights have been violated according to State or Federal Law by WOFF. Read below the links to see if any of these might apply.
FAITH FREEDOM FUND (if you need to leave WOFF)

Thanks to contributors who have suggested and forwarded more links!

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Here's MY letter to Jane Whaley


Also: WOFF Holocaust Museum and Holocaust Project Pages are no longer up and running!


WOFF Related Brazilian Church Acquitted of all Charges
CONTINUED: Wheeler/WoFF trespassing case
WoFF denies request of apology from Wheeler in trespassing case
WoFF lawyer responds to candidate’s trespassing cases
Wheeler trespassing case subpoenas WoFF leadership
NC Attorney General takes WoFF tresspassing case: no decision on prosecution
Three charged with trespassing at Word of Faith
Trespass summons issued against Wheeler entourage at Word of Faith Fellowship visit

Wheelers visit to Word of Faith Fellowship I
David Wheeler with John Huddle at Community Meeting about WOFF Former WOFF members talk federal investigation

Father, son plead guilty to fraud involving secretive sect  
2 members of secretive sect charged in unemployment scheme
No appeal in Guffey campaign sign theft guilty verdict
Split decision in Guffey Campaign Sign Theft
Former Word of Faith members claim they were coached as children on lying to DSS
Former Brazilian Word of Faith member speaks out
Brazilian Prosecutors Sue to Shut Church Over Forced Labor
Lt. Gov. Forest accepted donation from leader of controversial church
'Nobody saved us': Man describes childhood in abusive 'cult'
North Carolina Steps in on Child Abuse Cases Involving Sect
Ex-Members of Church Urge Overturning of Court Agreement
Investigators face big hurdles in church child abuse cases
Brazil branches of US-based church target of numerous probes
Church used unemployment scam to stoke funds, ex-members say
Brazilians funneled as ‘slaves’ by US church, ex-members say
Second trial called in Word of Faith abuse case
Authorities delayed investigating gay ‘demons’ case
Mistrial in Word of Faith abuse trial due to jury tampering
Man charged with harassing jury in trial of pastor accused of leading beating to expel ‘homosexual demons’
Prosecutor: Minister ‘directed’ beating of gay congregant
'Am I going to die?' Gay man testifies in church beating trial
Minister at Center of Anti-Gay Beating Trial May Testify on Her Own Behalf
Gay man says church members beat, choked him for hours to expel ‘homosexual demons’
Allegations of kidnapping, abuse at area church
Social worker accused of hiding religious sect abuse resigns
Former members of Word of Faith Fellowship hold community meeting
ADAs accused of coaching sect members out of jobs in 25th District
Learner responds to accusations about ADAs affiliated with Word of Faith Fellowship church
Ex-sect members tell AP: Prosecutors obstructed abuse cases
AP: Brazilians detail abuses by US church, shattered lives
They kept us as slaves: AP reveals claims against church
WSPA WOFF Brazil Slavery Story
AP Probe: US Church Siphons Laborers From Brazil
Former Brazilian Word of Faith member speaks out
Former Word of Faith Fellowship members speak out
Experts weigh in on Word Of Faith Fellowship abuse allegations
Word of Faith Fellowship Investigation
Trial to start against 5 accused of beating ex Word of Faith church member
Prosecutors: Church with ties to Word of Faith forcing minors to work
New review system implemented for Word of Faith DSS cases
Word of Faith Fellowship WSPA REPORT
Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) - Victim Testimony - Alleged Destructive Cult - ABC News
Former Woff members respond to AP article
John Huddle's Family Speaks Out
NC church known for ‘blasting’ out demons faces growing human-trafficking probe
How a North Carolina religious cult went bad
Mitch Weiss Associated Press Articles about WOFF
The Matthew Fenner / WoFF defendants case timeline
The Michael Lowry Story
N.C. Man Says Church Kept Him Imprisoned for Being Gay
N.C. man says church confined him for being gay 
Jury seated in trial of Word of Faith church member accused of abuse
Word of Faith Fellowship being investigated by Federal Government
Word of Faith Fellowship responds to AP reports of 'enslaved' members
Inside Edition's 2nd Word of Faith (WOFF) Investigation, summer 1995
DSS, WOFF ruling delayed
Scrutiny of the RC DSS & NC DHHS partnership for WOFF investigations
Former church member cleared of charges
Word of Faith Fellowship sues DSS, claims harassment
Ex-members say church uses power, lies to keep grip on kids
Bankruptcy filing reveals ties to Word of Faith Fellowship
Church members sue for legal fees
Ex-members of church urge overturning of court agreement
Ex-WOFF member files emotional abuse suit
Cooper files $4+ Million suit for “alienation of affection” by Woff & members
NC DHHS not bound by WOFF & RC DSS Settlement; DHHS committed to investigate child abuse 
RC-DSS and N.C.-DHHS to team up on Word of Faith Fellowship investigations
When leaders misuse power at the expense of the faithful
Juror contempt prompts mistrial in church abuse case
When church is a blast
Coopers’ day in court delayed
Whaley testifies during appeal
Words of Faith Fellowship, Inc. v. RUTHERFORD CTY. DEPT. OF SOCIAL SERVICES, 329 F. Supp. 2d 675 (W.D.N.C. 2004)
Man sentenced to 30 days in jail for contempt of court in NC church abuse case
Social worker accused of hiding Word of Faith abuse resigns
WNC church responds after former members tell of abuse, unconventional restrictions
NC church has unconventional rules for sex and marriage
Church leader found guilty
4 trials continued in Word of Faith abuse case
Judge blocks custody turnaround Girl’s grandmother makes attempt to get 10-year-old back into Word of Faith
Polk County jury upholds assault conviction for religious leader
WOFF man cleared on charges
Supreme Court of North Carolina. STATE of North Carolina v. Jane Brock WHALEY.
Federal judge trims WOFF lawsuit
WOFF hit with 2nd lawsuit
Deputies can’t find WoFF’s Jane Whaley; Bell moves for continuance of Guffey sign theft case
DSS settles lawsuit with WOFF
Word of faith fellowship discipline unveiled
Church uses power, lies to keep grip on kids, ex-members say
New investigation into abuse at Word of Faith Fellowship
WOFF-related custody saga continues
More church members face charges
Whaley's assault case postponed
Whaley appeal hearing delayed until January
Assault charges filed on Muse
WOFF leader issued criminal summons
WOFF prayer issues debated
DSS served in suit
North Carolina steps in on child abuse cases involving Word of Faith
Church sues Social Services
Controversial church sues Rutherford County DSS
Trial date requested in Word of Faith abuse case
Court tosses decision on Muse children
Custody ruling appealed
DSS takes Muse kids away from WOFF
WoFF member charged with theft of “Wayne Guffey for Sheriff” campaign sign
DSS probe gives Muse hope in fight for children
Mother tries to get kids from WOFF
Judge: DSS won't pay fees
Ex-WOFF member files emotional abuse suit
Children gain emancipation from mother
Judge: Children suffered with Word of Faith
Prosecutor: minors at risk of forced labor at Word of Faith’s Brazil church
DSS takes Muse kids away from WOFF
Church allegedly kidnaps, brainwashes children to keep them in the congregation
Boy brought out of church will stay out
DSS files petitions in WOFF case
Learner responds to accusations about ADAs affiliated with Word of Faith Fellowship church
Mary S. Hardin, Petitioner, vs. NC Dept of Public Safety, Respondent.
Church members face charges
Gay Man Testifies At Trial Of Church Members Who Beat Him
Fenner/Justin Covington hearing postponed again (Story being updated.)
WoFF Bartley/Fenner continuance hearing Friday
Two WOFF ministers now facing federal charges in scheme former members exposed
Officials mum on WOFF hearing
Former Church Members Question Settlement of Suit Against Child Protection Officials
Judge sets deadlines in WOFF suit
Speaker on cults baffled by WOFF (authored by current WOFF member? "Baker" Maultsby)

Daughter happy in church
Former WOFF member describes abuse
Ex-WOFF member files emotional abuse suit
Former congregants of Word of Faith church reveal years of abuse done to 'purify' sinners in the name of God
Ex-members of church urge overturning of court agreement
DSS case against Word of Faith pastors dropped
DSS answers Word of Faith lawsuit
Word of Faith Fellowship, Inc. v. Rutherford County Dept. of Social Services
Former Word of Faith members claim they were coached as children on lying to DSS
New review system implemented for Word of Faith DSS cases
DSS case dismissed by judge
Fraud charges filed against 2 members of secretive Spindale church
RC’s Word of Faith Fellowship featured on Globo TV
Brazilians funneled as slaves by Spindale church, ex-members say
Mistrial in church beating after juror brings in documents
Secretive Church Accused of Beating the Devil Out of Congregants Is Caught Up in New Scandal
DSS probe gives Muse hope in fight for children
Word of Faith Fellowship sues DSS, claims harassment
Mother: Church illegally keeping children
Lawyer describes how he was abused, tortured and brainwashed
North Carolina Church Revealed To Be A Cult That Kidnaps And Brainwashes Children
MONSTER CHURCH Kids ‘tortured, choked and thrown through walls’ at church
Former church members discuss sect's brutal beatings and 'creepy obsession with sex'
Judge: Children suffered with Word of Faith
Church Couple Included in Case
Court tosses decision on Muse children
DSS takes Muse kids away from WOFF
Mother sues church in custody fight
PHOTOS: Word of Faith Fellowship fights to keep children
Mother: Church illegally keeping children
Mother’s quest to get back children hits roadblock
Upstate mom says WoFF severed relationship with daughter
Brazilian prosecutors sue to shut church over forced labor

The Untitled Word of Faith Fellowship Project – six-episode series – premieres summer 2018

PREACHING TO THE CHOIR -  Damage Control for Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption

WoFF member charged with theft of “Wayne Guffey for Sheriff” campaign sign

Prosecutors Fired from DA's Office 

Probe sought after AP report on church abuse allegations
AP Exclusive: Witness Recounts Church Beating
WOFF's version of damage control
Jane's Scare Tactics After Members Left
WOFFWATCH :30 Commercial
Associated Press Exclusive Investigative Report on WOFF 2/17/17
AP Exclusive: Ex-congregants reveal years of ungodly abuse
Word of Faith Fellowship Response to AP’s Investigative report 2/27/17
Experts Weigh In on WOFF Abuse Allegations
WSPA TV: Spindale church accused of abuse responds to accusations
25th District Attorney responds to AP WoFF story
NEWS 13 WLOS: New investigation into abuse at Word of Faith Fellowship
JEZEBEL: Investigation into Husband and Wife Pastor Duo Reveals Decades of Abuse at North Carolina Church
DAILY CALLER (LOVE THE PICTURE!!!):Inside The Demented Church That Punched Kids, Congregants In The Face
GRANDE COMMUNICATIONS (FEATURES INTERESTING MAP) Former disciples describe storage annex for 'worst sinners'
Prosperity Theology                       
WLOS Package about John Huddle's New Book: Locked In 
Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) - Victim Testimony - Alleged Destructive Cult - ABC News
Suprise Arrest of Ex WOFF Member
Controversy Raises Concern Over Holocaust Exhibit
Jewish leaders pull support of WoFF museum in Florida
Defendants in WoFF abuse case make first appearance 
John Huddle's Facebook Post about the WOFF and Holocaust Controversy  
Accusations Against Word of Faith Fellowship Members
Word of Faith Member Verdict
Local Church Under Fire, Again
Former Students Claim Harassment
Church Blocks Local Gay Rights Group

WOFF waiver and release form (courtesy of Religious Cults Info)
The WOFF don't do list part one
The WOFF don't do list part two
The WOFF don't do list part three
(The "don't do" lists. There are 7 of them...these are the first three courtesy of religious cults info )
Inside Edition 5/24/11 report on Word of Faith Preachers
John Huddle's Religious Cults Info Blog
RC Catalyst - Seeking the truth about all things Rutherford County and the region.
Matthew Fenner's conversation with Detective Joey Sisk
CNN Anchor and Ole Anthony of Trinity Foundation on Rich Preachers

Trinity Foundation Video  Trinity Foundation video provides a closer look at the investigations arm of the Trinity Foundation, news programs it has helped with, and its work with the US Senate Finance Committee. They have investigated and have infiltrated WOFF (see the Inside Edition Video)

Story on Investigation by US Senate finance Committee
WOFFWATCHER concludes that USSFC was too ambitious and should have gone after smaller fish, like Jane and WOFF, which would ultimately undo the bigger fish in a hurry.  Ideas?

Interesting WOFF server info
There's a WOFF Cemetery?
School Profile for Word Of Faith Christian School Century 21

Court of Appeals of North Carolina. IN RE: S.D.A., R.G.A., V.P.M., and J.L.M., Minor Children.
"Case of a 54-year-old woman having a prescription-drug reaction who was held at WOFF for 13 days while members tried to expel demons - Hagin in the late 1980s distanced himself from the Whaleys, removed their affiliation with his Rhema group of churches, and denounced their deliverance teachings."

Inside Edition Piece on WOFF

American Exorcism: Expelling Demons in the Land of Plenty  (Chapter 12 "Carolina Blues" is about WOFF....From Amazon: "Lucidly written and riveting as any horror novel, Cuneo's excursion into the darker paths of American faith offers a deeply disturbing, ironic vision of what he sees as the unintended consequences of popular culture for the modern religious imagination.")


Seita Verbo Vivo no Brasil _ Tv Alterosa _ 02

Sam Whaley Prayer before Congress 1999
Convicted child molester at Word of Faith agrees to worship at another church
Word of Faith Fellowship sues DSS, claims harassment
Cult Freedom (John Huddle's Blog in the early days)
CULTBUSTERS GALACTICA Interesting Discussion On Sam And Jane Whaley
Comments on WOFF and Jane, some downright hilarious
WOFF MINISTRY SCHOOL "an annual revenue of 2058596 and employs a staff of approximately 30
Teacher Salary at WOFF School WITH GREEN CARD!
Check out what WOFF will pay you to be a teacher (perhaps at one time)
WORD OF FAITH FELLOWSHIP is in the Elementary and Secondary Schools industry in Spindale, NC. This company currently has approximately 1 to 5 employees and annual sales of Under $500,000.

Very interesting bio about a former WOFF member - Joe English
CUFI Linked with Controversial “Demon-Blasting” Church  
Robert Tilton connection to WOFF
Images of Jane and Sam and WOFF 
All things WOFF (Videos)


Given that a number of properties in the area may have WOFF ties, a call or letter to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission  would be in order to implement a watchful eye on your local realtors, to determine if previous complaints have been filed, or to share an experience you believe was worth a closer look. A complaint or two is one thing, but a series of letters or calls to their office will get their attention and possibly lead to an investigation.

Do WOFF members go through your mail at "home" or even your PO Box? The USPS has a formidable law enforcement branch within it's organization, and takes any matter of alleged mail tampering, very seriously, if you believe this has happened.

WOFF has an interesting, if yet telling number of firms with which they do business. Have an experience to share? The bar association might be interested in the goings on of some of it's members associated with WOFF. The links page alone will steer you to firms in cases where they were defended. Why such a defense system? Shouldn't these firms also be under scrutiny?

Has your doctor or medical facility done something out of the ordinary and you think it's WOFF related, then contact:

The FCC might be the go-to agency if you feel your isp is being monitored by any internet companies which may be associated with WOFF. Do you think your phone calls are being recorded? They will want to know this.

Have you experienced local or regional law enforcement unwilling to intervene in certain WOFF matters? Do you believe that your civil rights have been violated? The US Justice Department might be interested if your complaint has specific details:  LGBT persons who believe their civil rights have been violated should contact: Equality North Carolina    

Who carries a concealed weapon in your congregation or area? You might try:  your local   sheriff's department  or State Bureau of Investigations  NC DOJ as permit holders names and other information is a matter of public record.  Also of note, see the link:

Is an individual making it difficult for you to get information at a local venue? Find out what the chain of command is there and see if the top person is WOFF associated. If not, go to that person and tell them what you are trying to accomplish and let them know that there is someone who is making it difficult for you to find out.WW highly recommends the book: Pulling Your Own Strings. It has made a life changing difference in one person I know and can help you with dealing with those who would want to control you. Everything in this book is common sense that we simply don't apply to everyday life and situations. (by the way, common sense isn't common). WW considers the results of your lessons in this book to be a Dragon Killer to those who would try to control you. Most importantly, It puts you in charge to make your own decisions.  Just so you know, WW has no stake on the sale of this book. Besides, a used copy runs for one cent and you pay for just the shipping. Get it. WW will review this and a couple of other books in future blogs.

NC State Board of Education
Are state test scores being manipulated by an educator or system in which your child attends? How about other matters of concern?Report it.
Office of the North Carolina State Board of Education
301 North Wilmington Street, Room 212
6302 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-6302
Phone: 919.807.3401

Some "Ministries" have been known to attempt to adopt children for their "church" to boost membership or to raise within the ministry. Is this going on in your community? WHY?

Department of Homeland Security
Are foreign visitors belonging to a "church" in your community being paid for their work? How?Are they here legally?

Is extra work being asked of "church" members for church "business" after putting in a full day of work at their jobs? Do you question this church's tax exempt status?

Do you work at a bank in this community? Do you have something to report to the IRS?

North Carolina State Bar
Do you face bankruptcy or are encouraged to file bankruptcy by this organization? Let them know. They will investigate.

US Dept. of Labor, Wage and Hour Division
How are people being paid for their work for the "church"?

The Police
If something that belongs to you is kept from you, report it.


  1. I'm from Brazil and attended many seminars in WOFF.
    For a long time I was member in Bicas, Minas Gerais.
    So now please put the links in BRazil about Karel Reynolds.
    Karel is a lyar, she gave lectures in Minas Gerais and São Paulo about "religious freedom".
    The links is below:
    The commentaries about Karel Reynolds and Jane Whaley, contain the true, Karel Reynolds is a lyar.
    Many people from our states in Brazil don't know about WOFF and Jane Whaley.
    YOUTUBE have more about similar situation in BIcas'Church, Verbo da VIda:

  2. Why hasn't the body of Robin Spence, former Clerk of Court in Rutherford County ever been exhumed????