Friday, July 30, 2021

See you in Heaven my friend

Christina was a friend to this blog. I found her to be engaging, outrageously funny and tough. She is one of those people that "get's the joke" and not only laughs but added supplemental material that had depth and bite.

What turmoil to have in such a short life and still come out of it with her head held high, helping others and with endless examples of kindness. 

WoffWatcher cannot fathom the anguish and sense of loss this untimely passing this must have on her family and friends. I can only imagine this void as well as the experience of having to endure such heartbreak and test of sanity it must take. 

WoffWatcher will be join you in spirit to join in celebrating Christina's life this coming Saturday.

I send my love and inspiration to the family and pledge to continue the battle for the souls of those still unknowingly hijacked by those misguided RC fanatics.


Friday, May 1, 2020


" Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be."
Max Ehrmann, 1948 Desiderata



Now you've done it, Jane.

Your stupidity, delusion and complacency have killed people in your charge.

So now Jane, this is on you.

But you had help. It's been a cocktail of fear, indifference and corruption has allowed you to thrive this far, although not unchallenged. 

I have said in previous posts that this will not end well.

Well, we're not at the end, but it might as well be.

Jane: you and all involved in brewing this recipe for disaster need to be held accountable.

God has put the world on a hard reboot through this pandemic. It has allowed some of us to see the world for what it is and for us to reevaluate what is important, what is not and what must now be done in our individual lives.

And, so. The world is as equally affected from this virus resulting from ignoring warnings. You defied authority and common sense. Now come the consequences from distancing yourself from THE WORLD you so rigorously disdain.

RC community: you need to reach out in careful, thoughtful, generous ways toward WOFF members who are trapped in an impossible situation. WOFF is just a name, it can be any church. Yes, some members just can't help themselves displaying their inexplicable fervor toward us worldly heathens. They are in a stupor. They will all need help at some point There ARE those in that body of souls that are ready for an alternative now. We must seek them out and help them. They are there.

Please support John Huddle and Citizens Against Corruption and Abuse who help the victims from WOFF who want and need our help, as well as provide whatever care and attention they deserve.

I would hope that the RC community would not continue to exacerbate their indifference. So, get off your ass. Do something. People need help.

It is likely that Jane's empire, such as it is, is now exposed to criminal and legal issues given the result of deaths and exposure among WOFF members to the corona virus pandemic. This leaves the membership and it's future remain in question due to so many now reevaluating their status.

Jane F. Whaley: God doesn't speak to you. You are nuts. You are not above any of us. You are a being. No better or worse off than any of us. You have not earned your lifestyle. God didn't make your mansion and financial empire magically appear. I know which allies have given you this unearned power. They too will be exposed. Some quietly. Others not.

And by the way Jane: You say I speak to the wicked? 
Fuck you. I speak to anyone I want.

Is what I do any worse than what you do? Expose people to danger? To death? No, I pray to God to keep my family safe and loved ones despite the insanity you continue to masquerade as a “church”. And pray that they come to their senses and leave your hellhole cult. I hope I have connected with those within your grasp and help made them think they are not the only ones with questions and doubt.

I am as sure of this as Sam is when he waddles around the house in his alligator shoes.

You ignored my previous letter. I asked for an apology. This from the man and woman who personally have told me: "I love you!". 

Bite me.

So now, coming soon to a subpoena and a Grand Jury near you: Indictments a plenty. Media attention AGAIN. This will certainly tap into your contributions toward the Orange Hitler fund.

Or, watch out for a girl from Kansas tossing a bucket of water your way. You might melt.


Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Resistance Continues - WOFF Against The World

Maybe there's a God above
But all I've ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who out drew ya
It's not a cry that you hear at night
It's not someone who's seen the light
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah


I started this blog in July of 2011 with a mission to hold WOFF accountable for it's systematic abuse and exploitation of people.

In the 8 years since, I have made friends with a number of people in and out of this cult-like environment. You all know who you are. And, you are quite lovely people.

My personal stake in joining the resistance, as my friend John Huddle says, is that my family are among the many under the spell of Jane Whaley, and her associates at WOFF.

I have struggled with our relationship through on and off estrangement and reuniting and back to estrangement presumably on the whim they have learned to apply as needed, from this culture.

As I have stated before, I would rather fight for them and those in WOFF who clearly want better or don't know it yet, than to just hope and pray that they snap out of it. I would rather lose fighting than just sitting passive.

Those who read this blog regularly, know my mission. It is to comment and confront them on their actions, and to provide guidance on who and where to go to seek help as well as to reference all of the documentation available from news media and other sources on the links section.

Much of what is happening to WOFF right now and recent past, is the result of getting the attention of national news media, local reporting, reports to law enforcement, blogs like, and WOFFWATCH

I believe this collective effort is paying off in scrutinizing this conflicted group of souls who are being led by a questionably rational, self appointed disciples of a customized and self serving version of worship.

I would like to think that survival allowing for common sense, is the basis for many to leave WOFF. That documenting everything works along with determination, courage and love.

If you are conflicted, consider the war of propaganda.

Some may liken this to returning to an abusive relationship just because it's the only kind of love you know and you are so afraid that you will never be loved again.

We understand your dilemma. And so many of you are so brave to take that chance, perhaps at a very high cost.

Those of you with doubts, those of you planning your exit, those of you with family members on the inside, are seeing some unwelcome attention and pressure on WOFF by law enforcement and the world at large. It has taken some time but we are at the beginning of the beginning of possible change, demise, or unknown outcomes from which this organization will not recover.

This unnecessary batch of time that WOFF has robbed us of, has changed peoples lives forever in this lifetime. This has been a battle that has been worth the fight. And, it is far from over. We still have to treat and love the victims, both inside and out. And pray and try to forgive those who have led those into an abyss.

WOFF is so dead set on distinctly positioning itself as “not of the world” and “not wanting to do anything with/of the world” yet prove that they cannot exist without the world to maintain daily activities, projects, campaigns, defense and future plans. This gives their perceived opposition an unintended view of how poorly their sausage is made .

“How can a religion do this, that? How can they love people with the same level of hate for others. How can they explain away this and that?" Are questions often asked.

In a rational world, there is no rational answer. 

It's in the hands of the feds, and God.
Jane, we're  still waiting on that apology.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Master of Puppets

I'm pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams

Blinded by me
You can't see a thing
Just call my name 'cause I'll hear you scream

Master, Master
Where's the dreams that I've been after?

Laughter, Laughter
Laughing at my cries

I will occupy
I will help you die
I will run through you
Now I rule you too


A federal investigation, like those presently conducted on the Word of Faith Fellowship Organization, it's leadership and members begins like this:

It starts at the bottom, with identifying the small fish who might have been watched or reported on for some potentially illegal activity. Once identified and evidence obtained, those persons are charged with a crime by the system within the regional jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

Once charged, then pressure is applied on the subjects and or targets of the investigation to obtain information about those higher up in the organization. It is the rounding out the framework of those in an organization's alleged crimes or offenses that are part of a common scheme or plan.

During this process, incentive may be offered to give up information toward some kind of leniency or reduced prison time. When the evidence ultimately starts gushing out after this incentive is applied, investigators head to the next level vetting out the details of their incentive based dirt and building their case.

In this scenario, the subjects or targets also now become witnesses in addition to defendants.

The immense legal threat they are personally facing are also subject to local and state charges.

It would be interesting to witness the peripheral characters at the center of the WOFF series of investigations on a chart linking them with other WOFF members, enablers, leaders and possibly victims in this or multiple investigations.

It must be slow torture for those who have the most to lose, when not praying, when not denying this is really happening, when scoffing at those who dare challenge them, when assigning blame to others, that they too must eventually make their way to a seat at the grown up table.
Now the very legal system that WOFF and Jane have used to previously defend themselves and prevail, will face the Federal Government justice system from not just one, but on a number of levels and with many participants in a meticulously detailed and assembled set of cases. The investigations undoubtedly produce depth and detail about many of our questions and provide us with a much better definition of true north. There's no buying off, delaying or praying these set of circumstances away.

This is what happens when you have no sense of how the world works, a litany or mindset of us against them, sloppy attempts at coverup and no sense of common sense, gets you.

Jane, her followers and enablers now have to answer to a more immediate authority resulting in the dissecting of this organization, it's businesses, and personal lives.

While WOFF will undoubtedly position itself as the object of outrage, their “we're being persecuted like the Jews” bromide will once again be an attempt at apoplectic distraction.

This is curious because Jews have facial hair. Jews watch television. Jews dance. Jews drink wine.
Jews celebrate holidays. Jews embrace family members from outside their community.

WOFF people don't.

Jews were and are still persecuted. They were almost wiped out, killed, by evil.

WOFF'ers have wiped out their own, through their own evil. No WOFF'ers have died.

Just because people disagree with you doesn't mean they are persecuting you. They are just disagreeing with you, not killing you or beating you.

Just the way a Jew might disagree how you are comparing yourselves to them.

WOFF'ers wanting to leave: you can't live in a culture where trust is variable and danger is as close as Jane changing her mind. As you and I know, not ALL WOFF'ers are treated equally.

People have already taken notice for some time. But now, people are actually out there in numbers organizing to help you. No one is taking WOFF down. WOFF has already done it. The justice system will see to it that those responsible are held accountable.

Despite WOFF radio broadcasts ranging from a happy picture of redemption, denials and misunderstanding about your "church", we chose to WATCH WHAT YOU DO AND NOT WHAT YOU SAY.

Finally Jane, Thomas Merton, a Monk said: "I don't always know the right thing to do, Lord, but I think the fact that I want to please you pleases you.” .

He wrote that about God. You know, the one you talk to all the time? I don't believe that he asked you to tell your followers to allegedly beat up people, have your members shun their families on the outside, allegedly steal, allegedly make people work for you and not pay them, and live in a mansion.

I know this because I never see you at the meetings.

Lady, you are out of your fucking mind. I will say that to you the next time you tell me you love me. See you at church!


Sunday, May 6, 2018


"We are secluding ourselves in ideological ghettos. We have our own news sources. We exchange ideas mostly or exclusively with people who agree with us, and troll those who don't. Increasingly, we have our own facts to reinforce our convictions and any empirical evidence that disputes them is branded as 'fake.” - Senator John McCain

Having listened to the WOFF Response radio program members demonizing the world they are counting on to believe them, it is easy to conclude WOFF's core belief: “we respond on our own terms and use every legal way to defend, evade, spin and escape” the seemingly perpetual and numerous accusations brought against them.

There is never ANY mention of specific incidents to which they respond. The words: “lies, attackers, and conspiracy” populate their airtime blather, countered with the “'this is such a wonderful place', 'how can people attack us like this?' 'None of this goes on here', 'They've changed my world' and my favorite 'We don't want to be a friend of the world'”, tribal talking points.

Their stream of consciousness rants boldly contains blaming others for the very things they are doing.

This opportunity to properly address the community bleeds of hubris instead of humility that is heavily salted with poor or challenged communication skills by members with no order, depth, or direction in their monologues.

A coherent narrative this does not make. But an unhinged stream of feigned persecution, denial and palpable panic underscore a dangerous level of madness that is consensus within this “church”.


I have compiled this list. Let's compare notes.

  1. WOFF – They are their own WORST enemy. Listen to the radio show, read the WFF webpage, talk to current members. The sheer volume of actions past and present within the “church” that have led to accusations, investigations and court sessions as well as controversy, ridicule, and pain. This is a community increasingly unmoored in common sense.

  2. The Truth – No matter what the verdict, they will claim victory or persecution. The facts don't matter. Anything that doesn't go their way isn't the TRUTH. Is it the TRUTH you hate, or just the math?
  1. Justice/The Feds – They see this as unfair. How can “JUSTICE” know the way of God? It's a sure fire way, in their minds that even if they prevail, the whole ordeal was just unfair. I'm sure investigations and warrants and searches are a bitch. Just wait until they find those rare Dead Sea Scroll Steak Knives! Jane, it's the cost of doing business, honey.
  1. Accountability -They see accountability as persecution. They do not believe they need to be held accountable. That's for “the world”, not them. After all, everything is great at the WOFFLEHOUSE.
  1. Victims - What about the victims? You've heard about about feces, how one million flies can't be wrong. Same with the scores of victims you have piled up. Not all of them could be lying. Again with the math.
  1. Whistleblowers – I cannot believe you don't know how many whistleblowers you still have in this “church”. Not everybody is following the format. Even if WOFF had a cleanse, you STILL wouldn't get to all of them. You have them and that will NEVER change.
  1. Delusion – Nobody's perfect Jane, even though you have proclaimed it. Your followers will take your cue. Delusion is dangerous in this setting. This is how you justify egregious acts and lands you in hot water. 

  1. The Media – We never get to hear your side, WOFF. Not in a true back and forth. How about a live interview, on the radio, with ME? Remember checks and balances? That's what journalism does. It holds those accountable by reporting truth. This includes yard sales.
    By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. - Oscar Wilde
  1. Opinions – The community you live in has enabled you. Some with their back scratching and others with their silence. The one's not in the former group are the ones who make the most noise about you. They have to live among you and put up with your nonsense. Don't expect to keep pulling the shit you do and get a pass on public opinion.
  1. Bloggers and Activists– We are the least of your problems, or so you have convinced yourself. Yet, you keep sending your minions to monitor and document public gatherings, read our blogs and have followers report back to you. To you we are attackers,'ve called us everything but a white man. We are the conscience that doesn't exist within the walls where its followers are smothered and covered. We give hope, we are on a mission to speak to the truth, to point the way where alternative forms of worship and living exist and hold you accountable. Your system has holes that expose your vulnerability such as with the IRS, HOMELAND SECURITY, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES, THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, FCC, SBI, STATE BOARD OF REALTORS, and THE BAR ASSOCIATION.
I invite readers to search through my previous blogs as well as the links within these WW pages. The very things that are coming to light, I have forecasted in those blogs........years ago!

Suffice it to say, I and others who are openly vocal against WOFF are the bane of their existence. As long as they hold my family within their ranks, as well as treat others like crap because they don't fit in, I will be there holding them accountable.


Sunday, March 25, 2018

PREACHING TO THE CHOIR - Damage Control for Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption

I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here” - Claude Rains

Only WOFF can try to put out a fire with gasoline.

For the last few months, WOFF and it's members have paid for and appeared on local Rutherfordton, NC radio station WCAB, AM 590, from 8:30am to 9am, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, under the guise of “responding to the negative news reports” as heard in the awkwardly crafted disclaimer that opens the program.

The radio program attempts to deliver positive light about the Spindale faithful, perhaps intending to avoid addressing abuse allegations against members and ex-members, as documented in the Associated Press investigative pieces first reported in March of 2017. Meanwhile, video features slickly produced exclusively for WOFF's website and Youtube page, unabashedly exploit current WOFF members by viciously denouncing former family members who have left. One such example is the family of John Huddle, Religious Cults Info blogger, activist, and face of the awareness movement warning of the congregation's dangers.

WOFF's campaign of attack, deflect, and defiance is troubling. The choice of contrasting messages in the two mediums is bizarre, if not confusing.
Their approach cancels itself out and further distorted by feigning outrage at the accusations against them and cries of persecution. Their unwillingness to discuss specific incidents is not only conspicuous, it is breathtaking dishonesty, magnified by their lack of remorse or accountability.

This Public Relations campaign addressing the prevailing curse of controversy is further compounded by having a member who is a LAWYER, Mark Morris, who is presumably at some level of counsel for WOFF, to conveniently steer the content and message away from further controversy, but to also ignore, edit out or end run the real matters of concern. This approach resembles state controlled media tactics, as in North Korea, where the only message is the one their government sees fit for its citizens.

So, listeners are just supposed to take WOFF's word on these programs?

From a legal viewpoint, I understand that any admission or counterpoints discussed on this program may be considered evidence toward any future formal legal proceeding. And the potentially costly fumble committed on February 5th's WOFF RESPONSE, where member Sandra Norris’ reference to the Matthew Fenner case was deleted after the initial broadcast because it may have violated the gag order imposed on discussing this case, was brazenly egregious. If this situation indeed causes penalty, it should not be ignored that this sloppy piece of broadcasting, that is,violating a gag order and then editing out the content for future broadcast, may also interest the FCC.

This program has stumbled in its evolution from the prevailing technically challenged on-air audio levels in its very production, featuring nervous, seemingly stream of consciousness and ramblings of Karel Reynolds and other storytellers with accounts of people with troubled lives finding redemption and comfort in the arms of the WOFF community.

But that is all it is. “Here is my story, Isn't this place great? How about a song?” I hear no mention of negative reports or accounts of specific incidents.

I have no doubt that people's lives have changed. I have seen SOME, NOT ALL, people who are fully embedded there and would never consider moving on.

That's great. We're sincerely happy for you. We are not against you loving and serving God.

I believe we can agree that WOFF is not for everybody.

I am not a former member, but it has been my personal experience with WOFF is that if these people SMELL even the slightest doubt that you're fully in, they can make your life hell.

I have personally witnessed WOFF leadership and members all treating you with love and kindness and smiles and hugs and pats on the back and loving eye contact. However, some of these same people, mostly in leadership, also have a gear that goes in reverse without even shifting, resulting in behavior that defies description.

I say this because the people IN that congregation can get a bit carried away. Take the WOFF members awaiting their day in court for the Fenner incident.

Just recently a WOFF self destructive suck up was caught stealing campaign signs. His picture has lit up Facebook and even faces a court date for his trouble. It turns out to be the same “soldier” that was one of the names in the Michael Lowry beating complaint.

Wait, isn't this place about control? In the WOFF system, followers pick on the innocent, and the guilty get the lawyers. And, when you get called on it, we are all liars, attackers, and you clam up when it suits you.

And Pastor Jane Whaley, you have been curiously absent from these broadcasts.

Perhaps it is her doctrine, a fear based message, a culture dependent on secrecy, control, and unequal distribution of wealth. One where every member is a source of WOFF revenue, resulting in a congregation with now more ex-members than members. It is understandable that she may not be the ideal messenger to helm this broadcast. It might confuse the listeners hearing from an established, profoundly reckless woman of seemingly questionable sanity, making WOFF'S case in public.

So, in your words, WOFF: the denial devil will lead you to submit to legal authority. Take hold, dear leadership, justice is charged with locking in the truth and will further subject you to open rebuke.

WOFF, in squandering your chance to truthfully address these pending matters, work against your campaign. Your broadcasts are just air, with no significant content, but denial and silence. Future trips to the courthouse will compel you to change your tune.

Otherwise, all you are doing is Preaching to the Choir.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Devil Is In The Details - WOFF'S Challenging, Defensive Disclaimer In Lieu of an Apology

I just bought a pair of very expensive boots made from lawyer skin. They cost $650.00 per hour to wear! - Henny Youngman

WOFF spared no time releasing a statement responding to allegations made in a report by Mitch Weiss, an Associated Press investigative reporter, featuring shocking revelations of alleged abuse of 43 former WOFF members, at the hands of ministers.(See Document Everything)

There are a lot of holes in this weak, albeit aggressively crafted statement.

It points fingers, fails to apologize, questions credibility, feigns shock and disappointment (a 10 on the "oh please" scale), reeks of self unawareness, and attempts to minimize the participants.

After loosely analyzing and DE-coding the statement, I found THEIR statements more incredulous than my interpretation.

In lieu of a good lawyer to write this statement, their in-house counsel, a graduate of the Mayberry School of Law, home of the fighting Shazams!, popped off this gem:

We are shocked and saddened to learn of the false allegations made against our church and its pastors by certain former members and reported in a recent Associated Press article authored by Mitch Weiss. (We didn't see this coming, we are self unaware. In addition, they are all lies anyway. No one would dare question Jane Whaley.)

We do not condone or allow abuse in any form at our church. Period. (We hope this statement will be enough smoke for you to believe us. We 'don't condone' it now that we have been publicly outed by a massive amount of allegations coming from one investigation. So, does this mean you condoned it before? )

These false allegations were predominantly made by members of an extended family, with one of its members currently facing several legal battles, both civil and criminal. (So, let's get mean and start pointing out how flawed all these people are.)

We believe these allegations are carefully targeted and timed to prejudice the jury pool, put pressure on the judges and elected officials, and otherwise influence the public in an attempt to gain advantage in these legal cases. (Too late. The general public has known about the goings on at this "church" well before Good Cop(religious cults info)/Bad Cop (WOFFWATCHER)started blogging. It doesn't help your case that your very public court battles and numerous news reports have documented bouts of alleged abuse and other drama for well over 30 years.There is INDEED A WELL ESTABLISHED PATTERN HERE.)

The allegations of this small group of people should be viewed in contrast to the number of faithful members in our large congregation. (It only takes ONE case of abuse or criminal activity to impact the reputation of any person, business or even place of worship, much less 43 people. More importantly, "faithful members" still within your flock have ALSO experienced some of the same treatment that 43 former members have revealed. I know some!! And, there are still people cued up to leave at any moment.)

It is curious and revealing that those now speaking out have sat on their allegations for several years and only speak out at what they perceive to be an advantageous time. (No time like the present, pal. Investigators are still hunting down Nazis. You think all of those alleged incidents that happened at your "church are going to be forgotten, much less reported? This sentence is highly presumptuous for an organization purported to be a place of worship.)

If our church is such an abusive place, why did several of the attorneys quoted in Mr. Weiss’ article allow their children to continue to attend our church and school for months after they withdrew from membership in the church? (For the same reason CURRENT members have waited. For the RIGHT MOMENT. When you have to pack up and go, you have to have every body on the same page, which is impossible for most people as they are prone to tell on each other. Importantly, you just don't walk away from family. That's why.) 

Further, is it notable that one of the most vehement critics quoted in the article routinely insisted that his infant daughter be cared for daily by the very individuals he now accuses of heinous abuse.(Extenuating circumstances here. Man, you are reaching.)

False allegations have been made against our church in the past. Investigations at several levels of government have been conducted. We have been exonerated at every point. (No. ALLEGATIONS have been made in the past against your "church" They just didn't have the legal muscle . You're flaunting your win-win record where your legal teams have been successful. This doesn't matter going forward.)

Although Mr. Weiss’s article references his review of various legal documents, it fails to educate the reader on these exonerations .(Really? You think critiquing a respected journalist who works for the gold standard of journalism, is relevant? How are you qualified to do this? Now who's attacking who? Stick with what you know. God knows you know most every egregious moment of what's gone on at WOFF, and would be one hell of a witness for the plaintiffs. I know, the client-lawyer privilege thing.)

We remain hopeful that the public will see through these fabrications and see them for what they are.( Remain hopeful all you want. Your track record is hard to ignore. No one will see any of this as fabrications.  Not even fabric professionals.)

Sam (Don't buy a car without talking to me) and
Jane (STAAAAAAAP ITTTTTTTTTTTTT! {my new ring tone} ) Whaley, 
Word of Faith Fellowship pastors (this could change)
Joshua Farmer, attorney, Farmer and Morris Law (Right next to Chico's Bail Bonds)

BTW READERS: It's WOFF (as in off), not WOOF.