Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You May All Now Freak Out

The key to preventing tragedy is the individual confronting and defying the power of the cult - WOFFWATCHER

I've been writing this blog for nearly 6 years.

If you're just joining us now that all hell is breaking loose, good for you, AND WELCOME!

Check out my past blogs for what I believe to be prescient, baseball bat over the head commentary and analysis. The links are incredibly helpful for getting a good handle on all things WOFF. The two You Tube mini commercials are worth a look as well.

You will read that I have a stake in all of this. My concerns are real, as well as many others over the years have been closely watching and discussing.

I have been most intensely disappointed, you'll read, is that many in the Rutherford county community, not members of WOFF, have been dismissive, and apathetic to the goings on of this "church". My experiment with facebook proved correct. That is, that some people got caught up in their own, unnecessary, drama, with narcissistic and truly insane ingredients to make for a disaster pie, and I just up and took down the account after only a few months.

But the blog continued, and maybe slowed down a bit because I knew this day was coming.

Now, what was no doubt the inevitable, is happening. The other shoe has dropped.

First, the ever pending Fenner trial, and now the AP has conducted a thorough investigation, and whole world now has gotten a jaw dropping view into this place a few of us have been yelling about for quite a while.

Much of what is in the report is the same we have known for years. However, the number of those interviewed is astounding.

It's going to be hard for WOFF to recover from 43 people baring their souls to the world with the gold standard of journalism reporting on what has to be a painstaking, seemingly endless pursuit of truth and accuracy.

Now, the fallout will present itself in perhaps predictable ways, that is with statements of denials, threats of legal action, members bailing, more investigations, more revelations. This is just the beginning.
But we are all worried about the Kool - Aid, both literally and figuratively.

Jane still owes us an apology.

Stay tuned.

More to come.


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