Friday, May 6, 2016

"Locked In" My Imprisoned Years in a Destructive Cult By John Huddle A Book Review by WOFFWATCHER

It may come to you during this read, or after it.

For me, it came in installments. And, we all will have different interpretations about this book.

John Huddle's book, “Locked In” is about caring and love. It is about a calling. It is about an unspoken devotion to those who need his help. It is about courage.

This book is educating, riveting and heartbreaking.

It's a lot to process.

There is no template for how to serve God. He made us all different. We all have different purpose, realized or not. The bible is for everyone's interpretation and for discussion, more importantly intended for us to follow. It is intended for mystery and disagreement on how to translate it's meanings as well as for us to join and share lessons.

There is no one size fits all to the Bible. As there is no one correct or chosen religion.

John breaks ground, not in any one sentence, by subtly suggesting that point and by demonstrating that there is more than one way in which to serve God, challenges and suffering and all.

I got it. I had hoped that this message might be the case. You choose your own path. Your personal relationship with God is more important than any one religion. And then you go about doing the best you can to serve him.

John outdid himself. Or, it is what God intended. And no doubt, with his help.

In “Locked In”, John not only tells you his story, but the story of many who have chosen this faith as their path to walk with God.

Instead of an understandably angry tome, John gives his own details with loving care, humor and candor in “Locked In”.

Only doing what he thought was best, it seemed the wind was right for John and his family to catch the right wave and land in the WOFF world. What followed was a dramatic change in culture, new forms of dynamics within a religion based atmosphere, demands on his time and family, challenges, to say the least of every kind imaginable, and ultimate heartbreak.

It didn't end with John going away, and not even quietly.

When the dust settled, John delved into the blogosphere and reported news and information for those tired of this cult as well as those frustrated with seeing very old posts about the “church” as did I when I was surfing the web for answers and information before I started my own commentary based blog, John unknowing created his own community for those seeking a link to their loved ones, or stories from former members, or to interact with him in and others in the same boat, albeit with different seats.

This book is the missing piece of the structure of his culture of registry. This gives detail to his personal story and of those within his circle. If we didn't know or couldn't piece together references, names, incidents and such, this is the book that answers those questions.

This poor man had to do ridiculous things in a ridiculous world with ridiculous people controlling his fate.

John had the sense to question, first in his mind, and then vocally, about the limits, u-turns and whims of this North Carolina version of a North Korean government.

This is a book you may intend to read all the way through. However, it is a daunting task. Only because of the depth of content which will cause you to take pause and digest.

Imagine living through it. I can't even imagine tolerating it.

I found myself going back to it over and over again because I wanted to take in all of the situations and people and demands and questions and heartbreak.

I already knew who most of the players were from my experience with WOFF. However, the book added depth to their profiles and history.

This book is not an easy read. It contains an impossible number of incidents and profile of persons and situations. How a human being could experience this is beyond me.

I highly recommend you read this book. If you are connected in some way to WOFF through family members, or live in the community, or a student of cults, then, this book will blow you away.

I won't be surprised if John has more where this came from.

I am humbled for him having shared this story.


WOFF culture has become a study. John explains the science of this “church” and it's leadership and followers within this book and certainly blog:

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