Saturday, November 21, 2015

Victims of terrorism die. WOFF's victims are damaged for life. Which is worse?

 “Most bad people are good people that don’t know how to think critically. These people become the blind weapons of a society.”  ― Debasish Mrida

People do bad things to people on seemingly all levels.

Organizational structure to keep the crazy - crazy or crazier, is fundamental to groups which want to control, terrorize, or call attention to their cause.

The terrorist's meticulous nature of crafting the propaganda is eye opening and unsettling in this Washington Post article.

Groups like SCIENTOLOGY, a widely known and controversial religion, have tried their hand with such a PR effort, sans the executions and terrorism. And, they PR/Propaganda with great zeal. Their success is measured in-house, eschewing results from reasonable and objective opinions.

WOFF's default answer toward criticism HAS been through it's lawyers, in membership's minds,  their version of PR. And, almost always, in a defiant and dismissive way.

The consensus of opinion is that the results of their PR effort is that WOFF has a considerable war chest all derived from "tithing" and "church" owned business to defend against all comers. A position it boastfully has spun in their favor.

It is plausible to consider that at one time, an aggressive campaign to positively advertise WOFF,  has been kicked around. In reality, perhaps their strained budget may only cover legal defense.

It's too late in the game for the soon to be demised leadership to start a positive PR campaign as the next generation of leaders are likely to avoid the paths chosen by arrogant and delusional predecessors. Their challenge will be overcoming exponential membership deterioration and a generation of residual shame.


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