Monday, July 16, 2012

A Letter to Families Of WOFF members and WOFFers with families outside

There is a sacredness in tears...
They are not the mark of weakness...
But of Power.

They are messengers of overwhelming grief..
And Unspeakable Love.

Washington Irving
My Dear Friends:
I cannot begin to understand the anguish  this "church" has caused you. I can only say that I share in that anguish as well.

We must be strong. We must have faith. We must do everything we can to get our loved ones out of there. We must never stop trying.

If our family members have forsaken us, we must forgive them, for it is the influence of fear and control of their environment that dictates their feelings for us.

Despite their words and actions, they need our help. Once out, they will still need our help.

I can only ask and beg to each of you to pray or get counseled or whatever it takes to prevent our collective grief and to some, justifiable anger, from escalating to dangerous acts and levels. It is the elephant in the room no one has talked about, yet.

I feel I must address this.

While Jim Jones, David Koresh, and other cults demise has been self inflicted, no one from outside these groups has taken upon themselves to commit a crime in the name of good of others. So, we will not be the first. We cannot condone violence. We cannot tolerate violence. We cannot consider violence. We cannot commit violence. We will not commit violence.

We must stay strong. We must remain vigilant. We must be pro active. We must pray. We must never give up hope.

It is my considered opinion that time spent in organizing groups or a group would be better spent in researching, making calls, praying, seeking help and thus make more of a difference than having meetings and assigning tasks. I believe we are better motivated when totally focused with one task. We can gather and rejoice later, either here or up there.

WW has pointed out areas where WOFF member and non WOFF member alike, within this series of blogs, where you can turn to for help. Look for links and contacts, feel free to comment or email WW. All correspondences will be confidential, unless you wish your comment be shared.

WW believes that WOFF is short in compliance in areas previously covered and all it would take is one report, one complaint, one phone call, one letter.....ONE bring WOFF to accountability.

Truth is our weapon. It is clean. It is Right. It is the only thing we need besides prayer and hope.

The solution is out there. Hopefully, you can use your talent and skills this way to constructively, lawfully, apply accordingly.

Our loved ones are more than worth it.

And if you fear they may never speak to you again, it would have been worth it to try. For it would be best to try and lose them than not do anything and certainly lose them.

Fear is not an option. We cannot put fear in the way of reuniting with our loved ones. That is simply not a luxury we can afford.

WW is determined. Are you?  WW appeals to you to get moving.

WOFF is foolish to think that those of us in the outside will fail at forcing their accountability.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Letter To Jane Whaley

"...perhaps we have not seen the peak of your delusion; that we can not possibly forecast what horrors come next..." -WOFFWATCHER

Jane Whaley, you owe your followers, their families and your community, an apology.
It is most likely that you do not realize its necessity.

It is most likely that there are none around who would tell you or could. It seems, Jane, your feckless "leadership" sees to it daily that you hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see.

Jane, you have failed to realize that you have manipulated power in your favor to the detriment of the people and community in which you reside. For your deeds standing up to the little man while wielding your apparent power has proven to have been brazen and unacceptable.

An apology is your only hope of regaining the slightest measure of remorse, of what has been, for nearly three decades, disenfranchising countless of followers and forever damaging an entire generation of people who have given you their trust.

You, ma'am have imposed subjugation and call it religious freedom.

With increasing rage, you and your "leadership" have told us time and time again, that we are not permitted to disagree with you, that we cannot be right. That all of your actions come directly from GOD despite logic and sensibility and compassion and have resulted in heartbreak and hardship, without challenge.

It is indeed a frightening, and a dangerous, delusion, Jane.

Between your version of confidence in your infallibility, ma'am, as well as your demonizing of dissent, you have left a chilling suspicion that perhaps we have not seen the peak of your delusion; that we can not possibly forecast what horrors come next, what will be said to, or about, anyone who disagrees with you.

From documented accounts from former members as well as accounts from current members and those who allege you have kept them against their will, it is clear that the ferocity of your wrath against those who disagree with you in your very own "church"  exceeds the ferocity of your wrath against those outside the "church". And the cruel consequences of alleged infractions against your followers that have been documented, as they further allege, to go beyond the bounds of civil law, will ultimately lead to your own undoing.

For there needs to be some other explanation, Jane, than that WHY you truly believe we should tolerate your nonsense.

Let's agree to assemble a delegation of responsible leaders -- Christian or Muslim or Mormon or Jewish  or Catholic or otherwise, -- who can sit you down and explain the reality of the situation you have created.

Should this "church" leader— unbowed, undeterred and unconnected to reality —  continue her reckless ministry?

Should this "church leader" continue to masquerade and fraternize as an associate of the Holocaust and it's victims only to convince WOFF membership of similarities of persecution? Are you are using those atrocities as models for punishment toward those who do not walk with GOD?

Jane, given the results that are obvious to everyone, why does it seem you have dishonored  everyone around you? Why you have dishonored your supporters? Why you have dishonored yourself?

Why does it seem you have chosen to keep secrets, control the lives of your followers and to insulate yourself from accountability?

If this is not simply the most shameless example of religious zealotry, if not opportunism at the expense helpless souls, then it would have served as example to be the cry of a leader crumbling under the weight of your own alleged lies, if not for more telling daily selfish and narcissistic characteristic examples.

Over recent generations, many of us have witnessed other live, recorded, and otherwise documented examples of religious zeal, much of it with sad and terrifying and deadly results, from other delusional and selfish and narcissistic "leaders".

Short of the extreme acts perpetrated by these zealots, the considered premise of a "church leader" who is perceived as an alleged compulsive liar is nothing less than terrifying and certainly no less dangerous.

So, did you lie to gain power?

Did you lie to keep it?

Is there any reason to even hope that you have not lied about how you intend to use it nor who you intend to use it against?

Do you not believe your words are lies, Ma'am?

Because lies, by anyone, about anything, imperil us all.

Your only option is to close your "church", apologize, and leave.

Jane, NOW. We demand it.

Other than you showing true remorse and walking away, Jane, would be truly unacceptable.

Otherwise, every effort will force those in the world you allegedly despise and lie about, will prevail in exposing you and your "church" and putting an end to this victim factory you have created.