Monday, July 16, 2012

A Letter to Families Of WOFF members and WOFFers with families outside

There is a sacredness in tears...
They are not the mark of weakness...
But of Power.

They are messengers of overwhelming grief..
And Unspeakable Love.

Washington Irving
My Dear Friends:
I cannot begin to understand the anguish  this "church" has caused you. I can only say that I share in that anguish as well.

We must be strong. We must have faith. We must do everything we can to get our loved ones out of there. We must never stop trying.

If our family members have forsaken us, we must forgive them, for it is the influence of fear and control of their environment that dictates their feelings for us.

Despite their words and actions, they need our help. Once out, they will still need our help.

I can only ask and beg to each of you to pray or get counseled or whatever it takes to prevent our collective grief and to some, justifiable anger, from escalating to dangerous acts and levels. It is the elephant in the room no one has talked about, yet.

I feel I must address this.

While Jim Jones, David Koresh, and other cults demise has been self inflicted, no one from outside these groups has taken upon themselves to commit a crime in the name of good of others. So, we will not be the first. We cannot condone violence. We cannot tolerate violence. We cannot consider violence. We cannot commit violence. We will not commit violence.

We must stay strong. We must remain vigilant. We must be pro active. We must pray. We must never give up hope.

It is my considered opinion that time spent in organizing groups or a group would be better spent in researching, making calls, praying, seeking help and thus make more of a difference than having meetings and assigning tasks. I believe we are better motivated when totally focused with one task. We can gather and rejoice later, either here or up there.

WW has pointed out areas where WOFF member and non WOFF member alike, within this series of blogs, where you can turn to for help. Look for links and contacts, feel free to comment or email WW. All correspondences will be confidential, unless you wish your comment be shared.

WW believes that WOFF is short in compliance in areas previously covered and all it would take is one report, one complaint, one phone call, one letter.....ONE bring WOFF to accountability.

Truth is our weapon. It is clean. It is Right. It is the only thing we need besides prayer and hope.

The solution is out there. Hopefully, you can use your talent and skills this way to constructively, lawfully, apply accordingly.

Our loved ones are more than worth it.

And if you fear they may never speak to you again, it would have been worth it to try. For it would be best to try and lose them than not do anything and certainly lose them.

Fear is not an option. We cannot put fear in the way of reuniting with our loved ones. That is simply not a luxury we can afford.

WW is determined. Are you?  WW appeals to you to get moving.

WOFF is foolish to think that those of us in the outside will fail at forcing their accountability.


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