Sunday, March 25, 2018

PREACHING TO THE CHOIR - Damage Control for Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption

I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here” - Claude Rains

Only WOFF can try to put out a fire with gasoline.

For the last few months, WOFF and it's members have paid for and appeared on local Rutherfordton, NC radio station WCAB, AM 590, from 8:30am to 9am, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, under the guise of “responding to the negative news reports” as heard in the awkwardly crafted disclaimer that opens the program.

The radio program attempts to deliver positive light about the Spindale faithful, perhaps intending to avoid addressing abuse allegations against members and ex-members, as documented in the Associated Press investigative pieces first reported in March of 2017. Meanwhile, video features slickly produced exclusively for WOFF's website and Youtube page, unabashedly exploit current WOFF members by viciously denouncing former family members who have left. One such example is the family of John Huddle, Religious Cults Info blogger, activist, and face of the awareness movement warning of the congregation's dangers.

WOFF's campaign of attack, deflect, and defiance is troubling. The choice of contrasting messages in the two mediums is bizarre, if not confusing.
Their approach cancels itself out and further distorted by feigning outrage at the accusations against them and cries of persecution. Their unwillingness to discuss specific incidents is not only conspicuous, it is breathtaking dishonesty, magnified by their lack of remorse or accountability.

This Public Relations campaign addressing the prevailing curse of controversy is further compounded by having a member who is a LAWYER, Mark Morris, who is presumably at some level of counsel for WOFF, to conveniently steer the content and message away from further controversy, but to also ignore, edit out or end run the real matters of concern. This approach resembles state controlled media tactics, as in North Korea, where the only message is the one their government sees fit for its citizens.

So, listeners are just supposed to take WOFF's word on these programs?

From a legal viewpoint, I understand that any admission or counterpoints discussed on this program may be considered evidence toward any future formal legal proceeding. And the potentially costly fumble committed on February 5th's WOFF RESPONSE, where member Sandra Norris’ reference to the Matthew Fenner case was deleted after the initial broadcast because it may have violated the gag order imposed on discussing this case, was brazenly egregious. If this situation indeed causes penalty, it should not be ignored that this sloppy piece of broadcasting, that is,violating a gag order and then editing out the content for future broadcast, may also interest the FCC.

This program has stumbled in its evolution from the prevailing technically challenged on-air audio levels in its very production, featuring nervous, seemingly stream of consciousness and ramblings of Karel Reynolds and other storytellers with accounts of people with troubled lives finding redemption and comfort in the arms of the WOFF community.

But that is all it is. “Here is my story, Isn't this place great? How about a song?” I hear no mention of negative reports or accounts of specific incidents.

I have no doubt that people's lives have changed. I have seen SOME, NOT ALL, people who are fully embedded there and would never consider moving on.

That's great. We're sincerely happy for you. We are not against you loving and serving God.

I believe we can agree that WOFF is not for everybody.

I am not a former member, but it has been my personal experience with WOFF is that if these people SMELL even the slightest doubt that you're fully in, they can make your life hell.

I have personally witnessed WOFF leadership and members all treating you with love and kindness and smiles and hugs and pats on the back and loving eye contact. However, some of these same people, mostly in leadership, also have a gear that goes in reverse without even shifting, resulting in behavior that defies description.

I say this because the people IN that congregation can get a bit carried away. Take the WOFF members awaiting their day in court for the Fenner incident.

Just recently a WOFF self destructive suck up was caught stealing campaign signs. His picture has lit up Facebook and even faces a court date for his trouble. It turns out to be the same “soldier” that was one of the names in the Michael Lowry beating complaint.

Wait, isn't this place about control? In the WOFF system, followers pick on the innocent, and the guilty get the lawyers. And, when you get called on it, we are all liars, attackers, and you clam up when it suits you.

And Pastor Jane Whaley, you have been curiously absent from these broadcasts.

Perhaps it is her doctrine, a fear based message, a culture dependent on secrecy, control, and unequal distribution of wealth. One where every member is a source of WOFF revenue, resulting in a congregation with now more ex-members than members. It is understandable that she may not be the ideal messenger to helm this broadcast. It might confuse the listeners hearing from an established, profoundly reckless woman of seemingly questionable sanity, making WOFF'S case in public.

So, in your words, WOFF: the denial devil will lead you to submit to legal authority. Take hold, dear leadership, justice is charged with locking in the truth and will further subject you to open rebuke.

WOFF, in squandering your chance to truthfully address these pending matters, work against your campaign. Your broadcasts are just air, with no significant content, but denial and silence. Future trips to the courthouse will compel you to change your tune.

Otherwise, all you are doing is Preaching to the Choir.


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