Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tell a Friend......Ask Questions...Must Read Links

Today's final post of 2011 will feature, in WW's view, the most important links regarding WOFF.

Continue after reading the links as WW implores readers to Tell a Friend - Ask Questions.......And, if you are new to this blog and it's the previous posts and then read this one.

Start with , the most insightful, comprehensive and compelling site around that specifically details the WOFF experience from a former member. Some stories are heartbreaking, some are devoted to analysis of mind control, and some are just down-right eye popping in their detail of the goings-on at WOFF. This beyond outstanding blog is a must-read.

Faith Freedom Fund. This link will confirm to the reader that there are serious people with good intentions toward helping those wanting to leave cult-based churches. These are good people who can and want to help. They have helped many people who have left WOFF. Bless these people!

The Trinity Foundation  is an investigative organization based in Dallas, TX, contains some dated, albeit interesting links about cults and has a history with WOFF in Spindale. They have a contact page and do answer the phone if you have questions or you have some useful info to share with them about WOFF. WW considers TF a kindred spirit.

Woffwatcher's links to Word of Faith Fellowship, Spindale, NC   This is the most visited post in the WW blog for 2011. All of the googling has been done for you! It's comprehensive, compelling  reading. Highlights include links to the "don't do" list, and "the waiver", with special thanks to

It might seem as WW is repeating this but.......

It has come to WW's attention that there are more than a few, if not a pretty significant number of people in the Rutherfordton area as well as families invested in WOFF, would like the local community to be pro-active and diligent in policing WOFF.

Although the sense of fear and indifference is still somewhat present, the mood appears to be changing.

Sensing this momentum shift, WOFFWATCHER urges you, the reader to TELL A FRIEND.

TELL A FRIEND about this blog and the three other important links addressing the WOFF.

TELL A FRIEND what you know (is true, not what you think is true) about WOFF.


Ask current WOFF members, Ask ex-woff members, read these blogs, ask your local minister, priest or rabbi about WOFF, ask people you work with about WOFF.

Questions will help you some answers, though the most telling answers will be how those you ask behave toward you after you ask. Both Tell a Friend and Ask Questions will bring awareness to WOFF and will place more scrutiny on this organization.

The conclusion is yours. Be honest with yourself about facts and rumors.

Persistence, responsibility, diligence, will lead to results.

Once again: Clear minds, full hearts, can't lose.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Definitions, Key Words and Examples

If this is your first time reading this blog, WOFFWATCHER invites you to read previous blogs here and especially invites you to read the "links" blog containing 80+ links regarding Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, NC.

Your comments are appreciated once they are moderated. It's ok to keep anonymous when you post them.

And now,

Key Words and Definitions


When we can't agree on the definition of words, or simply don't know the meaning, it is likely that we seek the definition(s) in a dictionary.

Lawyers tell us this is among the most frequently used book in their library. It is the reference tool that determines the strength or weakness of a case, an opening or closing argument, as well as the presentation.

Words are VERY important.

Most everyone can agree that this book, regardless of who publishes it, how old it might be, etc, is the book that settles scrabble arguments, and generally settles any disputes, regardless of how the opponent in the argument sees the results.

When an argument over the meaning of a word fails the opponent, the opponent likely seeks to dismiss the definition and will counter with non logic to support their argument, or , as we have come to know it, spin.

WOFFWATCHER has found over the years that one's who are "short in the dictionary number", that is, those whose vocabulary and clear understanding and daily use of words, are usually the ones who attempt at going into a zone where they try to spin or counter to their advantage when it is clear to everyone else that the argument or spin is useless toward winning their argument.

Most everyone can agree in this situation is that the opponent lost this point and is now trying to either back track or manipulate words or a word to work to their advantage. WOFFWATCHER calls this an "out of control" spin!

These types of opponents are the very people who try to pull one over on you. But when called on their ways, a practice readers of this blog now understand is WOFFWATCHER's weapon of choice (among others), opponents kick and scream that their way is indeed right, despite what is obvious to the rest of the world, even a court of law!

When opponents can't get their way, they either become desperate, or have had experience at losing arguments. To defend their position, they create an arsenal to defend it/them. This arsenal can be created as part of an infrastructure that can have several layers of protection. An example of a type of infrastructure: businessmen who set up dummy companies to shield them from taxes, government, liability etc. This has been standard operating procedure in business for decades and is one of the fundamental arguments leading to protests around this country and the world. This type of infrastructure is now in the spotlight and mainstream and understood by more people than ever before.

But that is ONE type of infrastructure.

Another infrastructure example is one that is designed to thwart potential opponents from scrutiny so that it allows that organization the luxury of conducting business, leaving the hired guns to protect their interests.

Their weapons of choice? Fear and money.

Cost to attain that luxury? Money. LOTS of it.

Where does the money come from?
Why such a thick infrastructure?
Why the need for an infrastructure?
What are they afraid we might see?
Is there a reason why such a religion can't be transparent in it's operation?

These are questions that "the world" will some day ask of this organization and community.

Convenient reasons this organization would use: "the world" just wouldn't understand. Or, "we don't want to be in the world". Or, "we don't want the world in our business".

How WOFF operates versus how it appears to operate to the rest of "the world" is so disparate, that it would be hard not to notice, discuss, challenge, fight, earn disdain and all emotions and reactions that any human being NOT in the WOFF world would experience or display. The lengths taken toward protecting the WOFF world should be huge red flag to even the most casual observer.

When this much secrecy/privacy is paramount to the success at continuing this operation, people are prone to want to ask questions.

How about this example: Some in politics are willing to put up with controversy, name calling, angry constituents, scrutiny by the media...all because they want power. And they want to stay in power (so they can get MORE power), in that order.

And you wonder why Americans are angry? Because they can't reach the politicians that made this possible. Why, because of the infrastructure they created. What infrastructure? Well, let's see, you just can't walk into their office and talk to them, they most likely won't take your calls, they will have you screened at one of their town hall meetings and then thrown out if you press them on anything.

That is a form of infrastructure that keeps their distance from them...AND WE PUT THEM THERE!

America is angry because we just can't call them up and fire them.

It's frustrating, I know. Even more frustrating? People who give up or are indifferent to the politicians and the system.

Let's apply this type of frustration closer to home:

People in Rutherfordton County not in WOFF indifferent to the activities of WOFF.

We have seen many results of broken families, individuals and more coming from WOFF.
There are those inside who seek to get out. Many more in foreign countries seeking to leave, have left or are heeding the experiences of those who have left.

Again, more questions. Why are they getting out. Why did they leave? What has it cost them emotionally? Why is WOFF controversial?

WOFFWATCHER has addressed this before and will continue to do so in this blog until the community gets that it would be better off policing itself.

Otherwise, unwanted global media attention is next.

Followed by scrutiny and all that it entails.

Your choice.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And if you listen very hard, THE TRUTH will come to you at last.....Stairway to Heaven - Escada para o Paraíso com Letras em Português e Inglês

Don't be alarmed now,
It's just a spring clean for the May queen.
Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on.

Despite it's original genre, the powerful message of this song is transcendent. This song is EXACTLY your world, Woffers.

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.


Não se assuste agora,
É apenas uma mola limpa para a rainha de Maio.
Sim, existem dois caminhos que você pode ir
Mas a longo prazo
Ainda há tempo para mudar a estrada em que você está.

Apesar de seu gênero original, a mensagem poderosa desta canção é transcendente. Esta canção é EXATAMENTE seu mundo, Woffers.

E como nós vento sobre a estrada
Nossas sombras mais altas que nossa alma.
Caminha uma senhora que todos conhecemos
Quem brilha a luz branca e quer mostrar
Como tudo ainda se transforma em ouro.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lies and a Lesson about Guerrilla Tactics

This morning WOFFWATCHER watched how Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin answered a question about something he said recently in a speech.

“Instead of working together where we agree, the president has opted for divisive rhetoric and the broken politics of the past,” Mr. Ryan said. “He is going from town to town impugning the motives of Republicans, setting up straw men and scapegoats, and engaging in intellectually lazy arguments as he tries to build support for punitive tax hikes on job creators.”

He was referencing the reason for the standstill in Washington over jobs, over the economy and all that it entails. This, by the way, isn't true about the President. Trust me. WOFFWATCHER KNOWS for a fact, this isn't true. This can be backed up, easily!

This is an example of a common tactic in politics as well as in the WOFF world, and the REAL world. It's a tactic best characterized as one from your past as a child in school when someone accused you of something THEY did, blamed YOU, and YOU got in trouble. This is EXACTLY that. This is a "polite" version of guerrilla warfare. It was used against you and you didn't even realize it.

Mr Ryan was asked a direct question, yet turned it around and ultimately didn't answer the question. Questioners repeated the question time and time again, yet he gave different answers. The questioners were educated, polite, respectful, but their frustrations with the way they were "handled", were palpable

The Congressman answered with an answer, not an answer to their question.

We know, politics.

If WOFFWATCHER had asked him this question in public, I would have interrupted him during his non-answer and would tell him that I might be one of his constituents and that I was one of those responsible for keeping him in office, and since I was one of his bosses, he would want to answer my question as an employee rather than someone elected to dismiss me. I would further explain that I ultimately have the power to take away HIS power. So, sir, what's it going to be?

Always anticipating the other side's move, I would expect the Congressman would only know to respond using the polite version of guerrilla warfare, as he did this morning, and might dismiss my tactics as uncivilized and bullying. Again, blaming you for something HE did.

I would have responded that his unwillingness to answer a question should be a red flag to those seeking the truth and that another agenda is his constituent over the people who elected him. And, since he works for me, I would work against him keeping his job as he is not up to the job I elected him to do. I would compel others with proof such as this encounter and provide many others for credibility.

So, subject to this kind of treatment by the Congressman, people are frustrated with the outcome of dealing with people who won't answer your question, but just give you an answer.

Politicians, salespeople, our bosses, spouses, relatives, any one you designate power to, even for a moment, will use the politeness version of guerrilla warfare, under the guise of civilized behavior if you will, against you, from time to time. You then are compelled to cave in to pressure because your going guerrilla isn't an option, not something YOU do. WOFFWATCHER get's it. This isn't for everybody.

WOFFWATCHER has always gone plain 'ole guerrilla on people who don't tell the truth, who bully, who would want to take control over you. In this case, guerrilla can be characterized as not letting the other person bully you, accepting THEIR version of the truth, or control you.

Before WOFFWATCHER continues, I know I have asked readers of this blog to stay respectful in dealing with others. That should remain a pledge you should keep. This is WOFFWATCHER's fight. You stay classy.

The result of this tactic is that it is very easy to make a person uncomfortable by pressing them to tell the truth. You just have to press them until you hear an answer that is everything but something prepared or an answer to another question you didn't/haven't asked. You repeat the question and point out to the answerer that they haven't answered your question(s).

Expect them to try to take control of the situation from you by seeking out help from others, or trying to make you look bad in front of others and so on, just to get out of answering the question. After all, they are not used to such uncivilized treatment!

Where WOFFWATCHER comes from, we don't just let them leave the room.

Jane knows that WOFFWATCHER is one of these people. An interview with WOFFWATCHER would be brutal.

If you are a current or former WOFF member, then you automatically assigned Jane and church "leaders" this luxury of power over you.

Among their tactics are these lies: 

Tell me if this sounds familiar: "if you leave this church, you will be killed by drug crazed people" "you will become whores and fornicators", "you will become hooked on drugs".

These can only BE lies, because: .1. I don't know of any ex-woffer that has been killed 2. I don't know any ex-woffers that are whores and fornicators. 3. Drugs? Why? 4. They can't know what's in the future, They can't guarantee any of these results.  Heck, WOFFWATCHER doesn't know what's going to happen, and YOU sure don't, so there!

How about: "If you leave, or try to leave, you will be admonished by church members". Or: "you will be sent out to seek truth" (or something like that). This would be a good opportunity to leave. I know, it's a high price to leave your friends and community, but do you really want to live in a world like this? Consider this the cost of doing business.

There is a difference between being a liar, that is someone who lies about everything, and lies, which are specific statements meant to support their claim, which have no substance or support of truth.

So, this covers A lie. A lie in this case is used by someone who would stand in the way of your freedom. They couldn't possibly lie about everything, if they did, they'd be liars. I couldn't know or say that simply because WOFFWATCHER is not with them 24 hours a day. (Take THAT legal team!)

When someone is trying to control you, they will say anything. When lies are standing in the way of you and God, you need to seek change.

Worshiping God is a very personal thing. WHY WOULD YOU PERMIT SOMEONE TO CONTROL HOW YOU WORSHIP?

We all like to be among friends, community makes us strong. That's great. However, there are other people, potential friends right there in Spindale that need you, will love you, will welcome you with open arms. Or, you could go elsewhere and find love and continue to serve God just as well there too. (Don't forget about the faith freedom fund in Spindale, they can help you with your transition)

Love is universal. WOFF doesn't have a monopoly on it.

Don't buy in to lies. The WOFF way is not the only way, there are others that can make you happy without losing control over your life and family.

Like the Congressman, in this case, you are a constituent of Jane and WOFF, you have the real power, you can say no, you can leave. You have ALWAYS had the power. You have it now.

Get out, and get acquainted with freedom to worship God YOUR way.

Do you want to go to a church that uses lies to keep it's members, much less "mind control", screaming, pressure? What kind of church is that?

Want a tiebreaker? How much money has it cost you to be a member of this "church" ? Would it be cheaper to worship in a less tumultuous place? You've got to ask yourself:  "Why do they want me to stay?"

Money and control. That's what it looks like. That's what it is. Plain and simple. 

So, just walk. Your power to choose - trumps any tactic,even guerrilla tactics.


Monday, October 17, 2011

KNOW Jane or NO Jane?

WOFFWATCHER considers the WOFF system and infrastructure as a separate body from it's members who simply work and worship.

It is important that readers understand that the regular church members unknowingly bought into this way of worship, aren't responsible for it's success and probably aren't even aware of how this place runs.

The system and leadership are the ones who will be under scrutiny.

So, give the regular church member a break. Pray for them. Offer to help them if they need it. They aren't the ones who run the place, they are just like you and me, trying to get through the day with hard work, praising god and managing their own lives. They don't know what they don't know, just what they've been told.

And they have been told that if members leave WOFF, or are thinking about leaving, they are told that terrible things will happen to them. The Occupy Wall Street events are a perfect example of what WOFF leadership might exploit to use as an example of what might happen to someone who leaves, or to our country. So, now those with doubts about WOFF have the distraction of fear planted in their heads. This to go along with the ups and downs of everyday life plus having to hear people say bad things about them in public.

The regular church member has a lot invested in their participation there. Picking up and leaving is not just that simple.

WOFFWATCHER understands their predicament and does not take their situation lightly.

One option is The Faith Freedom Fund in Spindale, NC. They can help a future or ex member with transition if they decide to leave 828-286-2361.

A future ex- WOFF member CAN DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES how they want to worship, with who and who to worship. This is the freedom that they have that they are being talked out of by their handlers, their church, their leaders etc.

This site has never been about leaving God, actually, it encourages you to continue to worship, YOUR WAY. 

There are tons of religions out there. Each have their own version of the truth and what they believe God to be and your role in serving him. Most if not all, don't attract the kind of controversy of your soon to be former church.

The simple math of over 100 websites with information about WOFF out of thousands of Google entries should be a red flag to anyone considering staying or joining there. Look on the next post for those links....

My favorite tune is that WOFF'ers will tell me and others that we are all lying about them.


THAT'S their defense?


This from the people that brought you: ...."there may be mind control involved,....." in a contract to join the church, no less?

An organization this complex, with the participants WOFFWATCHER has identified as part of the infrastructure, cannot be 100% mistake free. The system they have created has blinded them with their own zeal and dogma.

So, worker bees, fellow ants, let's finish this.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Links to Word of Faith Fellowship Spindale, NC - A Comprehensive List

UPDATED APRIL 22, 2018   

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.- Margaret Mead                     

Woffwatcher has compiled a comprehensive list of links that might help anyone with interest in the Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF), Spindale, NC, learn more about what has been said, what has been published, what has happened, and so on.

Some links may apply to readers who believe their rights have been violated according to State or Federal Law. Read below the links to see if any of these might apply.

Thanks to contributors who have suggested and forwarded more links!

And, BTW, it's WOFF (as in off), NOT WOOF. Thank You.

Read first, please, a Letter to Jane Whaley

The latest:

Youtube links to RC Catalyst/AWS Media LLC Byers Interview

WSPA WOFF Brazil Slavery Story

AP Report on WOFF Brazil Slavery Story

'Nobody Saved Us':  Jamey Anderson says his time in Word of Faith Fellowship was a hell of physical and emotional abuse

WSPA TV Multiple Yoube links on WOFF

Why I hate Religion 

The Untitled Word of Faith Fellowship Project – six-episode series – premieres summer 2018

PREACHING TO THE CHOIR -  Damage Control for Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption

Minors at risk of forced labor at Brazil WOFF Church 

Dumbass WOFFer Caught Stealing Campaign Signs 3/15/2018

Former Brazilian Word of Faith member speaks out 3/13/2018

Prosecutors Fired from DA's Office 

The actual document announcing the firing
of the ADAs

Probe sought after AP report on church abuse allegations

AP Exclusive: Witness Recounts Church Beating

WOFF's version of damage control

Jane's Scare Tactics After Members Left

WOFFWATCH :30 Commercial

Associated Press Exclusive Investigative Report on WOFF 2/17/17

AP Exclusive: Ex-congregants reveal years of ungodly abuse

Word of Faith Fellowship Response to AP’s Investigative report 2/27/17

Experts Weigh In on WOFF Abuse Allegations


WSPA TV: Spindale church accused of abuse responds to accusations

25th District Attorney responds to AP WoFF story

NEWS 13 WLOS: New investigation into abuse at Word of Faith Fellowship

JEZEBEL: Investigation into Husband and Wife Pastor Duo Reveals Decades of Abuse at North Carolina Church


BLUE RIDGE: Ex-congregants reveal years of ungodly abuse

DAILY CALLER (LOVE THE PICTURE!!!):Inside The Demented Church That Punched Kids, Congregants In The Face

GRANDE COMMUNICATIONS (FEATURES INTERESTING MAP) Former disciples describe storage annex for 'worst sinners'

Who carries a concealed weapon in your congregation or area? , or your local Sheriff'sDept.  or State Bureau of Investigations  or State Bureau of Investigation , as permit holders names and other information is a matter of public record.   It's a good idea to know who's carrying. As of 2009 , Rutherford County reported 2,765 regular applications for a gun permit, 1,206 Valid Permits, 35 regular permit applications denied and 3 regular permit applications revoked. Also of note, see the link: Half Of North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit Holders With Felony Convictions Keep Their Permit  Gun laws:Gun Laws  and finally:

Prosperity Theology

                                                           WOFF Babies: No Smoking!!

WLOS Package about John Huddle's New Book: Locked In 

Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) - Victim Testimony - Alleged Destructive Cult - ABC News

Suprise Arrest of Ex WOFF Member

Controversy Raises Concern Over Holocaust Exhibit

Jewish leaders pull support of WoFF museum in Florida

Defendants in WoFF abuse case make first appearance 

John Huddle's Facebook Post about the WOFF and Holocaust Controversy

Word of Faith Fellowship, Spindale, NC.....The Top 100+ of nearly 10,000 results....

All things WOFF (Videos)

Accusations Against Word of Faith Fellowship Members

Word of Faith Member Verdict

Local Church Under Fire, Again

Former Students Claim Harassment

Church Blocks Local Gay Rights Group

WOFF waiver and release form (courtesy of Religious Cults Info)
(The "don't do" lists. There are 7 of them...these are the first three courtesy of religious cults info )

Inside Edition 5/24/11 report on Word of Faith Preachers


Citizens Against County Corruption   - A group focusing on abuse and victims

RC Catalyst - Seeking the truth about all things Rutherford County and the region.

Matthew Fenner's conversation with Detective Joey Sisk

The Michael Lowry Story
Story of a young man who grew up in the WOFF culture. Highly interesting and heartbreaking.

CNN Anchor and Ole Anthony of Trinity Foundation on Rich Preachers  Trinity Foundation video provides a closer look at the investigations arm of the Trinity Foundation, news programs it has helped with, and its work with the US Senate Finance Committee. They have investigated and infiltrated WOFF (see the Inside Edition Video), and are watching as WOFFWATCHER is.....

Story on Investigation by US Senate finance Committee
WOFFWATCHER concludes that USSFC was too ambitious and should have gone after smaller fish, like Jane and WOFF, which would ultimately undo the bigger fish in a hurry.  Ideas?
(Interesting server info)
Facebook Page for WOFF
(There's a WOFF Cemetery?)
(Ow! feedback on the Gold Jackets page, no-less)
(The Inside Edition piece on WOFF)  (Chapter 12 "Carolina Blues" is about WOFF....From Amazon: "Lucidly written and riveting as any horror novel, Cuneo's excursion into the darker paths of American faith offers a deeply disturbing, ironic vision of what he sees as the unintended consequences of popular culture for the modern religious imagination.")

(WOW!) most interesting woffia connection
(Are you kidding me? Sickness is your own fault but Facebook is ok?) faith freedom fund
(Are any of you green card people getting paid?)
(about the former member of "Wings") non profit data
  reviews from channel 5 website in Seattle
interesting way this website is presented....learn about cults...entertaining for some, frustrating for the serious reader.
an interesting story about the holocuast 
interesting list of cults and their leaders    BITE model;_ylt=A0oGdVDjvdBPJU8AjCVXNyoA?p=jane+whaley+cult&fr=yfp-t-701-s&fr2=piv-web    some pics of jane, sam and house;_ylt=A0S00MumvtBPZwgAGaP7w8QF?p=jane+whaley+cult&fr=yfp-t-701-s&fr2=piv-video

Given that a number of properties in the area may have WOFF ties, a call or letter to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission  would be in order to implement a watchful eye on your local realtors, to determine if previous complaints have been filed, or to share an experience you believe was worth a closer look. A complaint or two is one thing, but a series of letters or calls to their office will get their attention and possibly lead to an investigation.

Do WOFF members go through your mail at "home" or even your PO Box? The USPS has a formidable law enforcement branch within it's organization, and takes any matter of alleged mail tampering, very seriously, if you believe this has happened.

WOFF has an interesting, if yet telling number of firms with which they do business. Have an experience to share? The bar association might be interested in the goings on of some of it's members associated with WOFF. The links page alone will steer you to firms in cases where they were defended. Why such a defense system? Shouldn't these firms also be under scrutiny?

Has your doctor or medical facility done something out of the ordinary and you think it's WOFF related, then contact:

The FCC might be the go-to agency if you feel your isp is being monitored by any internet companies which may be associated with WOFF. Do you think your phone calls are being recorded? They will want to know this.

Have you experienced local or regional law enforcement unwilling to intervene in certain WOFF matters? Do you believe that your civil rights have been violated? The US Justice Department might be interested if your complaint has specific details:  LGBT persons who believe their civil rights have been violated should contact: Equality North Carolina    

Who carries a concealed weapon in your congregation or area? You might try: : , and your local sheriff's department;  or State Bureau of Investigations  as permit holders names and other information is a matter of public record. It's a good idea to know who's carrying: .As of 2009 , Rutherford County reported 2,765 regular applications for a gun permit, 1,206 Valid Permits, 35 regular permit applications denied and 3 regular permit applications revoked. Also of note, see the link: Half Of North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit Holders With Felony Convictions Keep Their Permit  Gun laws:  and finally:

Is an individual making it difficult for you to get information at a local venue? Find out what the chain of command is there and see if the top person is WOFF associated. If not, go to that person and tell them what you are trying to accomplish and let them know that there is someone who is making it difficult for you to find out.WW highly recommends the book: Pulling Your Own Strings. It has made a life changing difference in one person I know and can help you with dealing with those who would want to control you. Everything in this book is common sense that we simply don't apply to everyday life and situations. (by the way, common sense isn't common). WW considers the results of your lessons in this book to be a Dragon Killer to those who would try to control you. Most importantly, It puts you in charge to make your own decisions.  Just so you know, WW has no stake on the sale of this book. Besides, a used copy runs for one cent and you pay for just the shipping. Get it. WW will review this and a couple of other books in future blogs.

NC State Board of Education
Are state test scores being manipulated by an educator or system in which your child attends? How about other matters of concern?Report it.
Office of the North Carolina State Board of Education
301 North Wilmington Street, Room 212
6302 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-6302
Phone: 919.807.3401

Some "Ministries" have been known to attempt to adopt children for their "church" to boost membership or to raise within the ministry. Is this going on in your community? WHY?

Department of Homeland Security
Are foreign visitors belonging to a "church" in your community being paid for their work? How?Are they here legally?

Is extra work being asked of "church" members for church "business" after putting in a full day of work at their jobs? Do you question this church's tax exempt status?

Do you work at a bank in this community? Do you have something to report to the IRS?

North Carolina State Bar
Do you face bankruptcy or are encouraged to file bankruptcy by this organization? Let them know. They will investigate.

US Dept. of Labor, Wage and Hour Division
How are people being paid for their work for the "church"?

The Police
If something that belongs to you is kept from you, report it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Leader

Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Leader.....Does this sound/look familiar?

(Thanks very much to the Cults Avoidance Society)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Consider This...

It might appear that I have gone tangential on my blog readers with OWS, but it was really written to make a point.

The point, with a healthy dose of analysis and background, is that there are power brokers, politicians, bankers, some rich people, that put our country in the economic mess, unemployment, health insurance crisis and so on, that affect us all. Everyday citizens (as we are each FAR from ordinary), have noticed, and now the numbers and the protests grow. Where will it lead?

Again, this is how reform begins and happens.

It took a quiet infrastructure to get us to this. The same dynamics are in place in Spindale, NC with the activities of the Word of Faith Fellowship.

People who joined WOFF have their lives consumed by the culture the congregation brings. This culture includes mind control, control over where one works, control over who they marry, among other "controls".

People who have joined WOFF, in some cases, have become estranged from their natural families (those not in WOFF but related) because of pressure by WOFF leadership or doctrine.

People who have joined WOFF have their activities and lives monitored by those they have been appointed to live with.

People who have joined WOFF are fearful to leave because they have been fed a bill of goods that simply isn't true.

People who have left WOFF write, speak and tell us that they are always looking over their shoulder, they have told us that their lives have been ruined, their families torn apart along with other tragic situations.

I have known for some time, and it has been recently published, that new members sign a contract with the congregation to absolve the church from harm. (By the way, there are things in that contract that can't be enforced in a court of law. Any GOOD lawyer will tell you that).

So, you're just going to let this continue?

It was THEIR choice TO JOIN? Perhaps they had good intentions to become part of a meaningful, productive and spiritual community. But former members tell me that once the honeymoon period is over, it is FAR from a congregation they THOUGHT they had joined.

Now, add the structure promoting and displaying it's apparent power (that's right, apparent.......capable of being easily perceived or understood ....according to appearances, initial evidence, incomplete results, etc.; ostensible rather than actual) that is possible with the help of WOFF grooming it's own members to build it's infrastructure.

Imagine a whole city full of residents that hold every key job like LAWYERS, legislators, judges, law enforcement, PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, clerks, doctors, real estate, developers, BUILDERS, BUSINESSES, and more, controlled, driven, backed, created - by WOFF, in your own back yard.

Well folks, you've got it. Each one of those positions is held by a WOFF member right now!

This infrastructure makes all of this possible. No wonder people are scared.

Can it be fought?


There are secrets, secret deals and activities that warrant official and journalistic scrutiny. Once ONE story/scandal comes out, it will spawn another and another, and then the world will really KNOW THE TRUTH.

None of these things in your town happened naturally. They happened by design. This has resulted in bringing power and control to an organization that, for some reason, thinks it is the chosen religion or way to worship God, and everyone else be damned.

And look who's in charge?

I don't know how many times I must emphasize that, in addition to former members, residents of the region - not in WOFF, go to someone in authority and TELL what they know. Read the stories on other sites, could that many people be lying?

Do you take the words: "One of the top five most dangerous cults in America" a widely published quote by Mary Alice Chrnalogar, famous cult expert; Dec 19, 2002, referring to WOFF in Spindale, NC, lightly?

Short of WOFFWATCHER winning the lottery and first hiring Private Investigators to gather evidence and then the best Public Relations firms to conduct a massive news campaign that would expose and scrutinize WOFF, your help is indeed key to this goal.

You, in Charlotte, NC, you in Palm Bay, FL, YOU in Greenwood, SC, YOU overseas, YOU members, enablers, families who watch members, leadership of WOFF....... YOU, out there..... have information.

Spill it.

I have my lottery ticket.

Let's go.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Business...

I am now on Twitter @woffwatch...Check out my tweets.

NOTE: I'll be changing my author name from Questionfish to: WOFFWATCHER

I recently realized there is a business already up and running with the name Questionfish. I am taking it upon myself to be a responsible person and not confuse people about the name. They had it first, so fair is fair. I wouldn't like it if someone did this to me. BTW, no one came to me about the name. It's the right thing to do. I love my little fish logo, though!

Q. I notice no one leaves comments.

Well, if you are trying to get out, this wouldn't be the place to announce it. If you do, be careful. But by all means, you are invited to leave comments. However, if you try to defend WOFF, I will verbally clean your clock on this blog.

Q. How do you know about the interest this church will draw?

You let me worry about that. You guys do what you have to do to get out, call the authorities, donate to faith freedom fund or volunteer to help them and EX MEMBERS who have left. Remember, this is designed for those who seek to leave, who have family in the church, who need encouragement, and for those that have information pertaining to their experience there that might gain the attention of FEDERAL agencies who may want to conduct an investigation. I don't endorse or condone taking someone out of there against their will, nor am I encouraging it. We do things lawfully, We work WITH the law, not AGAINST the law. Don't do something crazy!

Crazy is what started all of this.

The stakes are high and people's lives are affected. Your help can make a difference.

Join me and others in the fight.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Speak Up Now.....

Widespread and unwanted attention from national and international media on the Word of Faith Fellowship Church and it's leadership in Spindale, NC, is once again, inevitable, this time on a potentially larger scale.

There is a substantial volume of documented accounts about this church on web blogs, forums, local news,  from local citizens, insiders NOT in the church, church members, former members, and families of both members and former members, as well as from local and national clergy.

Hence, making this seemingly dormant, if not seasonal, albeit still controversial subject, ripe for future microscopic evaluation.

The most compelling stories continue to come from former members who tell of experiences that ultimately led them to leave this church. However, even more compelling will be the accounts of current members who fiercely defend the church and it's leadership, who will not address the issues specifically but will answer with carefully crafted talking points in which to respond. All of these dynamics will lead to questions about the church's practices, associations, benefactors, history of leadership, etc. That can't be good for a community that has tolerated this for a number of years. Because THAT'S going to be a story too.

All of these categories will be vetted to the eyeballs and other categories may come up that I haven't even thought of.

You see, News organizations have been known to use private investigators to supplement their "Investigative Reporters". Conventional means of reporting, digging up information and such has become much more sophisticated.

And so,  it takes on a life of it's own.

Truth and information is a formidable enemy to lies and deception.

So, could accounts from all of these former members all be lying?  Did many marriages break up, families separated and estranged, people seeking counseling all just make this up?

Current or former members, local residents, If you have something to say, complain about, report, etc...........


I KNOW you folks out there have important things to say, it's time to step up.
You blessed folks have more power than you think you do. You have just allowed someone to talk you out of realizing/using it.

The word NO is powerful and if you back it up with resolve and purpose, you'll be more powerful than they.

But things are happening here that merit a look by someone official who might want to take a closer look. It could very well lead to more comprehensive official scrutiny.

It will help your community as well as those in need who have been affected.

Who should you talk to? Read the other posts on this blog for agencies. Try national agencies first since they will likely not have connections with the church's house PI, legal eagles or power brokers.

WOFF may have been able to fend off the media and attention in the past, but not this next time.

I have done my homework.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Perhaps it's that we move so fast these days or we just choose to ignore warnings about the food we eat.
Chicken nuggets are really compressed parts of chickens.

Hamburger results from lots of cows and parts ground up, not one cow.

Some meat products contain nitrates, steroids and other harmful chemicals to us.

Even produce at the grocery store have dangerous pesticides and preservatives that could interfere with our health.

Food isn't prepared and grown like it used to when many of us were growing up. There is widespread evidence of the examples I have used about hamburgers, chicken and produce.

Despite the evidence,  we either choose to ignore it, shrug it off or quickly move on to the next thought in our daily lives and go on with the purchase anyway, after all, we have our  own lives to live. Even though eating these foods might be slowly killing you over time.

The same thing goes on with matters in your own community, only this will not result in your demise, it certainly impacts the lives of those around you.

In just about every community,  most people will know just about everyone and what goes on in their lives.

Just like the hamburgers, chicken and produce, there are things that exist among them that, in the long run, might be bad for the rest of us.

Yet, this too, we ignore, shrug off or move on to what matters to us. There may be one Samaritan that might pray for or even help the person in need.

Spindale, Rutherfordton, Forest City:  your community has this very situation existing among you. The status quo of daily life without intervention is enabling and empowering the presence of a dangerous cult.

For years, accounts from people associated with or formerly associated with the Word of Faith Fellowship have surfaced in public, resulting in either controversy or attracting headlines. Yet, church members dismiss it as lies, as they have been instructed to defend themselves with church talking points.

An organization this big and with so many people dropping out can't possibly be leak free. And, I know first hand, that indeed is the case.

Talking it out with them or debating bible verses simply won't do. They won't listen.

This is where most people give up because they believe that a socially acceptable way of debate and compromise will get some answers and results. This is supposed to be a civilized society. We have rules and that's how we get results. However, It takes a different level of strategy to deal with an opponent of this type.

The point here is: you don't need to deal with them to get results.

An ongoing tragedy is going on in your community.

It is in the form of control of their members, disassociation with their natural families that aren't members, constant monitoring, and all that those entail. Their version of freedom is not freedom, it is THEIR version..

The people who leave there, not only leave, they are vocal, in many cases angry, hurt, broke, broken. No one leaves there without some form of emotion or impact on their lives. They are changed persons that need our help.

This will continue until you and your neighbors act to change this. It's like a wildfire in your own back yard and you do nothing about it thinking it won't affect you and someone else will deal with it.


I have carefully studied your community. I found a prevailing atmosphere of frustration, fear, confusion,  concern by quite a few (quite a few should be more like - many) and indifference about this group..all among your fine communities. Some have expressed deep sadness, if not embarrassment about it.

The axiom of: "Well, if they want to get out, what's stopping them?"
Answer: "This is your way of help?"
"They bring money to the local economy."
Answer: "Are you kidding me? "
" Stirring up the pot is making enemies."
Answer: "You are enabling your enemy, and worse, you don't even realize it"

WOFF has been empowered by a network or infrastructure involving key local big money and power  some in state government such as (now former) assistant district attorneys ( who are members ), as well as local business people, lawyers and invisible donors, not directly church members, but associated with the church's leadership. They are key to it's survival in this community. Without them, the church would have to base somewhere else to get the security they enjoy.

Now, any community, small or large will have it's power brokers. Your community is no different. Things move and grow and you hardly notice them because you are busy with your own lives and perhaps not inclined to ask questions.

This is not to say that all of this moving and shaking is nefarious, most of it goes on as a matter of course. It's a way a community grows. But sometimes it isn't, and it leads to mutual feeding where growth and prosperity is for only those involved and none of it intended to be shared.

You can play a role in helping your community, at least help those people who want to leave this congregation, and or perhaps know something about this church that might gain the interest of the Federal Government. Examples: Department of Homeland Security, The Justice Department, Immigration, Department of Labor, Department of Education, the IRS. This initially covers areas where activity within their jurisdiction can be investigated.Once they begin, They will be very thorough. Call Washington, not your locals.

What's going on that needs investigating? The answers are held by many in your community.

I KNOW YOU HAVE INFORMATION. Do the right thing. See something, say something.

Help Us Help Them. You really have more power than you think you do. If everyone gets on this together, it could help a lot more people than just the ones in the church.

It would be the neighborly thing to do.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Some People Think The Way They Do...

Many of us like to believe that our opinions have been formed over time by careful, rational consideration of facts and ideas, and that the decisions based on those opinions, therefore, have the ring of soundness and intelligence.

In the real world, we often base our opinions on our beliefs, which can have an uneasy relationship with facts. And rather than facts driving beliefs, our beliefs can dictate the facts we chose to accept. They can cause us to twist facts so they fit better with our preconceived notions. Worst of all, they can lead us to uncritically accept bad information just because it reinforces our beliefs. This reinforcement makes us more confident we’re right, and even less likely to listen to any new information. This effect is only heightened by the information glut, which offers — alongside an unprecedented amount of good information — endless rumors, misinformation, and questionable variations on the truth.

In other words, it’s never been easier for people to be wrong, and at the same time feel more certain that they’re right. The “I know I’m right” syndrome, is a potentially formidable problem in a democratic system. It suggests not only that most people will resist correcting their factual beliefs, but also that the very people who most need to correct them will be least likely to do so. Analysts have termed this as “motivated reasoning.”

Whether or not the consistent information is accurate, we might accept it as fact, as confirmation of our beliefs. This makes us more confident in said beliefs, and even less likely to entertain facts that contradict them.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings, who don’t have all the answers, to think they do. - Bill Maher

Like Bill Maher or not, he's right.

I have learned and observed during my life that people usually don't like someone they don't like, or approve of, to be right. It infuriates them. If it only came from someone else, some have said. "Oh, I hate for him to be right", they say secretly.

You can learn something all the time from watching other people because we see ourselves in people we love, or people we hate, all at the same time.

Then you self edit, or try...all in the hopes of becoming a reasonable person!

I don't believe we ever completely finish becoming a reasonable person. It is an ongoing process. If that's you, then I reasonably believe you are reasonable. Close enough is good too.

Then you hear: someone's idea of reasonable is another person's crazy.


The difference is, when reason is based on truth, not a version of the truth. Then it's reasonable. At least in the neighborhood.

What is truth?

That one is easy. You may think it's hard because admitting the truth, to some people, is hard. But, it's easy because that's a good sign they already know the truth.

If you don't agree. Then ask yourself if you feel it. You know instantly, it's just admitting it or even saying it that makes it hard. No? Ask someone else. Then ask another. And another. Keep doing so until you are sick and tired of asking, and then keep asking again. If you disagree, someone doesn't have all the facts.

Is it so obvious that it stares you down without question as truth, but still you doubt it?

Is this fruitless?

No, it's a form of fighting. Fighting to find the truth, any truth.

So we do have the skill to find the truth. Some of us know it, some don't realize it, but we do.

We don't have to see ourselves as smart or dumb to have it. We have it. Like it or not. Know it or not.

Where did we pick up this unknown and hidden skill? Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters, the neighborhood, a fight with a bully? God?

I believe the answer is: all of the above.

Since God is in the highest order of things and beings on that very short list, it's got to be that he had a hand in it. A pretty big one at that.

Before you conclude that this is a sermon, I am talking about truth as a thing, fact, something tangible, something reasonable people agree on. It could be that we agree that the sky is blue, or that some people are taller than others.

The truth makes us reasonable.

The truth in this argument is that we know that loved ones are not in our lives because they chose to follow WOFF.

We can all agree on that as truth.

We hurt from that and it skews our ability to process thoughts and actions because not only is WOFF controlling the lives of those in the congregation, but we on the sidelines watching and worrying and hurting.

Their truth is a version of the truth. Not the truth.

Our truth is real. It is clear. It is painful.

What they preach isn't real.

What they preach divides, hurts, exploits. What they preach isn't realistic. What they preach is selfish. What they preach does damage.

In their world they are reasonable.

In our world WE are reasonable. Our world is bigger.

They dismiss THE WORLD, which includes a healthy number of reasonable people, and forms of worship and me.

Their power comes from enablers connected to the church from the outside, aka, the world, or some members of it. I believe money drives all of this.

Let's find out if and how much the church is paying for this protection.

This is where the work begins. This is our road to the truth.


Monday, July 18, 2011


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.- Margaret Mead

The WOFFWATCH blog is designed to generate discussion, provide encouragement and motivation for those leaving WOFF and general information about the Word of Faith Fellowship congregation in Spindale, North Carolina, USA. This long road to bring attention and awareness to this group has been a commitment starting in July 2011 .

Online information about WOFF was been sporadic and dated from over the years before the internet became a powerful avenue to fact check, as they have had a hand in controlling the content about them over some of this time. Now online discussion and awareness makes this a daunting task for anyone who seek to suppress the truth.

WOFFWATCHER'S goal, with your help, is through factual truth, is to challenge the legitimacy of WOFF as well as hold it accountable for it's actions that may range from the potential of violation of civil rights to criminal actions. WW will aim to identify those who make it's infrastructure possible. Up to now this has been the key to WOFF going unchallenged, much of it through the enabling of local government and law enforcement as well as legal help aligned with Jane and the church.

Now, fast forward to 2017!

Chipping away at the outside part of the infrastructure is only part of challenge. We also have to dig into the membership itself.  This has not set out to be website just another set of threads with horror stories, complaints, cooky agendas and arguments.

I encourage those to take action in the form of documenting everything, reporting to federal agencies any possible violation of civil rights or criminal activity, as well as supporting WOFF victims.
This is why there are links pages about everything WOFF as well as comments and guidance for the reader to learn as much as they can.

WW seeks facts, truth, news,and  activism. I encourage you to comment.

The message :ASK QUESTIONS, TELL A FRIEND, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, CHALLENGE, will come up in much of my commentary. They are effective actions in the fight for people we love and to hold those accountable for illegal, if not questionable practices at this "church".

I only endorse going about this in a peaceful, law abiding way.

WOFF membership/leadership read this blog . What they will/would dismiss as lies, have proved otherwise over time.

WOFFWATCHER's determination is committed to confronting WOFF leadership and exposing their actions to government authority as well as international scrutiny.

Readers may find my personal approach to be harsh. It's meant to be. The plain truth folks is, it is most people's nature to be nice and tip-toe through this. Mostly, people in the community are just indifferent, with a "Not my problem" and "Let somebody else worry about this".

This blog is only part of this effort, but indeed one of the faces of it.

Intelligence gathering is a major part of the WW effort as well. So, I blog with the facts I have and continue to get more for future essays.

I have a stake in this. I have family inside and want my them out of there. I encourage them to continue to worship God, just not like this, in this environment. But this isn't just about them. It's about you and YOUR family too.

I appeal to you to become proactive. Join the cause.


Start with: Letter to Jane