Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Consider This...

It might appear that I have gone tangential on my blog readers with OWS, but it was really written to make a point.

The point, with a healthy dose of analysis and background, is that there are power brokers, politicians, bankers, some rich people, that put our country in the economic mess, unemployment, health insurance crisis and so on, that affect us all. Everyday citizens (as we are each FAR from ordinary), have noticed, and now the numbers and the protests grow. Where will it lead?

Again, this is how reform begins and happens.

It took a quiet infrastructure to get us to this. The same dynamics are in place in Spindale, NC with the activities of the Word of Faith Fellowship.

People who joined WOFF have their lives consumed by the culture the congregation brings. This culture includes mind control, control over where one works, control over who they marry, among other "controls".

People who have joined WOFF, in some cases, have become estranged from their natural families (those not in WOFF but related) because of pressure by WOFF leadership or doctrine.

People who have joined WOFF have their activities and lives monitored by those they have been appointed to live with.

People who have joined WOFF are fearful to leave because they have been fed a bill of goods that simply isn't true.

People who have left WOFF write, speak and tell us that they are always looking over their shoulder, they have told us that their lives have been ruined, their families torn apart along with other tragic situations.

I have known for some time, and it has been recently published, that new members sign a contract with the congregation to absolve the church from harm. (By the way, there are things in that contract that can't be enforced in a court of law. Any GOOD lawyer will tell you that).

So, you're just going to let this continue?

It was THEIR choice TO JOIN? Perhaps they had good intentions to become part of a meaningful, productive and spiritual community. But former members tell me that once the honeymoon period is over, it is FAR from a congregation they THOUGHT they had joined.

Now, add the structure promoting and displaying it's apparent power (that's right, apparent.......capable of being easily perceived or understood ....according to appearances, initial evidence, incomplete results, etc.; ostensible rather than actual) that is possible with the help of WOFF grooming it's own members to build it's infrastructure.

Imagine a whole city full of residents that hold every key job like LAWYERS, legislators, judges, law enforcement, PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, clerks, doctors, real estate, developers, BUILDERS, BUSINESSES, and more, controlled, driven, backed, created - by WOFF, in your own back yard.

Well folks, you've got it. Each one of those positions is held by a WOFF member right now!

This infrastructure makes all of this possible. No wonder people are scared.

Can it be fought?


There are secrets, secret deals and activities that warrant official and journalistic scrutiny. Once ONE story/scandal comes out, it will spawn another and another, and then the world will really KNOW THE TRUTH.

None of these things in your town happened naturally. They happened by design. This has resulted in bringing power and control to an organization that, for some reason, thinks it is the chosen religion or way to worship God, and everyone else be damned.

And look who's in charge?

I don't know how many times I must emphasize that, in addition to former members, residents of the region - not in WOFF, go to someone in authority and TELL what they know. Read the stories on other sites, could that many people be lying?

Do you take the words: "One of the top five most dangerous cults in America" a widely published quote by Mary Alice Chrnalogar, famous cult expert; Dec 19, 2002, referring to WOFF in Spindale, NC, lightly?

Short of WOFFWATCHER winning the lottery and first hiring Private Investigators to gather evidence and then the best Public Relations firms to conduct a massive news campaign that would expose and scrutinize WOFF, your help is indeed key to this goal.

You, in Charlotte, NC, you in Palm Bay, FL, YOU in Greenwood, SC, YOU overseas, YOU members, enablers, families who watch members, leadership of WOFF....... YOU, out there..... have information.

Spill it.

I have my lottery ticket.

Let's go.


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