Monday, October 17, 2011

KNOW Jane or NO Jane?

WOFFWATCHER considers the WOFF system and infrastructure as a separate body from it's members who simply work and worship.

It is important that readers understand that the regular church members unknowingly bought into this way of worship, aren't responsible for it's success and probably aren't even aware of how this place runs.

The system and leadership are the ones who will be under scrutiny.

So, give the regular church member a break. Pray for them. Offer to help them if they need it. They aren't the ones who run the place, they are just like you and me, trying to get through the day with hard work, praising god and managing their own lives. They don't know what they don't know, just what they've been told.

And they have been told that if members leave WOFF, or are thinking about leaving, they are told that terrible things will happen to them. The Occupy Wall Street events are a perfect example of what WOFF leadership might exploit to use as an example of what might happen to someone who leaves, or to our country. So, now those with doubts about WOFF have the distraction of fear planted in their heads. This to go along with the ups and downs of everyday life plus having to hear people say bad things about them in public.

The regular church member has a lot invested in their participation there. Picking up and leaving is not just that simple.

WOFFWATCHER understands their predicament and does not take their situation lightly.

One option is The Faith Freedom Fund in Spindale, NC. They can help a future or ex member with transition if they decide to leave 828-286-2361.

A future ex- WOFF member CAN DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES how they want to worship, with who and who to worship. This is the freedom that they have that they are being talked out of by their handlers, their church, their leaders etc.

This site has never been about leaving God, actually, it encourages you to continue to worship, YOUR WAY. 

There are tons of religions out there. Each have their own version of the truth and what they believe God to be and your role in serving him. Most if not all, don't attract the kind of controversy of your soon to be former church.

The simple math of over 100 websites with information about WOFF out of thousands of Google entries should be a red flag to anyone considering staying or joining there. Look on the next post for those links....

My favorite tune is that WOFF'ers will tell me and others that we are all lying about them.


THAT'S their defense?


This from the people that brought you: ...."there may be mind control involved,....." in a contract to join the church, no less?

An organization this complex, with the participants WOFFWATCHER has identified as part of the infrastructure, cannot be 100% mistake free. The system they have created has blinded them with their own zeal and dogma.

So, worker bees, fellow ants, let's finish this.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. 


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