Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lies and a Lesson about Guerrilla Tactics

This morning WOFFWATCHER watched how Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin answered a question about something he said recently in a speech.

“Instead of working together where we agree, the president has opted for divisive rhetoric and the broken politics of the past,” Mr. Ryan said. “He is going from town to town impugning the motives of Republicans, setting up straw men and scapegoats, and engaging in intellectually lazy arguments as he tries to build support for punitive tax hikes on job creators.”

He was referencing the reason for the standstill in Washington over jobs, over the economy and all that it entails. This, by the way, isn't true about the President. Trust me. WOFFWATCHER KNOWS for a fact, this isn't true. This can be backed up, easily!

This is an example of a common tactic in politics as well as in the WOFF world, and the REAL world. It's a tactic best characterized as one from your past as a child in school when someone accused you of something THEY did, blamed YOU, and YOU got in trouble. This is EXACTLY that. This is a "polite" version of guerrilla warfare. It was used against you and you didn't even realize it.

Mr Ryan was asked a direct question, yet turned it around and ultimately didn't answer the question. Questioners repeated the question time and time again, yet he gave different answers. The questioners were educated, polite, respectful, but their frustrations with the way they were "handled", were palpable

The Congressman answered with an answer, not an answer to their question.

We know, politics.

If WOFFWATCHER had asked him this question in public, I would have interrupted him during his non-answer and would tell him that I might be one of his constituents and that I was one of those responsible for keeping him in office, and since I was one of his bosses, he would want to answer my question as an employee rather than someone elected to dismiss me. I would further explain that I ultimately have the power to take away HIS power. So, sir, what's it going to be?

Always anticipating the other side's move, I would expect the Congressman would only know to respond using the polite version of guerrilla warfare, as he did this morning, and might dismiss my tactics as uncivilized and bullying. Again, blaming you for something HE did.

I would have responded that his unwillingness to answer a question should be a red flag to those seeking the truth and that another agenda is his constituent over the people who elected him. And, since he works for me, I would work against him keeping his job as he is not up to the job I elected him to do. I would compel others with proof such as this encounter and provide many others for credibility.

So, subject to this kind of treatment by the Congressman, people are frustrated with the outcome of dealing with people who won't answer your question, but just give you an answer.

Politicians, salespeople, our bosses, spouses, relatives, any one you designate power to, even for a moment, will use the politeness version of guerrilla warfare, under the guise of civilized behavior if you will, against you, from time to time. You then are compelled to cave in to pressure because your going guerrilla isn't an option, not something YOU do. WOFFWATCHER get's it. This isn't for everybody.

WOFFWATCHER has always gone plain 'ole guerrilla on people who don't tell the truth, who bully, who would want to take control over you. In this case, guerrilla can be characterized as not letting the other person bully you, accepting THEIR version of the truth, or control you.

Before WOFFWATCHER continues, I know I have asked readers of this blog to stay respectful in dealing with others. That should remain a pledge you should keep. This is WOFFWATCHER's fight. You stay classy.

The result of this tactic is that it is very easy to make a person uncomfortable by pressing them to tell the truth. You just have to press them until you hear an answer that is everything but something prepared or an answer to another question you didn't/haven't asked. You repeat the question and point out to the answerer that they haven't answered your question(s).

Expect them to try to take control of the situation from you by seeking out help from others, or trying to make you look bad in front of others and so on, just to get out of answering the question. After all, they are not used to such uncivilized treatment!

Where WOFFWATCHER comes from, we don't just let them leave the room.

Jane knows that WOFFWATCHER is one of these people. An interview with WOFFWATCHER would be brutal.

If you are a current or former WOFF member, then you automatically assigned Jane and church "leaders" this luxury of power over you.

Among their tactics are these lies: 

Tell me if this sounds familiar: "if you leave this church, you will be killed by drug crazed people" "you will become whores and fornicators", "you will become hooked on drugs".

These can only BE lies, because: .1. I don't know of any ex-woffer that has been killed 2. I don't know any ex-woffers that are whores and fornicators. 3. Drugs? Why? 4. They can't know what's in the future, They can't guarantee any of these results.  Heck, WOFFWATCHER doesn't know what's going to happen, and YOU sure don't, so there!

How about: "If you leave, or try to leave, you will be admonished by church members". Or: "you will be sent out to seek truth" (or something like that). This would be a good opportunity to leave. I know, it's a high price to leave your friends and community, but do you really want to live in a world like this? Consider this the cost of doing business.

There is a difference between being a liar, that is someone who lies about everything, and lies, which are specific statements meant to support their claim, which have no substance or support of truth.

So, this covers A lie. A lie in this case is used by someone who would stand in the way of your freedom. They couldn't possibly lie about everything, if they did, they'd be liars. I couldn't know or say that simply because WOFFWATCHER is not with them 24 hours a day. (Take THAT legal team!)

When someone is trying to control you, they will say anything. When lies are standing in the way of you and God, you need to seek change.

Worshiping God is a very personal thing. WHY WOULD YOU PERMIT SOMEONE TO CONTROL HOW YOU WORSHIP?

We all like to be among friends, community makes us strong. That's great. However, there are other people, potential friends right there in Spindale that need you, will love you, will welcome you with open arms. Or, you could go elsewhere and find love and continue to serve God just as well there too. (Don't forget about the faith freedom fund in Spindale, they can help you with your transition)

Love is universal. WOFF doesn't have a monopoly on it.

Don't buy in to lies. The WOFF way is not the only way, there are others that can make you happy without losing control over your life and family.

Like the Congressman, in this case, you are a constituent of Jane and WOFF, you have the real power, you can say no, you can leave. You have ALWAYS had the power. You have it now.

Get out, and get acquainted with freedom to worship God YOUR way.

Do you want to go to a church that uses lies to keep it's members, much less "mind control", screaming, pressure? What kind of church is that?

Want a tiebreaker? How much money has it cost you to be a member of this "church" ? Would it be cheaper to worship in a less tumultuous place? You've got to ask yourself:  "Why do they want me to stay?"

Money and control. That's what it looks like. That's what it is. Plain and simple. 

So, just walk. Your power to choose - trumps any tactic,even guerrilla tactics.


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