Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Business...

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NOTE: I'll be changing my author name from Questionfish to: WOFFWATCHER

I recently realized there is a business already up and running with the name Questionfish. I am taking it upon myself to be a responsible person and not confuse people about the name. They had it first, so fair is fair. I wouldn't like it if someone did this to me. BTW, no one came to me about the name. It's the right thing to do. I love my little fish logo, though!

Q. I notice no one leaves comments.

Well, if you are trying to get out, this wouldn't be the place to announce it. If you do, be careful. But by all means, you are invited to leave comments. However, if you try to defend WOFF, I will verbally clean your clock on this blog.

Q. How do you know about the interest this church will draw?

You let me worry about that. You guys do what you have to do to get out, call the authorities, donate to faith freedom fund or volunteer to help them and EX MEMBERS who have left. Remember, this is designed for those who seek to leave, who have family in the church, who need encouragement, and for those that have information pertaining to their experience there that might gain the attention of FEDERAL agencies who may want to conduct an investigation. I don't endorse or condone taking someone out of there against their will, nor am I encouraging it. We do things lawfully, We work WITH the law, not AGAINST the law. Don't do something crazy!

Crazy is what started all of this.

The stakes are high and people's lives are affected. Your help can make a difference.

Join me and others in the fight.


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