Friday, September 23, 2011

Speak Up Now.....

Widespread and unwanted attention from national and international media on the Word of Faith Fellowship Church and it's leadership in Spindale, NC, is once again, inevitable, this time on a potentially larger scale.

There is a substantial volume of documented accounts about this church on web blogs, forums, local news,  from local citizens, insiders NOT in the church, church members, former members, and families of both members and former members, as well as from local and national clergy.

Hence, making this seemingly dormant, if not seasonal, albeit still controversial subject, ripe for future microscopic evaluation.

The most compelling stories continue to come from former members who tell of experiences that ultimately led them to leave this church. However, even more compelling will be the accounts of current members who fiercely defend the church and it's leadership, who will not address the issues specifically but will answer with carefully crafted talking points in which to respond. All of these dynamics will lead to questions about the church's practices, associations, benefactors, history of leadership, etc. That can't be good for a community that has tolerated this for a number of years. Because THAT'S going to be a story too.

All of these categories will be vetted to the eyeballs and other categories may come up that I haven't even thought of.

You see, News organizations have been known to use private investigators to supplement their "Investigative Reporters". Conventional means of reporting, digging up information and such has become much more sophisticated.

And so,  it takes on a life of it's own.

Truth and information is a formidable enemy to lies and deception.

So, could accounts from all of these former members all be lying?  Did many marriages break up, families separated and estranged, people seeking counseling all just make this up?

Current or former members, local residents, If you have something to say, complain about, report, etc...........


I KNOW you folks out there have important things to say, it's time to step up.
You blessed folks have more power than you think you do. You have just allowed someone to talk you out of realizing/using it.

The word NO is powerful and if you back it up with resolve and purpose, you'll be more powerful than they.

But things are happening here that merit a look by someone official who might want to take a closer look. It could very well lead to more comprehensive official scrutiny.

It will help your community as well as those in need who have been affected.

Who should you talk to? Read the other posts on this blog for agencies. Try national agencies first since they will likely not have connections with the church's house PI, legal eagles or power brokers.

WOFF may have been able to fend off the media and attention in the past, but not this next time.

I have done my homework.


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