Thursday, December 1, 2011

Definitions, Key Words and Examples

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Key Words and Definitions


When we can't agree on the definition of words, or simply don't know the meaning, it is likely that we seek the definition(s) in a dictionary.

Lawyers tell us this is among the most frequently used book in their library. It is the reference tool that determines the strength or weakness of a case, an opening or closing argument, as well as the presentation.

Words are VERY important.

Most everyone can agree that this book, regardless of who publishes it, how old it might be, etc, is the book that settles scrabble arguments, and generally settles any disputes, regardless of how the opponent in the argument sees the results.

When an argument over the meaning of a word fails the opponent, the opponent likely seeks to dismiss the definition and will counter with non logic to support their argument, or , as we have come to know it, spin.

WOFFWATCHER has found over the years that one's who are "short in the dictionary number", that is, those whose vocabulary and clear understanding and daily use of words, are usually the ones who attempt at going into a zone where they try to spin or counter to their advantage when it is clear to everyone else that the argument or spin is useless toward winning their argument.

Most everyone can agree in this situation is that the opponent lost this point and is now trying to either back track or manipulate words or a word to work to their advantage. WOFFWATCHER calls this an "out of control" spin!

These types of opponents are the very people who try to pull one over on you. But when called on their ways, a practice readers of this blog now understand is WOFFWATCHER's weapon of choice (among others), opponents kick and scream that their way is indeed right, despite what is obvious to the rest of the world, even a court of law!

When opponents can't get their way, they either become desperate, or have had experience at losing arguments. To defend their position, they create an arsenal to defend it/them. This arsenal can be created as part of an infrastructure that can have several layers of protection. An example of a type of infrastructure: businessmen who set up dummy companies to shield them from taxes, government, liability etc. This has been standard operating procedure in business for decades and is one of the fundamental arguments leading to protests around this country and the world. This type of infrastructure is now in the spotlight and mainstream and understood by more people than ever before.

But that is ONE type of infrastructure.

Another infrastructure example is one that is designed to thwart potential opponents from scrutiny so that it allows that organization the luxury of conducting business, leaving the hired guns to protect their interests.

Their weapons of choice? Fear and money.

Cost to attain that luxury? Money. LOTS of it.

Where does the money come from?
Why such a thick infrastructure?
Why the need for an infrastructure?
What are they afraid we might see?
Is there a reason why such a religion can't be transparent in it's operation?

These are questions that "the world" will some day ask of this organization and community.

Convenient reasons this organization would use: "the world" just wouldn't understand. Or, "we don't want to be in the world". Or, "we don't want the world in our business".

How WOFF operates versus how it appears to operate to the rest of "the world" is so disparate, that it would be hard not to notice, discuss, challenge, fight, earn disdain and all emotions and reactions that any human being NOT in the WOFF world would experience or display. The lengths taken toward protecting the WOFF world should be huge red flag to even the most casual observer.

When this much secrecy/privacy is paramount to the success at continuing this operation, people are prone to want to ask questions.

How about this example: Some in politics are willing to put up with controversy, name calling, angry constituents, scrutiny by the media...all because they want power. And they want to stay in power (so they can get MORE power), in that order.

And you wonder why Americans are angry? Because they can't reach the politicians that made this possible. Why, because of the infrastructure they created. What infrastructure? Well, let's see, you just can't walk into their office and talk to them, they most likely won't take your calls, they will have you screened at one of their town hall meetings and then thrown out if you press them on anything.

That is a form of infrastructure that keeps their distance from them...AND WE PUT THEM THERE!

America is angry because we just can't call them up and fire them.

It's frustrating, I know. Even more frustrating? People who give up or are indifferent to the politicians and the system.

Let's apply this type of frustration closer to home:

People in Rutherfordton County not in WOFF indifferent to the activities of WOFF.

We have seen many results of broken families, individuals and more coming from WOFF.
There are those inside who seek to get out. Many more in foreign countries seeking to leave, have left or are heeding the experiences of those who have left.

Again, more questions. Why are they getting out. Why did they leave? What has it cost them emotionally? Why is WOFF controversial?

WOFFWATCHER has addressed this before and will continue to do so in this blog until the community gets that it would be better off policing itself.

Otherwise, unwanted global media attention is next.

Followed by scrutiny and all that it entails.

Your choice.


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