Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's That Time Of Year Again - Opportunity

"Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge” -Scott Adams

It's that time of year again!

WOFF graduation and wedding ceremonies are queuing up and that means loads of visitors are due to arrive and attend.

Regular readers to this blog may be among those planning on getting a look-see for themselves about the much discussed, certainly controversial group, known as WOFF.

You will find smiling, happy, nice, going out of their way to please you members, (aka smiling zombies of bliss) catering to your visit as if in a first class hotel.

You should make sure you pack jeans and shorts and tank tops to wear outside of going to church with them. They really get pissed when you dress like this.

Try to find restaurants to go that serve alcohol and invite everybody. See what they tell you.

If you have tattoos, make sure they are visible.

Ladies, anything low cut and short will really get them to take you aside for a talking to.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Legal stuff, that is.

Any Goth persons visiting? Sweet! Welcome to the Dark Arts.

If WOFF has a gift shop, ask if they have Dead Sea Scroll Steak Knives.

These are examples of every day life with which they will find themselves quite uncomfortable if you oblige today's blog, or one of your own requests, and will no doubt result in someone taking you aside and asking you to modify your behavior, language, dress, questions...........


Staying in a hotel THEY picked? Look around, ask why. 

Are WOFF members ALWAYS present when you are with a family member? Ask WHY? Ask them to leave, see what they say.

On the way to their church for the ceremonies, take note of the protesters near their compound. Take pictures, talk to them and get a good idea of what being on the “outside” of WOFF is like. This is, of course unless someone from WOFF is driving you to the ceremony.

As you're in the car, ask what radio station they like or what their favorite song on the radio is?

When you get to the compound, look around for guys in suits “guarding” the area.

When you set foot on the compound, take as many pictures as you can of the place.

Same goes for indoors.

Ask how long the service will last (3 hours)?

Notice everyone's behavior. This is not a regular church service where there might be blasting demons (presumably to the tune:( Bang Your Head by Quiet Riot), asking for tithes, punishing people for thinking of the color pink. You know, a regular Sunday.

At the reception, take every opportunity to ask Jane questions including: I'd like to know why you encourage estrangement from family members, how is that productive? How is that God's way?

Also, is it YOU that determines who marries who? (she'll say God) Are you trying to marry off as many foreign members to US members to keep the membership going? Also: Why is it that you have so many more NON members (who are quite vocal) than members ? Also: Does it bother you that you have so many enemies? (she'll mention God here) Or, ask her about her dad Bill Brock, or her biological dad John Henry Bumgarner. Or, you said in a newspaper interview that people who oppose your church "get cancer". How so?

Or, if you have been reading this and or John's blog, you might glean a few choice, certainly uncomfortable questions for Jane.

And by all means, don't let Jane have all the fun. Try probing Brooke Covington or
nudge Jane Caulder or Holly Morris. Maybe quiz Ray Farmer about surveillance equipment.

Ask Wayne Hall about his Private Eye biz or any bouts with (the group) Anonymous.... yet. Ask if he's packing heat.

Break out in a song from a Broadway play and yell:" I'm coming out, I'm Gay", and see what happens. 

Or, better yet, bring someone that is Gay and make a big deal out of it.

Even if you DONT do any of the suggested contents in today's blog, you will be watched and perhaps not know it. There will be so many eyes on you, it's quite scary.

Don't forget: Take as many pictures of people and indoors as you can. This may help in future investigations.

Ask to go to the fourth building. This is where they separate those whom WOFF has punished. Ask for any fourth building alumni.

Your visit to WOFF land or Jane-Dale should be eye opening. Instead of visiting, count on getting some work in by doing some of the aforementioned.

No doubt you will encounter resistance. No doubt they will try to change the subject. No doubt they will blame one of the bloggers for inciting this upon them.

The point of all this is......

THIS blogger is trying to get you to see this is a dangerous cult. You need to steer clear of them. WW encourages you to continue to seek and serve God, not these people. Certainly not THAT woman.

Look around, pay attention, ask questions.

This is one of the rare times (?) that outsiders get to come in and look around. Use your opportunity.


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  1. hahaha loving it! that is exactly what anyone visiting that place should do! take it from me I left that place!

    One more thing though; see if your kids can go to school without your entire family having to go to THEIR church every Wednesday and Sunday?