Sunday, July 28, 2013

Research, Intelligence, What's next?

"...And God so loved the World....."
-The Bible

After recently observing the WW site internally, WW has seen that regular readers come to this site daily for the latest rant, lesson, news, etc. No updates have been posted since April 23rd, but some of you have explored earlier posts, in addition to the highly viewed links and Letter to Jane. Good for you. I had hoped these and other posts would get the attention they deserve as many who have followed this blog only have gone to the Links and Letter and skipped the other good ones.

WW felt that although posts hit the nail on the hammer each time, many of you don't quite have the motivation to: leave WOFF, blow the whistle on enablers, and certainly comment or even email me about anything WOFF.

I understand your frustration. I understand your fear.

There is no need to fear. If you want to email in confidence, I guarantee your anonymity.

I can say I know this now because I have been in your neighborhood.

And while I have silently gleaned the intel, most of it is really confirming WOFF chatter I have intercepted before, only a couple of things stood out. But they are big.

I love grits, by the way. Everything fried? Bring it on! Incredible food and super nice people, mostly in Ca'aline-ah. And what is the deal with all the rain? And what is the deal with NC SC drivers?

Oh, now everybody with a surveillance camera is stumbling over the tapes to check for any “stranger”!   Go ahead, I dare anybody to identify me.

One more thing: Was that God bringing those storms and continuous rain or was it God not happy with the middleman/woman, again?

Michael Lowry is out, physically, from WOFF.
Ok, so what about the charges against WOFF?? I know your plate is full right now, guy. Work on getting back on your feet. We're rooting for you!

John Huddle's blog reported that some students at a local college were having a time with WOFFers.

A custody battle is up front again.  (Thank You John Huddle!)

WOFF weddings are so numerous now, the Moonies are taking notice.
There has always been WOFF interest in foreigners and going to foreign countries, but lately it's wholesale Brazil, and Northern Europe from where the big draws are emanating.

I'm pretty sure most everyone who follows WW or Religious Cults info knows all of this.

What WW found wasn't so much news, it was confirmation.

Confirmation that people are really divided in the region. I say region because the WOFF controversy extends beyond Rutherford County. This really was an eye opener. I can safely say that WOFF is a household name at least in a 150 mile radius of Rutherford County, easy.

Cities like Atlanta, Tulsa, suburban Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Greenville SC, Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville, Name a city in Virginia, have WOFF ties, enablers, family members, members, or just people that have an opinion of it.

What's impressive here is that people have an opinion, not just know, about WOFF.

Most people who have an opinion have heard of Jane, think WOFF is a cult, know someone who knows someone that was/is in it, think there's more to it than just a religion..


And so it is for just about every person asked in Rutherford and surrounding counties. Only one difference in the immediate area, though. They are angry about WOFF's presence as well as Jane and some of their members. Many did not know that everyday business people and movers and shakers are responsible for helping it be what it is today. The one's that do, are afraid to speak.

Local government has some good people in it, others.....? You've been made. I know who you are and I have seen your faces and where you live and how you live. I am talking about the WOFF enablers. Some of them live in other parts of the USA and some in-state.

Some of the agencies WW has asked you to contact through the many previous links provided, if you have information, or believe a crime was committed,  that might lead to an investigation, already have WOFF under it's microscope.

Most telling is thenumber of scrutinous eyes on the legal teams involved with the higher than average number of bankruptcies of WOFF members.

WOFF legal teams know they and WOFF are being watched, but don't know the entire list.

Some WOFF enablers know they are being watched.

As for the WOFF members?

I found many of them to be absolutely lovely people. It's quite apparent that they have made a choice for themselves and this church suits them fine, warts and all.

I am dismayed however at the treatment of some of the WOFF members by outside people, who, as it seems to me or any broad minded person, are seemingly pleasant and sincere, but take a figurative beating by people who hate WOFF or don't understand or don't want to understand.

Their confusion or ignorance about WOFF is understandable.

WOFF members not in leadership have made a choice. Like some people make a choice to smoke, to live any way they like to. And, so because they worship God diferently justifies outsider's actions against regular WOFF members, how?????

Grant it, some of the regular WOFFers I have observed may be involved in the practices to which we object, and we can never know the full scope, but leadership is mostly, if not, entirely responsible for controversial actions. No one can excuse that Jane Whaley is the one that says she is the ONLY ONE who talks to God. That any other way of worshiping God is not good enough to reach heaven.

Ma'am, I talk to God too. WW readers have talked to God. We have ALL talked to God.

And he talks to US too.

God's grace brings you to God, but many times the middleman/woman is the wrench in the works.And that's where people get confused, hurt, taken advantage of, lied to, punished for no reason other than to defy HER.

Adults, children, human beings don't deserve this kind of treatment - all in the name of God. Not by this woman, not by this church, not by it's leadership, not by anyone.

There are WOFF members are not comfortable with their existence in this organization. They are the ones who deserve our attention and compassion. It is THEY who feel trapped and report punishment  (i.e. the fourth building) or the threat of humiliation or that they will be hooked on drugs or that they'll die of cancer or that no one will ever talk to them again or they will be cut off from the family they leave behind.

Remember, NO is the most powerful weapon you have against treatment you feel is getting out of hand.

NO stops everything.

NO gets results.

NO gets you out of there.

There are the outside family members who have been estranged by Jane's edict, who deserve our attention and compassion.

These two groups are reason enough for this blog. But so have some of WOFF's practices.

WW has made peace with the fact that people make choices every day. Some who made a choice to join WOFF and are clearly happy, to their own satisfaction. You've got to give them that.

God bless them.

I am sure if they had a different leader or doctrine, they would be just as happy, but wouldn't have to account for their every action to the church or leader.

We must continue to think clearly and responsibly and act accordingly to help those seeking to leave WOFF and to comfort families inside and out torn by WOFF.

We can't, you can't, do anything harmful. Leave your emotions in check. It's hard, but YOU CAN do it.

If you meet another WOFFer who isn't in leadership, leave them alone. Your fight is to HELP those seeking refuge and your fight is to help those families. Those people love GOD. It may be different from how you do, so respect that.

This mission continues. It has however, gone to another level now.

Here's what WW knows:

Mistakes will cost WOFF. This will be their undoing. Government agencies already looking will pounce at the first solid opportunity.

WOFF leadership and it's attorney's are wary of confrontation and the unknown.The legal teams, such as they are, are overconfident and blinded by their zeal. They have been helped along by individuals within the local justice system. And they too, have been made.

A great example of this is the mug shot pictures of the WOFF security team, upon arrest, for complaint of stalking Michael Lowry and Jerry Cooper, the individuals were smiling. Local mug shots for anyone else in this process won't allow for SMILING.

WOFF is more unprepared than they are prepared for the next or big legal fight.

They have enemies in local government that haven't quite all made themselves known.

Their fight with the state Department of Social Services may seem dormant, and for the most part, it seems. However, WOFF stands to lose ground with them in the future.

WOFF enablers will continue their relationship because most seem to feel insulated from any connection or relationship. The key word here is seem. That's all I can say right now.

I ask that followers of this blog think sensibly and not fall prey to the drama created by past examples of drama that have sunk past cases with Police and the Courts.

Think of consequences. Let WOFF make mistakes in front of you while you are video taping any encounter. Look at You Tube videos of people in situations. Cameras don't lie. There is a You Tube video in WOFF's future. Most importantly, don't give in to emotions. Plan ahead. Remember details, names of witnesses, times, locations. Look at a Police incident report and see what details they will need when you DO file a report. Ask God to help you keep your senses when the going get's tough.

Finally, to make my point, Jane and WOFF are down on “the world”. It's in God's own Bible that "he loved the world”.

Worshiping God is not an exclusive club. It is between you and he. It doesn't have to be someone's church or statue or person saying they are speaking on behalf of God. Can't you talk to God? You can. He listens. He answers prayers. He sometimes doesn't answer prayers. He has a plan for you. Listen to GOD, not his self appointed representative.

So, here's WW problem with WOFF:

WOFF's treatment of people who just don't want to be there by punishing them and humiliating them and even lying to them ("If you leave, you'll get hooked on drugs"), is reprehensible. 

WOFF's system of living with families to keep "walking with God" but more to listen in on phone calls, go through mail, computers, contact with outside family members, is reprehensible.

Further, opening recruitment campaign  to countries with open tolerance (sometimes viewed as less sophisticated or jaded) to marry WOFF members, is reprehensible.

Jane Whaley's personal involvement in directing couples to join, court, have sex, have children, is reprehensible.

Also, Jane's assertion that THEY/WOFFers, are the only way to heaven, is reprehensible.

WOFF's war chest, that is, bank accounts and considerable assets with sometimes vague ties to the church and or Jane, which defy accountability, are reprehensible.

Jane's edict to cut off ties with family members outside their church, is reprehensible. This affects many people and generations to come.

Jane's manipulation of some people, including doleing out punishment, humiliation, or even telling people "they are like my own family", is reprehensible.

WOFF's cozying up to Holocaust Victims to reinforce their own credibility as being victims themselves, is reprehensible.

RELIGIONS, instead of YOUR own connection with God, have succeeded in creating victims.

The Catholic Church has it's tragedy involving young boys and priests.

FLDS and it's practices of  arrangement of illegal marriages between his adult male followers and underage girls.

Anders Behring Breivik  hurt 151 people and killed 77. Hours prior to the events, Breivik released a 1,500 page manifesto detailing that immigrants were undermining Norway's traditional Christian values, and identifying himself as a "Christian crusader". Analyses of his motivations have noted that he did not only display Christian terrorist inclinations, but also had non-religious, right-wing beliefs.

Muslims being confused for extremist muslims.

Klan members justify their actions based on Christian beliefs.

The mass suicide of The People's Temple in 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana.

Televangelists who live in luxury at the expense of their followers.

And many American Christians believe they are victims because they are connected with being conservative. Now that's custom victimization at it's most blatent example.

The common thread: VICTIMS.

How is WOFF different from these? 

How far do you want to carry this, people?

Read the bible. Help someone that needs help. Feed and or clothe someone hungry. Join a group that helps people. Give. Pray. Visit a nursing home or a hospital. Good is good. Stay focused. Visit not one church, but many others. WW has been to many. It's real interesting how people worship. The more culture you expose yourself to, the less you will be apt to judge others, but more importantly, you will learn. You may even learn to embrace new thinking or people or theology. Avoid churches that are just social opportunities.

This should be a connection with YOU and GOD. Everything else doesn't really matter.


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