Friday, November 22, 2013

Attack? Victims? A Product of Manipulation, Get off your A.......

I do respect people's faith, but I don't respect their manipulation of that faith in order to create fear and control.  -  Javier Bardem

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.  -  Philip K. Dick

The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own. - Frank Zappa

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse  - Edmund Burke

Usually, one quote will do as a precursor to each discussion. This one however, compels WW to pile on with several potent quotes.

Many of you know someone, a mother, mother in law, father, father in law, boss, brother, sister, and ex wife, an ex husband, daughter, son, friend, acquaintance, and yes, pastor....who gets their way, has a way with words, possibly some charisma, and perhaps has developed a reputation, for being persuasive.

These people might not always see themselves as manipulative, but keen observers always do. I have known many people who pride themselves over having so much influence over people.

And then there are some who are so delusional, they don't believe they are doing harm with their words or influence.

Their arsenal is stacked with tactics, such as playing the victim, as detailed in this very good web page .

It is this gift, skill, talent or power, with variations and nuances incorporated into a system that Jane Whaley controls over her followers and church.

WOFF sees itself as being persecuted for their beliefs. So, Jane has developed a system to counter “persecution” by likening themselves to the Jewish people who suffered at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis.

However, I don't know of any WOFF members who are or have been in concentration camps, put to death, tattooed for identification, experimented upon, made to work as slaves, etc. at the hands of others.

Do you?

So, Jane, WOFF MEMBERS ARE NOT LIKE THE JEWISH PEOPLE. You have nothing in common with them. To put yourselves among them, under the guise of honoring their plight with exhibits, education and conferences, is pure theater, more importantly an insult to the Jewish People.

You are not fooling anyone except the members who live by your every word.

As with being a victim, is as one who has class. One who possesses it should never proclaim it. Rather, let the observers make that call. This distances you, certainly distinguishes you from those, who claim to be victims/have class.

Attacks, as used by WOFF members to describe people's opinions or feelings toward them are the preferred spin, viewpoint from what it actually is: CHALLENGE.

Challenging is not attack.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire was an attack because it employed the use of weapons, hence, an attack.

Disagreement over a topic with the use of facts to support it, is a challenge.

The issue here has always been about control is so important to Jane, which must stop, and will stop.

The issue has always been about the types of punishment and lies Jane doles out to people, which is unnecessary and may result in law enforcement intervention.

The issue here has always been about why a "church" refuses to be transparent in it's financial matters.

The issue here has always been about the "church" and it's "legal team" firewall and gaming the system to it's advantage.

The issue here is why a church that professes love for all and feels persecuted, always winds up making headlines for: being accused of assault, being accused of hate crimes, being accused of stealing people's children, being accused of having "church members" stalk other members or former members or other people, among other accusations.

Sign Posted in front of WOFF during the Lowry Case. It was taken down shortly after the trial was dropped. How convenient!
Federal and local Investigation is necessary to prove to the world what I already know about Jane, WOFF and it's "legal team".

WOFF, you aren't fooling anyone out here. And from the chatter I am hearing, some of your members question your credibility.

The true victims here are those who have chosen to BELIEVE Jane Whaley's words and live by them.

The true victims here are those families who have been estranged/cut off from family members inside WOFF.

The true victims here are those in Brazil, Norway and other countries who are recruited to join the “church” and ultimately separated from family members and their homes to be with the congregation in North Carolina.

The true victims are people inside the church and made to work for the church (free labor), who are required to give money to the church beyond their means, who are punished needlessly at the whim of Jane's wrath.

Those who read this blog and just sit and sigh and do nothing are NOT VICTIMS.

I have stated time and time again and plainly: GET UP OFF YOUR A?!$ AND DO SOMETHING.

Have I not painstakingly assembled an outline of ideas with links to agencies for reporting possible violations of civil rights, hate crimes, hipaa acts, assaults, etc? See the links in previous blogs.

I have my own list of work to accomplish toward seeing to it that WOFF and Jane are held accountable to the law with regard to finances, civil rights, hipaa, and possible crimes.  I have made significant progress toward that end.

There is nothing NICE about this kind of fight with WOFF.

WOFF has a financial war chest and legal team. Both will be challenged beyond their limits very soon.

There is no polite way of getting you motivated. I do not care if you do not care about how I go about this. Either you are in, or you are not. I have no tolerance for spectators. We need responsible individuals who will go by the legal system to affect this issue.

Every bit of evidence helps. Yours might be the one that blows this thing wide open. So, it can't all be from my efforts, you have to contribute.

This means, for some people, individuals with the B@!!$ to take their individual matters to authorities and not giving up at the first opportunity, and IN A LAWFUL AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER.

And, if you are trying to avoid drama, or don't want any drama, don't even get in the fight. You don't belong in any army.

WOFF members may view this as an expression of frustration WW blog readers. No, just some of you. But the work continues.

Further, some in WOFF, especially Jane, view WW as just a blogger.

You both are very wrong.

Who stands with me to make a difference?


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