Saturday, January 5, 2013

Document Everything......WORKS!

"If it's a miracle, any sort of evidence will answer. But, if it's a fact, proof is necessary" - MARK TWAIN
If I'm the FBI guy observing on behalf of the Justice Department Friday at the Michael Lowry hearing, there to determine if this case, and the one involving the Grand Jury on the original Michael Lowry complaint warrants an escalation to Federal territory, I can't help but notice the fur clad women present in the courthouse, presumably interested WOFF members, wives or observers, flaunting their comfort and arrogance to the world.

If for just that, they are guilty of posturing, but more-so contradicting the tenets of their faith, at least in in it's most fundamental sense. Nonetheless, thumbing your nose at the world doesn't help your cause, especially when those who would be responsible for bring down your world are present for your day in court. It also screams that leadership is dangerous more so for their cluelessness as well as their inability to avoid the temptation of acting like the sinner in a given situation, like this.

Most defense attorneys will tell their clients to dress as professional or as unassuming as possible to help along their perception. In many cases, the wives and families of the defendants present, also get this type of coaching. But, it's like the smart girl everybody likes (this used to happen to me) who goes and defends her fellow girls actions, and all the while sticks out her tongue at you while the teachers and students celebrate her heroism against you, even though you are really the good one in this action.

No sir, if I'm the FBI guy, I'm taking it all in. Evidence, certainly, need to have evidence. Pattern, absolutely! Handling by local law enforcement, well, that should be interesting.  Behavior of defendants, attorneys, court observers with an obvious side in the matter. The court, that's an interesting one. What about the local government. Hmmm, I'd want to look into all of that. What about the southern poverty law center? What does the Trinity Foundation have? How about IRS records?

My personal favorite, who are their friend$?

There is certainly something here that would promote a ticket back to the bureau to look into all of these.

Ex WOFF'ers, current WOFF'ers and others with information, this would be your time to bring your story forth.

The outcome at Friday's hearing was the least of it as attorneys for the defense sloppily, awkwardly, presented their case, as well as motioned to dismiss the charges, including stalking and false imprisonment, to which the judge agreed.

Surprised or entertained?

The more interesting element is what is to come, the FBI agent, further evidence against WOFF for the original Michael Lowry  case, and everything else under consideration by the eye.

And, of course, let me remind you, some of you are sitting on some gold right now. It's time.

Despite the victory for WOFF, if WW wants attorneys to lose a case for me, the WOFF guys are the one's I'd call. And would do so with a straight face.

The Judge however, took issue with the way the plaintiffs were surrounded or detained during their encounter with the WOFF members charged, and he DID consider those charges with more scrutiny. The Judge also denied the access of cameras, or in this case, a TV camera into the room to document the proceeding. It would have to be done the old fashioned way. With pen and paper and EARS.

What's this? The Forest City Daily Courier was present to record, albeit also the old fashioned way, the details about the encounter between Jerry Cooper, Michael Lowry and the four WOFF members?  How long WAS your nap guys?

Even if this most visible example of how WOFF's days in peace are numbered, there remains the members waiting to expose them in similar ways to Mr. Lowry's case. There are still HIPAA, IRS, FCC, DOJ, State Family Services, Department of Education, Immigration and Homeland Security areas to explore. I say this because if WOFF doesn't, hasn't realized it, they, over time,  have been heavily monitored and documented, hence the WATCHER part of this blog's name.

Information, independent of anything I could ever even dream of, is available, and some has already made it's way to interested parties, and a boatload (and I usually use the politically incorrect version of boatload) of information, is just sitting there waiting to be examined and evaluated and acted on. In the time I have been watching WOFF and even before when I was a family member watching as many of you reading this, I have learned quite a bit about this cult. The common denominator here is that WOFF'ers don't try hard enough, don't WANT to try, or don't know HOW to try to fend us of effectively. They are taunting us outside the "church" as sloppy as it gets. They are in over their heads and they don't realize it. And, now that they have a street-fighter in their face, well...........

So, here is what I've learned so far:

They can't keep their mouths shut. 

They brag and boast about everything. Man alive, you'd think this was a sports bar and their team just sacked the quarterback.  No secret is safe in this place. It's just not the furs, check out the hair, the clothes, the cars, the houses....

They are self unaware.

You know those people who talk real loud on their cell phones and are told by others shut up, and then the loud talkers get mad? Those people. Or, how about the people who let their kids run all over the place and tell the parents to get their kids in control and the parents get mad? Those people. As far as WOFF'ers are concerned, they can do no wrong. Who? Us? What? Really!

They are terrible at lying. 

Although family members have told me as well as other members to their family members, that the events raising controversy at WOFF are all lies. This is despite documented proof, police reports, bruises, missing property, and just plain fear from former members. People watching people they are supposed to watch and then report on, are being watched themselves and they don't even know it. How's THAT for self unaware? 

They want to pick a verbal battle with you.

Even if you walk on eggs having a conversation with a family member, that is, not bringing anything up that you think might upset them like a birthday, a holiday, how they worship, even if you leave all of that out of your conversation and are just making small talk, they will try to pick something, anything, to which engage you in attacking them. Do you engage them? Well, if you do, they now feel THEY'RE in control of the narrative. They have you playing defense. Even if you verbally beat them to a pulp, as WW has done so many times, they will come away with having felt as they have defended mother Jane and the rest of the zombies of bliss. Don't worry, it's an order put on the membership to go on the attack themselves. In their minds, they are the warriors fighting for the cause. In reality, they are just blowing smoke thinking it's a fire when it's really just....smoke. These people have no skill at arguing a point, talking points and all. Absolutely none. Let 'em think they won. Hey, it's WOFF after all.

The infighting in this organization is staggering.

Does Jane have an exit plan? It seems that those who drool at the potential of being the next Jane seem to have the scenario already made. It just has to be carefully introduced. The power brokers(meow), such as they are, are incredibly underestimating the consequences of their intended actions, much less are qualified to take on this or any kind of position.. Even Jane isn't qualified to handle Jane's world. I've seen some of the stunts she's pulled that you haven't. And, they are doozies.

   Security? What Security?

When the very people you charge with protecting you wind up getting arrested, how secure are you?  Guys: you don't even know when PI's are watching you? Seriously? Wait until the FCC gets wind of  their crack security teams' surveillance stash. Gangsta' thugs won't even get this kind of attention.

 Financial troubles. 

This one I will save for later. I know enough here that will determine how they move forward. I WILL say their self-unawareness would dispute this and it would be expected.

 So, is the end near?

Not quite, the end is just beginning. It will be slow, it will come in increments. This will take quite a bit of time. Like an onion, this has many layers (and it is a big honking onion). Stay tuned and....

DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! (resist the drama, make the drama all come from them and record it)
Because we now know it works!


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