Monday, October 22, 2012

A Heightened Sense of Urgency

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

You must do the things which you think you cannot do.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

According to a recent story published on WLOS TV in Asheville, NC,  and several newspapers across the United States, local law enforcement served warrants for the arrest of four people, reportedly WOFF members, for allegedly stalking and imprisonment against Michael Lowry, a former WOFF member.

This story also makes reference to an incident that allegedly occurred on August 1, 2011, in which former Mr. Lowry says he was beaten.

There is no doubt that WOFF will vigorously defend these charges within the court system.

But now, there are TWO incidents in which they will have to answer.

If anything, this most recent incident might just give the previous one credibility, if the facts are correct.

I must emphasize that there must be enough facts for a grand jury to pursue the matter further. Any inconsistency or lack of proof will hinder this investigation from going further.

This is why WW has said in previous blogs: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Witnesses are most important as well.

It is now as timely as ever for someone else to come forward if they feel they have been a victim of a crime, civil rights violation or something they believe was performed upon them unjustly.

If you believe a crime or violation of civil rights was committed against you? If so, report it to authorities.

If you feel your mail has been read without your knowing or consent, contact the Postal Authorities. If you feel your internet or phone is being monitored or jammed, contact the FCC. If you feel you are being followed or stalked, call the Police. If you feel you have been held against your will, contact the authorities, WOFF can't hold you forever.

Researching WOFF? Here are some links.

Otherwise readers, pay attention to names and faces of people involved in the investigation and defending of these incidents. Depending on the outcome, some key WOFF members or enablers will help identify themselves through their participation in these matters.

This is what I have ALSO said in previous blogs. It might just take one incident for a series of investigations on matters similar and matters related, to commence. This is why I have said that WOFF cannot afford multiple or even just one legal fight that will spark international attention on this congregation. Enough investigations and attention will ultimately bring an end to the WOFF you know now.

WOFF'ers have boasted they win every court battle. No you haven't. You won the one's you won and the others involved a settlement, which isn't winning. And you've lost some.

And, if not. Don't forget to read the DETERMINATION blog here on WW.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, political affiliation, skin color, way to worship, etc, I think we can agree that ALL people need to be treated with respect and dignity.

Worship on,  Woffer's. WW does not hate nor deny you to worship God, it's just not done the way it has. If authorities have to be called to your campus ever time someone feels they have been victimized, then you're going to be called on it every time. And WW will be here to yell at you.

And those of you who are just waiting for the moment to escape WOFF,  and I know for a fact there are, there is a heightened sense of tension going on in your community,
you may have to make that call on your own, given the latest current events. They may be extra cautious, or NOT.  Don't forget the FAITH FREEDOM FUND can help you.

805 Oakland Road
Spindale, NC 28160

And if you can't inventory your belongings and leave them behind, give all of them names as in your friends, or pets or things you know from the past that only you know. This will help you DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. i.e. computer-"Becky", phone is: MATT...Write it down as soon as you are out and file a Police report.

Finally, I have pondered an oportune time to blog about WOFF's phony involvement and association with Holocaust victims and survivors. So, here it is. These people have unknowingly been victimized by WOFF's association with them all the while likening themselves to some of the persecution the Jewish people faced during WW II.

It is most interesting to see that while WOFF'ers believe THEY are victims of persecution, WOFF'ers are also guilty of persecuting people whose sexual preference they find, different, or disturbing, or disagree. The NAZI'S practiced this.  So, you guys cherry pick your church practice?

Families and people, stay cool. These are tumultuous times. We must stay calm and resonable and let the law handle each incident with it's due course. If not, we still have time. They will make more mistakes. I say MORE because the ones from the past they cannot undo, and will be subject to investigation. Otherwise, don't make this worse than it is. Let's hope, watch, pray, help if we can, and pray some more.  WW does not tolerate or endorse violence as a means to and end.

Finally, Jane, you still owe us an apology.


glad to see your comments, anonymous or otherwise..

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