Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fish Or Cut Bait...A Special Comment

First, A Story...

A dog lies lazily on his side on a front porch on a hot summer day. Every now and then the dog howls in pain, contemplating getting up, but doesn't. This practice goes on and on and on for hours. A neighbor stops by the house to visit with the dog's owner to talk about some neighborhood gossip when the dog howls again. The neighbor asks "why is the dog howling? . The owner says "the dog is lying on a nail". The neighbor asks "why doesn't he get off the nail?"The owner says: "because it doesn't hurt enough yet".
And, so we have the WOFFer who wants to leave, is thinking about leaving, only the nail causing him/her pain, doesn't hurt enough..... yet.

Since July of last year, I have made my position known on the illegitimacy of WOFF. I have posted words of encouragement, ideas to pursue, challenged WOFF leadership and ideology, provided links to WOFF and related subjects, provided counter ideas to their twisted logic, pleaded with you to leave this tragedy waiting to happen, and even given you scenarios that will most likely occur as time goes on.

And you have read (thank you), and you have looked at the links. Some of you have even posted comments.

And, some of you who read this blog, play for the other team. WW knows that, and much more.

But I digress.

I know, for some people leaving WOFF can be daunting. It might also be complicated because it might not just be you. Your spouse and family might not be on the same page. I know, that's a dilemma. Taking such a big step requires courage and a plan. Yes, it does. Yeah, they might have you locked in pretty good, or at least have you thinking that way.

But all your whimpering, complaining, crying, whining, dreaming, fantasizing.....won't get the job done unless you, like the dog on the porch, Get Off your Lazy, Timid, Behinds and Get Moving.

The place you go to "church" is bad for you. It is bad for your health. It is bad for the people outside it that love you. It is bad for your friends INSIDE the "church". It is bad for the community.

It is bad.

These people are lying to you.

These people are doing insane things in the name of God.

These people have made you their slaves.

What they are doing to you is at the very least, evil, possibly criminal and certainly beyond reprehensible.

This is a place where secrecy, paranoia, constant and ever present monitoring, screaming out demons, abuse, and controversy, lives in your daily life, and can't be good for anyone.

These people above you in leadership will ultimately be investigated and charged if they are responsible for criminal acts and sued for civil ones.

By the way, that "waiver" you signed, will be thrown out in court, and isn't worth the piece of paper on which it is written because it's not enforceable. Their lawyers will tell you otherwise, but they're not YOUR lawyers, don't believe them!

Opponents to this blog would dismiss this as anything but vitriol and bluster.

You are wrong, cult - breath!

The WOFF leadership, such as it is, view the outside world with contempt, paranoia and disdain. They will tell you that I am lying and that terrible things will happen to you if you leave. Again, they are lying to you as they have no proof of this.


Those who would challenge WOFF would only waste their time, as WOFF will hold strong, in their twisted view.

Of course this is going to be their stance. They know they have you under their thumb and any "outsider" isn't going to sway them, you or anybody in WOFF. They have you scared and believing them. To your families and those outside your "church" ,YOU HAVE BECOME SMILING ZOMBIES OF BLISS.


Real faith can be explored by you outside of this place. Real faith and love await you to explore and worship as you want outside of this place.

These people, Jane Whaley particularly, have gotten rich from YOUR hard work and money. She will get richer and thus, more powerful around those she controls with YOUR money, until she and WOFF is exposed for the fraud that is clearly going on.

Time and time again I have said that this will all end and it will end badly. It will end because people will tell their story to the authorities, the authorities will investigate, and the authorities will not come up empty handed. There will be so much to investigate here that the feds will have their hands full. They will investigate the alleged abuses, both physically and emotionally, to people in their "church" now, and those who have left and continue to come forward. They will investigate the trail of money that comes from YOU, that comes from "secret" contributors (not secret to me, I KNOW who they are) and where the money goes, how it is spent, what for, as well as WHO is paid to keep this organization powerful and moving forward. They will investigate the already documented accounts of people who were electronically monitored. Foreign governments along with our State Department will investigate the legitimacy of foreign students working conditions and treatment,as well as the fund raising in foreign countries.There will be investigations into the chaperoning of WOFF members to Doctor's and clinic visits, which is potentially a violation of the HIPPAA act..

And, it's all because WOFF feels because it is above accountability. How arrogant is that?

WOFF: the bottom line here is that your organization will be dismantled.

Between your current(soon to be ex) followers, ex members, interested community members, Federal Agencies, Me, and more, will see to that.

Laugh and scoff all you want.

However, never underestimate the power of determination. History has shown that determination has brought down governments, civilizations, corruption and evil.

So what makes WOFF so different? Nothing. WOFF leadership is delusional.

God on your side? Not the same as everyone Else's.

Money on their side? That's just WOFF, and there are more of US than you and your money.

The next fight WOFF picks will be their last, as all eyes interested in this place will swarm in with suits and briefcases and badges and lots and lots of paper. Hope the hotels in Rutherford County will be prepared.

So, Fish or cut bait? Read everything I have posted to remind you, to give you ideas, to give you logic to challenge them. And if something happened to you, write everything down in detail, because the cops will want to know. And don't be afraid of them being in cahoots with Jane. Those cops will be found out if they are. The Justice Department will want to know this.

If you plan on getting out, get moving..... Just get out.There is no "nice" way of dealing with these people. Get in their face and tell them to leave you alone. They don't play by the rules, so you don't have to either. But don't do anything stupid or illegal.

By the way: How's that nail feeling about now?

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