Sunday, March 11, 2012


No one ever sets out to join a cult.

But you did.
WOFFWATCHER knows, from the inside, the group is inspirational, loving and caring.
  • But then, a line is crossed. 
  • You have now joined a congregation that is:
  • Dependent on secrecy... i.e. lifestyle, infrastrucure
  • Results in Broken Families
  • Has a formidable legal defense...but they don't argue on facts, rather manipulate the law to their own advantage.
  • Claim that their theology is the only path that leads to heaven.
 Now, you have the true definition of a cult. A theater masquerading as a "church".

Most of us who think responsibly, know that structure in our lives is critical to our survival. It is a reason many seek this from their place of worship.

Our small infrastructure begins with:
  • Our family.
  • Our community
  • Our work, and...
  • Our God
Our common component to making decisions is based on trust.

We use trust as our rationale to help decide.

We trust sales people.

We trust real estate agents.

We trust banks.

We trust lawyers.

We trust doctors.

We trust journalists.

We trust our religious leaders.

We trust those politicians and parties we support.

We trust our spouse.

Most of these examples all have some suspicion, negativity, or reputation that we place on them.

Who benefits more from our trust? It, they, them or us?

Are they keeping information from us that would impact our decision?

Do we have the instinct, experience or information to ask more questions? Do you have the instinct to hear what's not been said?

Are our decisions sometimes clouded by a word, a phrase, an ideology, emotion, need, a personality, an atmosphere?

People sometimes fall in love blindly with other people, things, or beliefs. We go ahead without even considering the investment, discretion, benefits, or potential negative impacts.

People sometimes buy something they don't really need because they just like the salesman.What do they know about that salesman? Why might he be the BEST salesman? Sales? Satisfied customers?

Real estate agents may have an agenda on where to place you, how much money to get from you, despite your wishes. Why is there a long list of realty associations, federal and state agencies watching them? Why are there so many real estate companies and agents? Which are the good ones?

Are banks charging you hidden fees or more interest than they should? Did they foreclose on people dishonestly? Then why did the government establish a The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Why did banks and financial companies lobby so hard to keep the government from establishing this agency?

Doctors and Lawyers speak their own language. Do we even know what to ask them? Can we really believe them? How well are they protected if things go wrong? How well are WE protected if things go wrong? Again, what AREN'T they saying?

Do journalists tell the whole story? Do they have an agenda? How would you know true journalism?  Ultimately, it takes education, life experience, cultural experience, social tolerance, a little math and a little science to really know the difference between real journalism and the other stuff.

Everyone agrees that political leaders and parties are the most challenged group in this category. Some politicians can't get out of their own way. Others with good intentions fall prey to the temptations of holding such an important office. This subject evokes cynicism, mistrust, emotion and skepticism than most of the above. It has the same dynamics with the journalists comparison as well as the salesman, banks, doctors and lawyers and even real estate.

Your spouse is the person who knows you best. Trust is critical. Many spouses are questioning their other spouses about being in WOFF. Listen to your spouse if he/she has doubts or fear. LISTEN. PROTECT.

Religious leaders will sometimes downplay or dismiss challenge to their theology.
To whom do they answer? (earthly, that is) Financially? Responsibility? (see the Catholic Church) Morally?

Real faith is ALWAYS willing to be challenged. Don't accept: "we don't answer to anyone".

Jim Jones, David Koresh, Warren Jeffs, didn't, and moved their congregations to isolated areas, where they could be self sufficient, exploit the laws of smaller, less developed governments. Your "church" has defied that model and boldly has used money to gain power and protection within a system potentially already corrupted.

Those cult leaders, were fed by Power, Paranoia and Greed. Once cornered, they were prone to the destruction of their cult. All with some form of violence and or tragedy as the end result.

How will this play out?

So then......

We can all agree that checks and balances are necessary in all of these categories. Some were established to minimize fraud, and to promote their industry or belief.

We all look back on our decisions and either time or results will prove us right or wrong. Sometimes we don't know if we made the right decision, right away.

Decisions  -  Time   -   Results

We'll look back and find that we were either lazy, complacent, feel others values are the same as ours, and or fair minded, and then forget about it and go about our day. People with an agenda see that in you and can take advantage of that.

And, then you realize it has happened here, to you.

This is where we WAKE UP and see for our very eyes what has happened.

But there were always signs these examples would prove otherwise, and we miss those regularly. While we can't get them all, we could minimize mistakes by moving slower, more deliberate in our decision making.

We WANT to trust. Most importantly, We WANT, NEED..... to ALWAYS BE VIGILANT, especially with our own lives and those who for whom we care.

We MUST take responsibility for our choices and then modify those choice to bring us back to center.

This blog is about common sense and love, not lies.It's about your personal freedom.
This isn't taking you away from God. God will be there when you leave. God will be there when you find another church.

It's helping you see the lies being told to you about what happens to you when you leave this "church".It's helping you keep from being afraid about your every move. It's helping you understand and realize that someone watching your every move is not the love of God.

Your "church", enforced by it's leaders, enabled by their network on the outside to make all of this possible, is also enabled by you, because of your trust.

It might be a tough decision to make, very tough, for some people. The healing doesn't come until you confront the pain....and you should get help to get through this. For some people it's just like trying to come off of medication. It could be that critical.

You can right the choice you made. Ultimately, you have the freedom and the power to worship God in YOUR own way.

You can take control instead of others controlling you. Just start with NO.

The intentions here are not to confuse you.

They are intended to make you THINK.
THINK outside of your present "comfort" zone.
THINK for your life and for your family.
THINK because it is the right thing to do.
THINK if others controlling you is in your best interest.
THINK because you may be enabling something that may be ultimately bad for you.

If the feeling is that WOFF has outside obstacles, consider these facts:
  • Numbers of people will affect change there by leaving the "church" and will impact potential membership.
  • Atrocious, certainly laughable alleged attempts at surveillance. It is effective only for those who adhere to this kind of system. And dangerous.
  • Journalism will bring global attention to this congregation's practices. Facts are stubborn things.
  • How long will it take until the government opens an investigation?
    • How long do you think people on the outside that work for businesses and organizations supporting WOFF will stay quiet?

      But, Love will prevail. 


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