Saturday, May 26, 2012

Who's Lying? The war of propaganda

So, you hear different things from different people about things important to you. WHO do you believe? WHAT do you believe? How do you process what you're told?

Those in WOFF will tell you one thing, others will tell you otherwise, and so on. It has to be tough to make sense of it all and to carry on your daily life.

If you're on the inside and questioning things, are you wrong to question them? Are you wrong to consider opposing views?

Walter Lippmann (American Journalist, 1889-1974) said: “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much

When political candidates, statesmen and leaders prepare for conferences with a competitor, a potential enemy, someone they seek in which to do business, an opposing candidate, simply doing a transaction with another party, they prepare their own opposition research. The smartest and most logical minds are put in place to learn and document everything they know about the other party, how they think, their history, how they would argue the other side. This kind of preparation is critical in knowing what to expect. Then that information is left to those who would represent industry or country or opposing side, that are experienced in dealing at this level.

Many of us do opposition research without even realizing it.

Say you're buying a home and you want to know everything there is to know about that home. How are you going to find out you're getting a good deal? Are you just taking the Realtor's word for it? The Realtor is serving themselves, maybe the seller but not necessarily in that order. You are just a by product of the process. So, now you have the internet, tax records, the word of neighbors, perhaps even your own experience available. If you have gone outside the comfort of the word of your Realtor, then you have conducted opposition research.

If you haven't. Then, stop that practice. Learn everything you can, and not from only one source. This is a fundamental of good journalism. Everything investigated has to have more than one source to be credible. Try this and see how it works for you. Answers have to meet the facts.

This is part of common sense, which, unfortunately, is not common.

But despite this preparation, many who arm themselves with facts don't have the skill to counter their opposition on equal ground. And this is where people get in trouble. I have seen many a prepared person get taken under by a skilled car salesman, Realtor or attorney because they are not familiar nor comfortable with sparring with the opposition. All of their hard work in gathering information is useless because the opposition took things to the next level.

But, don't kick yourself for this! We are all human. Some of us don't have it in their DNA to spar or negotiate with others.

And this is where dealing with WOFF leadership comes in. They know all the things to say. They have a protocol for every situation, despite how well armed you may be with questions, facts, and such..You are treated first with love ( a manipulation ) and then counseled (second stage of a manipulation, usually involving some type of punishment {wait this is the reason you got out in the first place}) and finally talked in to believing you were the one that was wrong ( third stage{wait, now it's my fault?}). Is love the reason? Or control?

And then, you're back in. Just where you started. How did they do it? How did they convince me? Was I really wrong? Are they wrong? What do they have to gain? How do I know if they are lying?

Simple. You give them power by giving it up to them. The only reason things happen to you is because you allow it to happen. You enable them by not standing your ground and agreeing to the first or next response they have. Make them back up their answers. "Jane said.." or "God said.." just isn't going to cut it.

The same way you give your Realtor power over you by their controlling the information you have on the home you are buying. The same as the attorney or salesman who answers your questions but doesn't offer any facts outside of the questions you didn't ask.  Ronald Reagan said: " Trust, but verify". It works here too.

Consider the facts. Rationalize logic, set aside emotion. What is practical? What is important? What have you gained? How do you see yourself in one year, five years, ten years?Are they answering your questions, or are they diverting your question or answering it with answers. As I have said before: true faith is always willing to be challenged.

Remember, there are a lot more people out there that love you than inside WOFF. This is an indisputable hard fact.It's in the numbers, but most importantly who, like your family and your friends. The Faith Freedom Fund is there if you have no resources. The 828- 289 -7923 Hotline is available. And WOFFWATCHER's links and words can hopefully help you see things clearer.

Know Freedom (to worship god as you wish) = No WOFF = No Jane (nobody's perfect).

Fighting for you, Always with tough-love


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