Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings, who don’t have all the answers, to think they do. - Bill Maher

Like Bill Maher or not, he's right.

I have learned and observed during my life that people usually don't like someone they don't like, or approve of, to be right. It infuriates them. If it only came from someone else, some have said. "Oh, I hate for him to be right", they say secretly.

You can learn something all the time from watching other people because we see ourselves in people we love, or people we hate, all at the same time.

Then you self edit, or try...all in the hopes of becoming a reasonable person!

I don't believe we ever completely finish becoming a reasonable person. It is an ongoing process. If that's you, then I reasonably believe you are reasonable. Close enough is good too.

Then you hear: someone's idea of reasonable is another person's crazy.


The difference is, when reason is based on truth, not a version of the truth. Then it's reasonable. At least in the neighborhood.

What is truth?

That one is easy. You may think it's hard because admitting the truth, to some people, is hard. But, it's easy because that's a good sign they already know the truth.

If you don't agree. Then ask yourself if you feel it. You know instantly, it's just admitting it or even saying it that makes it hard. No? Ask someone else. Then ask another. And another. Keep doing so until you are sick and tired of asking, and then keep asking again. If you disagree, someone doesn't have all the facts.

Is it so obvious that it stares you down without question as truth, but still you doubt it?

Is this fruitless?

No, it's a form of fighting. Fighting to find the truth, any truth.

So we do have the skill to find the truth. Some of us know it, some don't realize it, but we do.

We don't have to see ourselves as smart or dumb to have it. We have it. Like it or not. Know it or not.

Where did we pick up this unknown and hidden skill? Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters, the neighborhood, a fight with a bully? God?

I believe the answer is: all of the above.

Since God is in the highest order of things and beings on that very short list, it's got to be that he had a hand in it. A pretty big one at that.

Before you conclude that this is a sermon, I am talking about truth as a thing, fact, something tangible, something reasonable people agree on. It could be that we agree that the sky is blue, or that some people are taller than others.

The truth makes us reasonable.

The truth in this argument is that we know that loved ones are not in our lives because they chose to follow WOFF.

We can all agree on that as truth.

We hurt from that and it skews our ability to process thoughts and actions because not only is WOFF controlling the lives of those in the congregation, but we on the sidelines watching and worrying and hurting.

Their truth is a version of the truth. Not the truth.

Our truth is real. It is clear. It is painful.

What they preach isn't real.

What they preach divides, hurts, exploits. What they preach isn't realistic. What they preach is selfish. What they preach does damage.

In their world they are reasonable.

In our world WE are reasonable. Our world is bigger.

They dismiss THE WORLD, which includes a healthy number of reasonable people, and forms of worship and...you and me.

Their power comes from enablers connected to the church from the outside, aka, the world, or some members of it. I believe money drives all of this.

Let's find out if and how much the church is paying for this protection.

This is where the work begins. This is our road to the truth.


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